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I am considering taking a plea on my 3rd Owi to an owi 2nd. My attorney is supposed to get back to me by Friday, I am just anxious and I found this site. Can anyone tell me what the probation and license restrictions would be if I pled to an OWI 2nd? Jail time? These are the only criminal charges I have faced....meaning the owi's.
This is a question that will be best answered by your attorney because that person has or should have your unique...
Hit by drunk driver and have herniated disk and nerve damage.
If you retain a local personal injury lawyer, the lawyer will fight for maximum compensation.
My first dui offense in Michigan. I am on probation for a year. I have an interlock device on my car. I just got a letter saying I had a failed test. There is no way I failed this test because I have not drank alcohol. I have had to retake tests from not blowing do I prove this? and am I going to have to serve 90 days and lose my job?
Are they saying you failed the test because it detected alcohol, or because it was not administered properly due to not...
My father in law was arrested for a DUI after a traffic stop. At a hearing, the Judge ruled that he was improperly arrested because Miranda rights were not given. The Judge ordered any and all statements and admissions be not allowed & used against him. The Miranda violation came immediately at the stop & BEFORE he did the tests. He did fine on most of his field tests, but one part looks questionable. Most of the tests were verbal, but one was a walking exercise. Does the sobriety test fall under the Judge's Order that all admissions and statements can't be used at trial? Again, most of the testing was verbal exercises, so it seems to me that they are statements/admissions, plus I read the penalty for Miranda Rights violations is the "Fruit of Poisonous Tree Doctrine".
Field sobriety exercises are not considered to be statements, and are not subject to suppression as a result of the...
Operating a commercial vehicle DWI ,paid my fines did community service
It will be determined by your country and the state that you are going into. If Canada will allow you, I do not think...
I received one year probation a fine of 1330, 13 days of work force and 10 days in jail
Your answer depends on information that you have not provided. How many prior Driving While License Suspended...
I'm on a soberlinlk device
You should review your Sobrrlink materials or contact the company. There may be a website where a glossary of common...