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Facing DWI charges in Denton county, Tx. My B.A.C. Blood test results came back at .111. I'm thinking about bringing it up to a jury trial but was wondering what are the consequences if I lose? It's my first and only offense. Will the punishment be more harsh than just taking a deal with the D.A.? Any jail time?
It's hard to guess. For starters, we don't know what offer the DA is making. But if this is your first offense, then...
Had the interlock on my jeep as terms of my bond on my 2nd dwi, the case was settled in Nov and I got time served and still have the interlock on there and my attorney will not return my calls!!
I normally would do that on the day of the plea but it's really not the attorney's responsibility at this point. If you...
That's right... BEFORE the case has been filed by the DA. I'm already aware of filing a motion to discover and inspecr evidence... but this can't be done before the case gets filed according to the DA office I contacted in Denton, TX. So, what I've done thus far is successfully file a motion for a pretrial hearing where I hope to convince the judge to comell the PD records department to fork over the results. Caveats: - I already filed and received back an open records request - PD Attorney has confirmed that the test results have returned from the lab - the nature of my request is for reputation purposes... I know it makes no legal difference to get the results before the case is filed - I also have information that the results were FAR below the legal limit... but I want the proof.
So much work-so few results-Doesn't work the way you want it to. DA will provide your attorney results when they have...
Convicted of DWI in Dallas County, being transferred to Denton currently because I technically live in Denton County so that took about a month. First meeting (interview) is today in Denton. On the terms of probation paper I received from the judge, both "Submit to periodic urinalysis (is that supposed to be spelled like that?)" and "Do not consume alcohol during probationary period" are NOT checked. If a urine analysis (I think that's the correct spelling) test is requested of me, am I legally required to submit to the request?
Yes, as most probation terms also carry a catch all that states basically do everything probation tells you
I was convicted by Denton county for Class B DWI and lost my license for 365 days. I work full time, and wish to apply for an occupational license. I have called one attorney so far, and he says the service provided (in full) is $1000. Is this a going rate or does it vary by attorney? Do I need to show up in court for the license or can the attorney get it in my absence? Are payment plans available for this service? Finally, I have an insurance quote with SR22 available which is good until November 1st.
Honestly, that sounds about right. I know some attorneys charge more than that...and some charge a little (not much)...
I am currently appealing my DWI conviction in Texas and my attorney has advised me that i did not need to pay the surcharges associated with the conviction since he case is under appeal.My question is the DPS is showing that my license is invalid right now because I have not paid the surcharges. I'm concerned that if I am pulled over I will be arrested. What should I tell/ show the officer if I am in fact pulled over to avoid this. I would ask my attorney but he is in court this week and hard to get in touch with.
There are other questions: Did you request a hearing for the license suspension within 15 days of your arrest. Your...
I just learned that Denton, TX filed D.W.I. Charges against me. I heard about pre-trial diversion programs and would like to explore the idea. I verified that Denton, TX offers the program but I could not find any information about qualifying criteria or how to enter. Is this program something that has to be filed by a lawyer or can I do it myself? Can someone please give me information on how to make this possible? For the record, I am 28 and this is my first offense.
You are right that Pre-Trial Diversion (PTD) must be negotiated for by an attorney, as a ADA cannot negotiate with a...