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Are there DUI lawyers who will just do sentencing?
I've already pled guilty to a DUI, but haven't been sentenced yet. My lawyer hasn't answered my calls or emails in the weeks since pleading. I have my sentencing hearing coming up and I'm not sure what to do. Are there lawyers who will help me at just the sentencing hearing? Or can I do it myself? I'd like someone to be able to share with the judge the classes I've already taken and other things to take into consideration. What should I do?
Yes, but it's concerning that there has been such a lack of communication from the lawyer you retained. You can...
Is there a Colorado State equivalent to California's DUI First Time Offenders class?
I was charged with a DUI in CA about 4 years ago at age 20. I moved to Colorado before beginning the first time offenders class. I completed every court requirement except the class, which I believe is actually a DMV stipulation. I am not certain. Is there a way to complete the requirements from CO?
The answer is yes. The key is finding our first the curriculum requirements of the class at issue, i.e. how many hours...
License suspension because of DUI/DWAI
I am waiting for my DMV hearing (submitted the request in writing, not in person). I have not received my temporary permit yet. I am assuming my license will be suspended at the hearing for 1 month (1st offense DUI (.09). Can my lawyer apply the time I have been without a license (waiting for the hearing, and not yet received my temporary permit) to the time when it will be in all likelihood taken away? For example, after my 7 day period, I have been without a license for about a week. If it takes another week to get my temporary permit., can these 2 weeks without the license be applied to the suspended period, so that after the hearing, it would be 2 weeks without (2 weeks prior + 2 weeks after) hearing? Kind of like time served?
I agree with the way you have analyzed the time period and it definitely sounds correct to me but you need to contact a...
I got into an accident for being angry at my family never drank till after my accident. I was charged at the hospital. Dui.
They sheriff charged me with dui. When I went to court with my attorney. It was suggested to me that I face dwai and no jail but they said it needs to be discovered. Is this good? I blew .123 never seen me driving at all! There isn't one witness! I never got a yellow ticket, pretrial is over and my license is still valid. The next appearance is coming in 2 weeks and it's been a month. Is there any good information here.
Attorneys are actually prohibited from giving legal advice to an individual who already has an attorney representing...
I am moving from Colorado to Texas and I have an interlock. I want to know if I will have to keep my interlock once i move.
I have had the interlock for three years. I had to have it for two years but then I received an extension and had to keep for a longer period of time. I have completed all other requirements that I had to do with my DUI two years ago. I am now moving to Texas and would like to know if I can get my interlock removed if i get a Texas licence. Or what is the law from moving from one state to the other
If it is a condition of your sentence, you probably have to keep it on. You should contact your attorney to see if they...
I got a DUI last night. I was already in my back yard when a cop pulled up. told me to come to the front yard.
he then stated to me that he seen me driving the car and i ran a stop sign 2 blocks back. He said he didnt see me get out of the driver seat, he assumed it was me. No dash cam to prove it was me driving. I was arrested and charged with a dui for 3 times the legal amount. I know i didnt run a stop sign and i have a witness who says i didnt run the stop sign. What can i do and who can i contact
You need to call an attorney and speak to him about your rights. Also if you submitted to a breath test over the legal...
What all do they test for on pretrial drug and alcohol monitoring ua's for a dui I plead guilty to?
I just plead guilty to A dui and is pending sentencing. I was put on pretrial supervision when I pled guilty, in the meantime with random ua. I have not Been drinking since my dui so i have no worries there, however I did smoke pot up until 2 - 3 weeks prior to pledging guilty to my dui I have my 1st ua coming up and I am afraid I might pie hot for thc and the is worried if I do, what the consequences would be? Are they going to consider the time it takes to get out of the system or r they going to set u up for failure in this case? Are they going to test me for thc or alcohol only?
It matters on the conditions of bail or, if there was no bail, what the judge may have ordered you to as a condition of...