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It was in rollla n.d
It depends on the source of information used by the background check company but most likely yes. You can check the...
I was helping my brother get his car off the road and a cop drives by when I was under the wheel and the car was running while I was under the wheel
I am sorry to hear about your issue. If you can't get the answer you need here, you can have a local criminal defense...
I got done for a DUI, I was reversing my car into a drive way after letting someone else out. I'm 17 years old. I was told I would receive a letter in the mail that will summon me to court. i was hoping to go to Tafe and become an electrician, then later in life get on to the mines. is this still a possibility? or is it all over before it begins? I live in Western Australia.
I am not licensed to practice law in Australia. I would call up an attorney in Western Australia and speak to the...
I have been to court and paid the fines. I recently received a notice to surrender my Missouri drivers license to the State of Nebraska for a period of 60 days. what if the State of Missouri wants my license too? I'm confused.
Typically the state that issued the license will be the state that will issue its license suspension (even if the DUI...
This is my first time ever getting in trouble. I am a single mom working two jobs. I am up against a DUI and leaving the scene of an accident involving personal injury. I know the driver of the other car is completely fine and before I just up and left the scene I did get out and talk with her. I didn't exchange my info though but we did know each other and I asked if she was ok. I am looking and seeking for help fast to see how to go about all this
If you can't afford an attorney, you can have one assigned to you free of cost by the court.
I moved from mn to nd and wondering if nd will change my plates from mn whiskey plates to regular nd plates without him?
If you are living in ND permanently, then you should have the plates switched over. It will save future hassle.
He was jailed on a Friday night, held for 8 days. He was never fingerprinted or arraigned.
He will be appointed a public defender if he requests one. I would suggest he either opt for a pubic defender or have...