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I have entered a plea of no contest in exchange for the charge being reduced to a non-enhanced, first offense (I got a DWI in college 14 years ago in MO, but it only shows up on my MO driving record). I cannot find any info online about reporting but I do know, when it is time to renew my license, there is a question specifically asking about DUI convictions. I have heard multiple schools of thought regarding whether to report or not. I want to explore all of my options so I can take the right steps and finally put this behind me.
Yes, you are required to self report this within 45 days of conviction or you are subject to further disciplinary...
I was charged with a DUI in Colorado (BAC = .15) I have 2 prior DUI convictions in another state, which happened 10+ years ago. What are the chances of the DA finding those records? I have been offered a plea deal with no jail time during the arraingment but I was told that if they find prior convictions the deal will change. How thorough are these searches and can the fact that these previous charges happened many years ago be used in my favor?
You absolutely need a lawyer to assist you with this. Without a lawyer, you will be forced into a situation where you...
My questions is if I have to retake the written, driving and eye test if I got a DUI-D under the age of 21. My license was taken away for a year. Also, even though it's not alcohol related, do I still have to get a Interlock in my car? Also, I talked to DMV they said all I need is my SR22 and the application to be reinstated. Do I send in those documents by mail or do I take them to the DMV?
Yes you will need to retake the exams before being allowed to reinstate. Mail the Application for Reinstatement, $95...
original charges are dui, and 2 possession for methanphetamine cases
Yes, you can get a lawyer but you won't necessarily get a continuance. Best to try to hire a lawyer quickly.
My FL License is Still Valid until 2017 in FL can I get a Duplicate FL License from FL and drive in CO. I have dual residency FL and CO? I am still on Probation in CO and valid to get a CO license in Nov. 2014.
No you cannot drive in CO while you are under restraint even with a valid license from Florida. However, you are...
Ditched my car bc I had no licensed to pending DUI. I totaled my car. Single car accident no property damage. Flipped out bc my friends left open containers in my car. I think someone witnessed the accident. I threw out the full cans flipped out and left. Can I get charged with DUI again? What else can I get charged with? I have full coverage will my insurance pay for it?
You need the services of a qualified criminal attorney.
DUI citation issued on 5=27-14.
If you mean a DMV hearing. There are no plea options. You either win the hearing or lose it. If you lose it your...