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License suspension because of DUI/DWAI
I am waiting for my DMV hearing (submitted the request in writing, not in person). I have not received my temporary permit yet. I am assuming my license will be suspended at the hearing for 1 month (1st offense DUI (.09). Can my lawyer apply the time I have been without a license (waiting for the hearing, and not yet received my temporary permit) to the time when it will be in all likelihood taken away? For example, after my 7 day period, I have been without a license for about a week. If it takes another week to get my temporary permit., can these 2 weeks without the license be applied to the suspended period, so that after the hearing, it would be 2 weeks without (2 weeks prior + 2 weeks after) hearing? Kind of like time served?
I agree with the way you have analyzed the time period and it definitely sounds correct to me but you need to contact a...
Colorado DUI failure to appear warrant
About 2 years ago in Colorado at a routine traffic stop I was charged with a DUI and let go. I returned to washington because the police officer told me I could do my hearing over the phone. A couple days before my court date I called the court to find out how to do this hearing. I was informed this was incorrect and I needed to be in colorado in 2 days. So I spent all my money on a bus ticket to colorado for my pre trail hearing (not sure what its called) and excepted a plea deal that involved probation and a reduced charge. I was unable to complete this due to lack of funds. I was homeless with no job. I now have an FTA warrant and just want to know if a lawyer might be able to help with the situation, and what kind of jail time I'm looking at. I blew a .081 if that helps.
Yes a warrant is likely active. Depending upon the jurisdiction and judge, a lawyer can sometimes quash the warrant...
Can you be fired for a DUI for a non-driving job in Colorado?
My girlfriend works for a county. She was pulled over because the officer was not sure why she put her blinker on to turn and then changed her mind (turned off her blinker and went straight). After pulling her over, he smelled beer on her and asked her to take a breath test. She blew a .089. Could she be fired from her job? She has an attorney for the DUI. My company, which is private, says yes, if you have to drive, but case by case if not driving. This is her first DUI (and she already signed up for the alcohol classes).
Yes, a person can be fired from her job, especially an at will employee
I don't know why I was pulled over
I was driving. I put my right blinkers on to turn right and then changed my mind and went straight (turning off my blinkers). I then proceeded to go straight for about 3 blocks and then put my right blinker on again and turned right. I went straight for 3 blocks, went around a traffic circle, and then was pulled over. The summons says "failure to signal" and as the location of the infraction right by the traffic circle. If you go straight, slight curve around a traffic circle, are you supposed to put blinkers on? That seems more dangerous since you are not really turning. Then I was given a breathalyzer. I blew slightly over .08, but I don't even know why I was pulled over in the first place.
If you hire a DUI attorney, and it is still not clear to the attorney upon reviewing the police report why you were...
Is there a way that I can volunteer to surrender my driving period for an X amount of time to bypass having an interlock?
I am beyond fed up with the interlock companies and dealerships I am forced to go through with them. These things are really more hassle than they are worth. In the state of Colorado do I have ANY option at all to surrender my driving privilege for an X amount of time, to be reinstated without the use of these simply awful and frustrating products. Thank you.
It depends on a variety of factors. There are certain categories of offenders that must hold an interlock restricted...
Plea bargain. Dwai v dui 2 nd
My lawyer talked to the da and said he had a good plea from my dui I received in December. . A Dwai. I had a prior in 1990. From Everything I am looking at I see no difference because of time or offense. As far as sentencing between the two. Why would this be a good deal. I asked my lawyer doesn't seem to be getting a straight answer. Is this a good deal? Do I need a new lawyer? I'm confused and do not see the benefit.
Frequently a prosecutor offers the lesser included offense of DWAI in place of the DUI based on the chemical test...
4 1/2 years ago I was convicted of my 1 DWAI. I was ordered to do probation and never completed it
i think it was about 4 years ago. I got a dwai, not a dui, and I asked for his probation to be in Denver, as the charge was in broomfield where I got the charge. They said yes, but then my probation was set for an office in Westminster. I went the first time and then the second time, the woman wasnt there so I had to reschedule or some such nonsense and then I just quit. probation violation. What is the worse that can happen?
There is likely an active warrant, a cancelation of your driving privileges, and the judge is not going to be too happy....