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I was charged with a DUI in Colorado (BAC = .15) I have 2 prior DUI convictions in another state, which happened 10+ years ago. What are the chances of the DA finding those records? I have been offered a plea deal with no jail time during the arraingment but I was told that if they find prior convictions the deal will change. How thorough are these searches and can the fact that these previous charges happened many years ago be used in my favor?
You absolutely need a lawyer to assist you with this. Without a lawyer, you will be forced into a situation where you...
I want to move but I don't want this following me
Do not run away from your problems. It will always haunt you and is not a good way to lead your life. None of us are...
I received three OWI's in the state of Michigan resulting in a felony conviction. I lost a majority of my civil rights but have managed to regain some of these such as the right to vote. However, it is my understanding that regardless of Michigan restoring my gun rights, Colorado will bar me from exercising this right. In addition, I believe I will be in violation of federal law also. I perceive this as a gross violation of liberty, furthermore an attack on my and every American's constitutional rights. Is there any sort of constitutional argument to be pursued, options, avenues? I willing to hire competent counsel.
You are correct that Colorado prohibits the possession of a firearm by a previous offender, which is Class 6 felony...
I was arrested for a DUI in Wichita, I live in Colorado. While driving to Wichita with my mom on 04/11/14 at 1:30AM to attend my DUI hearing, a police officer pulled me over for speeding 8 miles >. Only drove because my mom was tired. Also arrested me for driving under a suspended license which they said was envoked on April 9th. Barely 48 hours...but we had no idea as we had not received anything official from Kansas until we returned back home on 04/12/2014. The letter was dated 04/09/2014 and also post marked 04/09/2014...which takes at the minimum a day and 1/2 to arrive in CO from KS. I suspect we received it in the mail when we were gone. Why didn't they provide advanced noticed? Do you think we have a case where they could dismiss the driving while suspended? just get speeding
No your defense of "I didn't get the mail" won't work. Hire an attorney and follow her Legal Advice
I have had the interlocking system in my car for four months now. Following a revocation of my license once. I was told if I did four out nine months with no problems i will get the box out early. But I just finished pleading guilty to a D.U.I. Will that guilty plea cost my license again?
If you have had the Interlock in your car for four months then you can request that it be removed early (after 4 months)...
I hired a attorney right after my arrest and paid in full. Shortly after hiring her I realized I made a mistake by paying her in full. Otherwise I would have got a new attorney. Now After I pleaded not guilty to a plea bargin of DWAI, She advises me that I should not have done that and to plead guilty. Like I said, she hasn't helped me or given me legal advice. The DA now says that the charge is DUI. I need to fight this. How do I change attorneys?
Just schedule a free consult with one of us here on Avvo, interview a few, hire the one that you like best and they...
I don't drink alcohol I am a careful safe driver no tickets no accidents. I drive slow and the trooper said thats why he pulled me over. He asked if I had medical conditions and if i was perscribed any medications. He said I failed tests and wrote his report as if I had been wacked on the medications I am perscribed. but I don't take them anymore. He never asked that part. Are they allowed to make stuff up on their report? I was driving slow because it was raining and I am careful. He said I refused a blood or breathe test but I told him I don't care i'll take them both or either one.
The officer should have asked you about the TBI before doing the roadsides. There is no way that you could successfully...