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How bad would dui look to an employer compared
To other charges such as theft, fraud, assault or simple possession. I have a dui under controlled substance charge. I do qualify for a diversion program and will be able to expunge it in a year but in the time being how bad will a misdeameanor charge (not conviction) look to an employer?
It is going to depend on the employer. Generally, felonies are worse than misdemeanors and convictions are worse than...
How does a Canadian Citizen find out if there is a warrant out for themselves in the US.
DWI in Michigan and was not able to attend court because of travel conflicts.
What particular District Court/city/municipality did you get arrested in? (if you were issued a ticket by the officer,...
I got pulled over last year with a suspended license I took care of everything I would like to obtain a ccw in MI, could I?
I pled no contest and I paid everything including drivers responsibility fee
Since you posted in the DUI area, I will assume that was what your license was suspended for. Still, it is hard to...
I received a DUI while on probation for public intoxication. What should I do?
I fell asleep in a cab and received public intoxication charge. I have been doing well on my 1 year probation. The last hearing the judge discussed letting me off early. Last night I was charged with a DUI for falling asleep at a stop light. I had a .14 BAC. How should I proceed? What is the worst case scenario? Best case scenario? Any advice? :(
Call an attorney ASAP. You are clearly headed for an OWI charge, and possibly a probation violation on the public...
Will a Michigan DLAD hearing officer do a background check on my AA sponsor?
I'm getting ready to file for an Administrative Review from out of state(3rd attempt) and I thought I had all the necessary pieces for a good case. But I've found out that my AA sponsor has relapsed during an ugly divorce and got a DUI. I have a great letter of support from him, but am concerned about his credibility now. I've put in a lot of work with him over the last 18 months or so and would hate to have to start over. So what are the chances of the DLAD finding out? Would they actually call him and ask about his sobriety? If so, will this ruin my case? Also, I haven't been getting an attendance sheet signed because I'm involved in a group where we are all close. Are support letters indicating my weekly AA attendance enough or is it better to get signatures for previous meetings?
You are not required to to attend AA. The Administrative rules says a petitioner may present evidence of a structured...
Is this even worth hiring an attorney?
Currently on probation for dui & Subject to random urine testing. No violations. Everything was going smoothly following the requirements. Suddenly get a letter in the mail saying I must attend weekend and holiday breath testing. This was not on my original terms of probation agreement I made between myself, my attorney and the judge. Fast forward, I've missed a few breathe tests. I didn't have time or warning to adjust my llifestyle or work schedule to meet scheduled test times consistently. Ofcourse my p.o could care less and has violated me once for missing, and I'm at risk of a second violation for missing another. I have valid reasons for.missing but they're just excuses to the judge. My question is how can they just amend my original terms without a sanction or previous violation.
If your freedom is valuable to you, it's worth hiring an attorney. There may or may not be a legal challenge available...
Had a second drunk driving arrest in Detroit a year and a half ago. I was charged but never arraigned. I do I get my picture lic
no other issues in arrest ie altercations or drug possession etc
I am not sure what you are asking. It sounds like you are asking how or if you will get your license renewed since you...