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I was convited of a DUI in New Jersey over a month ago. Today I recieved an order of revoking my license in NYS for 3 months from the court date. The DDP takes 2 months to complete. Although the DDP must be completed to satisfy the NJ IDRC requirements does it even make sense to go after a conditional license if I would be eligible to reinstate my license after the 90 day suspension? On another note I misplaced my drivers license and dont have anything to surrender to the DMW. If i dont surrender any license soon will they become suspicious? Thank You for your help in advance!
You are eligible for a conditional license upon enrollment in the DDP not completion. Whether it makes sense depends...
My brother had a DUI in April of 2012 and refused breathalyzer. He had 3 charges - dui, leaving the scene and property damage/personal injury. He was found guilty of DUI and the other charges were dropped. The DMV lists all the charges on his denial for reinstatement of his drivers license. How can this be corrected?
If he was found guilty after trial, perhaps the other charges were not dropped. If he pled out, so to speak, to the...
1st was 0 tolerance , blew legal limit but underage. could i get that plea changed now? over 10 yrs ago to avoid the new laws? in my 20's i got 2. I went back to school got my nursing license . I've finished the 3 yrs probation and unable to get my license back. I'm depressed -a grown adult at an adult job, asking co-workers for rides and explain my situation. its embarrassing not who i am anymore. I'm now 30. In my field I deal with alcohol related diseases and accidents. This may be unrelated but I want kids then think I still have a couple years before I am even allowed to drive again if at all. how would they get to school or the dr. if I cant even take my self to work to make a living? no option of early conditional with interlock? i'm being punished from something in my teen
It depends on who suspended your license and why you're ineligible to get it back. I'd need more info to give you a...
I have DWI in New York State and the judge send me to probation to install a IID in a car that I may own or operate, I'm not actually driving anymore and I sold my car, but I may have to be insured on any car that I want to operate someday, the question is: How does the law affect me to install the IID knowing that I drive in New Jersey and the DWI was in New York?
Any car you drive in New York has to have it.
Can my case be dismissed on the premise they totally forgot to arraign me? I obviously kept my license throughout this entire process, so i didnt push the issue or bring it to anyones attention. My lawyer has never seen this before.
I don't think this is a basis for dismissal. In NYC there is rarely a formal arraignment on a misdemeanor where you...
All charges are misdemener and I want to go back to North Carolina , I have no reason to come back to ny . I'm capable of starting freash with no problems , only wondering If ny will want to come get me
It's possible New York will extradite you if you get arrested in North Carolina.
I got a DWI 3.5 years ago and am currently on probation (5 years), my Roommate got a DWI 1.5 year ago and is also on probation, we have the same probation officer, we also live with my significant other who has no legal trouble. Unknown to me or my significant other, 4 months ago my roommate stole a prescription pad from the doctors office he works at and has been writing prescriptions to himself, and only himself, for various painkillers. Neither I or my SO had any knowledge of this. My roommate was just fired from his job today because his boss found out about the stolen pad and he has not been arrested, but I believe the police are being involved. Am I at risk for legal trouble? Can I or should I do anything if I'm at risk? Should I call my probation officer?
No reason that act alone will get you in trouble. Joseph A. Lo Piccolo, Esq. Past President, Criminal Courts Bar...