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Campus security guards don't have the power to make an arrest...I was very compliant when they told me to get back in my car....20 minutes later a police officer shows up and arrests me...I feel like my rights have been totally violated..P.s. I did fail the breathalyzer, I was over the limit
Many factors go into a conviction, but campus security can certainly testify that you were driving, if they saw you driving.
I have a dui from 1991 and they ( DMV ) says that I have to have interlock for at least six months because the new law requires me to .. so I thought maybe I fall under some kind of grandfathered law since it was 22 years ago, I am really confused. Can you please help, I just got arrested for revoked license because of this new law
If you did not have a license was it still suspended from the 1991 conviction? If any case you need to at least...
I think it should be grandfathered but i'm not sure
asked and answered duplicate post, find out why your license was suspended and consult a local attorney
Policer officer is charging me with two open container he forgot in my car?
DUI's not usually based on open containers. Normally they are base on your driving, field sobriety tests and...
I have duis in minnesota the last was in aug 2008 moving to new mexico trying to get license. All probation fine are paid and have had a valid license in mn for last four years. Not sure the law with ignition interlock and if i have to get it or what i need to do to find information
As long as you have satisfied all of the obligations and restrictions imposed by your dwi conviction in Minnesota, then...
i was driving 8 miles over the limit, admitted to being drunk and spent 12 hours in jail. my court date is weds. and i am scared! help! my license is revoked and my car is impounded.
You still have time to contact an experienced defense attorney in your area who can help you with your situation. Most...
I got pulled over and got arrested for DWI with open container in San Marcos,TX Hayes County. This is my first time being arrested and charged with DWI, they confiscated my Driver License. I'm from New Mexico. They did do field sobriety test, the eye test and the standing on one foot test. I did not give consent to specimen. What should expect out of my case. I was referred to John Bennett out of Lockhart, TX, I had a 6 pack of beer but no ice and beer was from 5pm. I was arrested at 3 am day after. I have court in one month. Thank you for your time and answers.
that you should consult an attorney and deal with one that you feel comfortable with.