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My husband was arrested for DWI on Aug. 14, 2010, he blew a .16 on the breathlyzer. He was very cooperative and did everything
the way he was supposed to. He had his court date set for Aug. 23, when we showed up for court, they had no records of his citation and the clerk told us that this would be dismissed but the officer could still reissue him a ticket. We just received a letter in the mail that his license has been suspended but have not received anything regarding a new court date. First of all, can we fight this since the charges were dropped? and he had a commercial license and it says he has lost his privelages for a year?? Any help would be great. Thanks!!
I would recommend gathering any documents you received in this matter and meeting with an attorney as soon as possible....
Calling in a drunk driver
So if you see a person stumble out of a bar and start driving and call law enforcement and he gets pulled over from that call alone he gets off because it's entrapment because he didn't break any traffic laws just that a concerned citizen is worried about public safety how can a person be legally drunk and get away with it what is the law .
A concerned citizen is good cause to pull you over so long as specific information was given about your vehicle (like...
Can I have a "2nd dui in 2 yrs" conviction amended/corrected?
Charged with a second dui within 2 yrs (and pled guilty on a plea agreement. The offense took place June 2014. During a chemical dependency assessment, realized the prior dui charge took place Dec, 2010 (not within 2 yrs). Somehow nobody, including myself, caught this. Can this be amended/corrected?
If this happened in MN the look back period is 10 years not 2. Thus, the result would be the same.
A dui and test refusal charged during a breakdown ..
a dui and test refusal charged during a breakdown .. probable cause based on mobility and medical issues with alerts for both on drivers license.. alcohol alleged and speech ( aphasia ? TBI documented and lung capacity known by same dept from burned left lower lobe due to auto fire in 22013 which they also did similar action at and missed the fire medical need as well) that being said.. Is search with no permission legal and do they have rights to collect and possess my ignition interlock downloadable device and dash cam unit and footage ? If so how do I get it and what if its been tampered with ?? and playing cat and moue about it..
Sounds like you need to retain an experienced criminal defense/DUI Attorney without further delay.
Does Minnesota put Underage Drinking tickets on your driving record?
Not drinking and driving, just a couple underages (age(s) 19-20) by a dumb college kid. License was never suspended. Graduated now and asking because I have to submit to a driver's insurability assessment for a job. Offenses were civil infractions in the state of Wisconsin a couple years back, so not sure if MN knows about it or not, and if they do what do they do with it record-wise?
Why don't you just go to the DMV and request your history to find out? I am not licensed in Minnesota, but in...
Is, seizure of a fully functioning and down loadable dash cam during a vehicle break down and probable cause DUI legal ??
stopping at stop sign 40 yards from driveway on a sheet of ice (common here) was not off the road not even off the shoulder. differential gear locked when I caught traction .. officer claimed i was impaired ( two alerts on my license, medical and mobility) the license alerts and verbal acknowledgment of them ignored. having a similar incident prior they are putting the vehicle in forfeiture... That being said. this is the question... When is search and seizure of the vehicle legal and the dash cam I have as a memory aid for being a 5 time brain injury survivor... This is common place for TBIs and has been for 26 years.. they played cat and mouse allowing me to get my personal property back and wont release MY dash cam for my own evidence.. is it legal?
There are many variables in determining whether or not there was reasonable suspicion to stop you, or probable cause to...
I was convicted of a d.w.i in 1994 I cant seem to get my license back the keeps adding more yr. on . when I see an eval.
in the the 20yr. w/out one I've had no drivig offence's. in "08 I asked a willmar officer to give me a ride home he thought I was drunk but I was on pain med's and disoriented from the fog coming off footlake. no breath test or blood test .he sent a report to the d.m.v. and they want me to start all over treatment etc. I do have a on my i.d. card. thank u. now I see illegal's might be able to get one somethings not right.
I suggest you ought not post these details on a public website. Since you apparently have conferred face to face with...