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  • Suspect IDed in shooting incident

    Thursday May 7 | via Deming Headlight 

    DEMING >> A local man allegedly involved in a Wedensday morning shooting remained at large as of Thursday afternoon. According to local law enforcement, an intense manhunt is underway in hopes of apprehending the man before he endangers the lives of others.


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  • Man shot in head; suspect at large

    Wednesday May 6 | via Deming Headlight 

    DEMING >> A shooting Tuesday night left a 26-year-old male shot in the head and police searching for the individual who shot the man. "Police officers responded to the shooting call and arrived at the location," said Orosco.


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  • Deming woman sentenced 37 years for shooting another woman in 2014

    Thursday Apr 30 | via Deming Headlight 

    DEMING >> Serina Aguilera, 22, was sentenced Thursday to 37 years in prison in the shooting of Sarah Islas Valencia at a yard sale in Deming last May. "The District Attorney's Office is gratified that justice was done in this case," said Sixth Judicial District Deputy Chief District Attorney George Zsoka. Aguilera was sentenced to 33 years for two charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, possession of a firearm by a felon, kidnapping in the first degree, robbery, aggravated burglary, identity theft and concealing identity. 1 comment

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  • It's Not Just Baltimore and Bernie Jumps In: 'BradCa...

    Wednesday Apr 29 | via The Brad Blog 

    Devastation and rescue in Nepal after quake; March 2015 hottest March on record; Sardines crash in the Pacific; PLUS : Fighting climate change with the power of poo... BRAD BLOG's toon curator 'PDiddie' wonders who's buying and who's selling? And so are a lot of this week's selected cartoonists... Okay, it's not the Daily Show, but beginning Monday, April 27, we'll be producing The BradCast five days a week for a while... Ruling comes a bit late for one man in Deming, NM whose unreasonable search and siezure by local cops was almost beyond words... Oklahoma finally admits fracking truth about earthquakes; Fines and accountability for spills and deadly explosions; PLUS : Enviros push back at TPP trade deal... Would you rather laugh or cry on the 45th anniversary of Earth Day? BRAD BLOG toon curator 'PDiddie' let's you decide... No, North Carolina Photo ID voting restrictions are NOT the ... (more)


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  • Jury finds Brian Dunnihoo guilty of underage sex crimes

    Tuesday Apr 28 | via Deming Headlight 

    DEMING >> A former Deming Public Schools official was found guilty of three counts of first-degree criminal sexual penetration of a child under the age of 13, after a jury deliberated two-and-a-half hours to convict him Friday evening. Brian Dunnihoo, 56, of Deming, was originally arrested on the charges in May of 2012.


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  • Authorities rescue missing hiker in NM, arrest wante...

    Apr 23, 2015 | via Las Cruces Sun-News 

    LAS CRUCES >> After a multi-agency search, a missing hiker was rescued Tuesday near the Continental Divide in Hidalgo County, according to a news release from U.S. Customs and Border Protection. A coordinator for the Continental Divide Trail reported the missing hiker to U.S. Border Patrol agents at the Deming station.


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  • Thoughts from the ammo line

    Apr 17, 2015 | via Power Line 

    A road trip across this great and beautiful land produces some delightful surprises. Just outside Deming, NM, on farm or ranch land, I saw a large homemade sign, "Stand with Israel."


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Deming Law

After completing all my DWI obligations can they refuse to allow me to get a driver license?
In the past I got a DWI charge so I had to do the interlock along with other programs and fines which I completed all successfully. I was denied my license after the completion for the reason being I've been to prison and was asked to to the interlock for 6 more mths and more programs and fines. Once again I completed all programs successfully and paid all fines. The second time around though I fail the interlock one time but it was because of drinking, so I've been denied still for my license now on the grounds because I failed the interlock 1 time.
You will have to comply with DMV requirements to obtain a license. You need to understand that the interlock is a...
Can u get a driving on suspended license and dwi if u never had a license
I have been convicted over driving on suspend license and a dwi even though i have never had a driver's license
Yes, you can. The MVD can suspend/revoke potential privileges, and therefore revoke your future license.
My second DWI and got a SRAM ankle bracelet
I got 2 DWI within two months I got bonded out they put me on a anklet bracelet how long do I have to have this on I work in very hard to work with
Speak with your attorney. You either have an attorney or you need one badly. You'll be wearing at least until your...
I got a arrested for DUI .10 what are my chances of winning this case?
I cant believe i am this position and i put myself in this situation and so close to apply for my citizenship. I got arrested for DUI 2 weeks ago, my first offense never had an issue like this before my alcohol level was .10, the cop who arrested me was very aggressive at the beginning he even accused me of resisting my arrest when it wasn't true! thank god he didn't charge me for that too, he never read me my rights even when he made me use the Breathalyzer. when finally i got out of jail and checked that he put on my file that i was Mexican! where did he got that from? i am Colombian just because i speak Spanish doesn't mean i am Mexican, and the way he stopped me, he said i was speeding before i got in the freeway but he was following me for 10 minutes before stopping me on the freeway!.
This depends a lot on your attorney unfortunately. You need to have someone on your case who works in dwi defense...
Moving to a Nevada with a new Mexico interlock
I plead guilty to a dwi first offense in NM I competed all court requirements of the IID but the MVD in NM is still requiring it despite having won my administrative heating. I am moving to Nevada and will obtain residency. If I have met all court imposed sanctions and cleared the case will Nevada still require the IID even if I have established Nevada residency?
I am not licensed in Nevada or New Mexico, but my strong hunch is that Nevada will defer to or honor New Mexico on...
I was walking and my boyfriend sister was drunk and hit me with her car while I was walking thru a field
The car registered under her dad's name she was driving on a suspended and the officers didn't get her insurance do I have a case
Sorry to hear you were injured. Sounds like you may have a good case against her. Contact a personal injury lawyer...
I got a dwi and I went on the run I'll be 18 in December there any chance of me not going to jdc and it getting dropped over 18?
I have 9 referals with the juvenile court and was facing my 2 year commitment and or a youthful I was scared and didn't want to go away that long I was speeding and got pulled over and I blew 0.09 the officer took me to the dwi unit and shortly After Released me to my father and the officer told him the process would have been to long because I was a minor and would have had to been taking to the hospital befor being detained so he said he will file the paper work to the juvenile court the following Monday I want to know what was my options when I turn 18 or older? Please help
Your turning 18 in nine months will not change the fact that the current DUI took place when you were 17. I strongly...