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Bruno Hernandez 3 Hickory St Hickory creek Texas. Violation 7-2009 its been over 5 years
Was it Dismissed or was it a conviction?
My domestic partner was convicted of DWI felony, served 1 year and was paroled. We live in Texas where gay marriage is not yet legal. We want to get married in a State where it is legal and return home. Can he be arrested and returned to prison for violating the law if we get married and return to Texas to live?
As long as the terms of parole are not violated, there should be not prosecution for violating parole.
I was arrested 9/27 for a dwi and poss under 2 oz of marijuana.. I haven't recieved anything in the mail , and I renewed my license 2 weeks ago with no problem... I thought it should have been suspended by now? How long does the whole process take??
If you gave blood , they can't suspend your license until the results come back. That could take several months. I...
I have been charged with a DWI in Denton, Texas in the July 4th weekend. I have an arraignment hearing on January 27th, 2015. But, I want to find a job in Los Angeles, California and move there and serve my probation there. Will there be any implications regarding this?
Your inquiry regarding whether you may "serve [your] probation" in California suggests that you anticipate being...
Blood drawn and my BAC was .15. Now im worried. Also how long is a license suspended for a blood test on your first and only DUI?
The legal limit in Texas is .08 for a DWI so twice the legal limit is .16. A standard DWI is a Class B Misdemeanor....
I served 60 days jail, 10 years probation, and around 400 hrs comm. service. I would like to be able to own a firearm/hunt again. Thanks.
I am sorry to tell you you cannot expunge a record of even a first DWI, much less a third one. Only if you had been...
I went online to check drivers eligibility and it says I have 2 charges of driving while license invalid. But the reinstatement fee is only 125$. Do o have to pay that for both of them or is it a one time fee. Also after that how do I go about getting an occupational license
You should hire a lawyer to get you one. There is a petition with restrictions you will have that has to be agreed to...