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I got my DWI charge dismissed, what could be on my record?
> Single car accident > hit a light pole, because i fell asleep on the wheel > noone was hurt including me > submitted to a blood test. BAC level 0.045 > hired a lawyer > Retested the blood, came back to 0.036 > gave her medical records citing that I had sleep problems > took a drug and alcohol evaluation. had minimal risk > result is I got my DWI dismissed. Question: What else can be on my record, how many days do I have to wait to get it expunged? What do I write on future job applications before the record is expunged?
The arrest will be on your record. You may file a Petition for Expunction one year after the date of your arrest in...
Pulled over and arrested for DWI in Carrollton, Tx.
Police officer followed me from a Race Trac parking lot, because I was looking down while sitting in car. Thought I was doing something illegal. He follows me for about a mile. I come to a red light that was turning green and rolled over white line to take right turn. He pulled me over, searched vehicle, no drugs or empty alcohol containers. Sobriety tests performed, had a broken foot, 32 degrees outside and asks me to remove my house slippers. Performed test on slanted surface at same time suffering from severe anxiety attack and diabetic. Took breathalyzer and read .10 and was arrested. Refused blood test on site, but at police station they drew blood and test was .07. Should I obtain an attorney who specializes in medical conditions and falsely accused DUI's?
Absolutely, there are some legal issues there that need to be addressed with a defense attorney.
If I win at the ALR hearing for no reasonable cause to stop me, will they still go ahead and charge me with DUI?
If I spend my money on attorney for the ALR I won't have it to pay attorney for DUI charges. If I can win at the DUI for no reasonable cause to stop me will they then not charge me for the DUI. DUI charges have not been filed yet.
Yes. The criminal and administrative cases are separate. The outcome of one does not dictate the outcome of the other....
Why should I subpoena the arresting officer to ALR? Won't they bring him as their witness? can't I ask him questions.
I think they will bring the officer as their witness to the ALR hearing. Can they just use his arresting report and narrative without him being there? Am I safe in not subpoena him, because he sure got part of it very wrong and he needs to be there so I can challenge his report.
You have this all wrong. The report comes in without him and everything in it is assumed to be true. There are some...
What if I don't show up for the ALR hearing. Will I be in contempt of court since I asked for it?
I can't afford attorney. If I go do I get to be my own attorney? Will I be in contempt of court if I don't go to the ALR hearing? If I tell my side does that open me up for cross examiation by their attorney?
I am not licensed in Texas, but my advice would be to show up to the ALR hearing to protect your rights. Verify this...
Does a judge know if you have pending paraphernalia charge that you haven't been to court for yet if you go to ALR hearing.
Should I go to municipal court and pay fine or let it ride till after the ALR. Which way would it be less likely to show up in background. I could go early and get it over before ALR but it would probably show up because decided? I am currently set for paraphrenalia hearing after the ALR.
Do NOT pay a fine on the drug paraphernalia charge. That will result in another suspension if your DL. Hire an...
If I get an extension for the date of my ALR will I be allowed to continue to drive till that time.
My original 30 days to legally drive after arrest were extended till my ALR hearing. If i get an extension for my ALR hearing, will I automatically be allowed to continue to drive till the new hearing date? Will I be given some sort of proof (paper) that I can drive till new date?
Are you sure you can secure a continuance for the hearing date? If you were the person who asked about what to bring to...