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Operating a commercial vehicle DWI ,paid my fines did community service
It will be determined by your country and the state that you are going into. If Canada will allow you, I do not think...
dge she made me a deal I told her I wanted a attorney she recommended to attorney in her area after talking to the attorney and seeing audio video I wanted to change my please because the DVD was inaccurate I took the breathalyzer 4 times it only shows me blowing once when we got to the police station I blew again the officer said something was wrong with the machine I had to blow four more times after talking to my attorney I could not get him to change my plea I wanted to go to court my attorney convince me not to do ,now I need a new attorney to represent me in a civil case my attorney did not want to go against the police station so what do i do from here everything on the DVD is inaccurate he still did not get me the in-house video
are you saying that everything on the DVD is inaccurate compared to the police report?
I'm on a soberlinlk device
You should review your Sobrrlink materials or contact the company. There may be a website where a glossary of common...
I heard someone was charged with a DUI 3rd offense, but this person was not yet in jail. Are people charged with DUI when they are arrested? What does "charged" mean?" Do people go through a hearing before they are charged? If so, I am confused why this person did not goto jail right after being charged? But, maybe a conviction only happens in hearings and this person has not yet had a hearing? Generally, how long does it take to have a hearing after the arrest date?
It could be months. Jail only happens after a conviction by plea or verdict and sentencing.
I'm 20 and received a Zero Tolerance - OWI when I was 19 in Michigan. Although a Zero Tolerance is way less severe than a standard DUI/DWI/OWI, is it treated the same in a foreign country?
Are you off probation? If so, It will not necessarily prevent your crossing the border. It is treated in Canada...
the dui charges have been over 6 years ago
Yes, there is a chance, but you must have a hearing at the Secretary of State Administrative Hearings Section. The...
Desperate. Dealing with repercussions of an OWI third in Michigan which has amounted to a life and in many ways a death sentence. I have exhausted all legal avenues besides applying for a pardon, which I am in the process of pursuing, which is a long shot unless you are politically connected, further highlighting the corruption prevalent in the political and legal system of Michigan . I know that expungement is not an option, and that precedent is guiding the courts not constitutionality. I'm just looking for someone to fight or mount any sort of collateral attack or bring up issues regarding denying constitutional rights for a non-violent felon. I know that precedent maintains that these rights are not absolute, but can this not be challenged. Any options to get this conviction reduced?
I don't see any legal remedies for your situation. Sorry.