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1st DUI in Weld County, Colorado
Clean driving record. 1st DUI charge in Weld. Due to BAC, DA wants 10 days incarceration. What is the law for 1st offense?
10 days is alot for a first offense. But how about beating it? Go hire an experienced defense attorney and you are...
Colorado State breath alcohol testing regulations
Although stated that there are always errors in breath testing, the accuracy is lowered if still in the absorptive state. What is the absorptive state? What is the 20 minute deprivation period?
The absorptive state refers to the period following ingestion of alcohol where your body is still absorbing alcohol...
Do I need an attorney for my first DUI in Colorado?
I got my first DUI and I live in Denver, I have been told not to waste my money on an attorney because it's my first DUI and Colorado's punishment/sentencing is pretty standard across the board for everyone. My blood came back as .23 (I have never been in trouble and am in the healthcare field) I don't want to put trust in other peoples advice and be blind sided when I could have done something to get the best outcome possible. I am not sure what the best course is since I have very limited funds , but will figure something out if it's the best choice. Can an attorney make a difference in my case?
It is always a good idea to consult with an attorney when charged with an alcohol related driving offense. This is...
Does he still has to get blow and go and sr22? Can he just get his license and call it good?
unfortunately I don't know the whole details I just know he has Dui 8 years ago i know he did all the stuff that's judge told him to pay the fine as well. I'm also just wondering it been 8 years ago dose he really need a blow and go and sr22 still?I think that's what is stopping him getting his license back again.
Bets thing is for him, himself, to talk with the DMV, and then perhaps a lawyer. Thing about lawyers, they need the...
Question about changes in Colorado Ignition Interlock device laws.
I started my 2 years of Ignition Interlock service in May 2014. It is a handheld breathalyzer device the connects to the battery and internal wiring of the vehicle. Apparently, a recent change in the law is requiring a dash mounted camera in addition to the interlock device. There is an additional fee for the camera. I have been sober for nearly three years now and have never had a failed test or a missed test on the interlock device. I am due to have the interlock removed in June 2016. I am being told that I have until October of 2015 (this year) to have the camera installed. So how can they require this since it was not a condition of the contract when I had the Ignition Interlock Device installed? Also, who would I need to contact to dispute this? Thank you
This requirement is not from the interlock company so it is not a matter that this was not a condition of the contract...
Is this considered double jeopardy at the DMV?
I was cited DUI last April 15 and refused all tests. I requested DMV hearing April 16 which was set June 6th. The officer requested a continuance and was reset to Sept 3. I plead guilty in court on Aug 3 and received DMV license revocation notice Aug 8 for 9 months via mail. At the DMV hearing given 1 year revocation. Can they legally make it 1yr revocation if I already received the original 9 Month before my hearing? They also have two different Case# as well.
No, it is not double jeopardy. With a DUI, it is two different issues. There is the criminal (where you went to...
Are there DUI lawyers who will just do sentencing?
I've already pled guilty to a DUI, but haven't been sentenced yet. My lawyer hasn't answered my calls or emails in the weeks since pleading. I have my sentencing hearing coming up and I'm not sure what to do. Are there lawyers who will help me at just the sentencing hearing? Or can I do it myself? I'd like someone to be able to share with the judge the classes I've already taken and other things to take into consideration. What should I do?
Yes, but it's concerning that there has been such a lack of communication from the lawyer you retained. You can...