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Does it make financial sense to get a conditional license? Also what happens if I dont have a license to surrender to the DMV
I was convited of a DUI in New Jersey over a month ago. Today I recieved an order of revoking my license in NYS for 3 months from the court date. The DDP takes 2 months to complete. Although the DDP must be completed to satisfy the NJ IDRC requirements does it even make sense to go after a conditional license if I would be eligible to reinstate my license after the 90 day suspension? On another note I misplaced my drivers license and dont have anything to surrender to the DMW. If i dont surrender any license soon will they become suspicious? Thank You for your help in advance!
You are eligible for a conditional license upon enrollment in the DDP not completion. Whether it makes sense depends...
Great insurance coverage?
I've been convicted of a DUAI about 2 years ago and have not seen a change in my insurance, is that normal? Would I expect a change in the near future?
"Don't hit a gift-horse in his mouth" - not likely to see a change this far out.
Can an aggravated DWI be dismissed due to postponements?
A friend was charged with aggravated DWI in March 2014 - BAC was .20 and there was one prior DWI six years ago. Property damage - no injuries. The case is still ongoing due to postponements. The case was recently moved from a Town Court to a County Court - I think because it is a felony charge. Because the case has ongoing for about 8 months - would this case be eligible for dismissal anytime soon?
Not every day automatically counts against the DA's speedy trial time because certain reasons for adjournments are...
How many times can a case (aggravated DWI) be postponed and can the postponements provide some advantage to the defendant? .
Regarding a woman charged with aggravated DWI in New York State - 3rd DWI in ten years - two DWIs involved damage to another vehicle - but no injuries. Most recent DWI - BAC was .20 The case been ongoing for approximately seven months - my understanding is this is due to postponements.
Postponements can be advantageous to the defendant in several circumstances. One circumstance is if the postponement,...
Can I get an early release from FELONY DWI PROBATION in New York State ?
I was sentenced to 6mos. County Jail time with 5yrs. FELONY DWI PROBATION in New York State in 2013. My question is: Can I get an early release from FELONY DWI PROBATION in New York State ?
My understanding is that early termination is always possible. Speak to your probation officer. It's far more...
How much influence can participating in an alcohol rehabilitation program have on the outcome of the case and on sentencing?
In April 2014, a friend was charged with aggravated DWI - her BAC was .20. It was her 3rd DWI in ten years. This and one other DWI involved an accident with another vehicle but there were no injuries. She recently started an alcohol rehabilitation program. Due to adjournments, the, case has been ongoing for six months. My question is how much influence can participating in an alcohol rehabilitation program have on the outcome of the case and on sentencing?
It really depends on the judge, but most are pleased to see proactive steps to address the problem and give out lighter...
Complicated question on serious injury auto accident. Liability is being disputed. Other driver was convicted of misc DWI.
Witnesses are giving wildly conflicting stories. Other party (defendant) w/$100k hired shadow lawyer. My lawyer thinks if we drop punitive damages, shadow will have to switch to pushing her ins to settle the $100, so we don't go for excess verdict against her. Then we can move onto my SUM for more. My lawyer says settlement for 100k will include claim for SUM not to pursue her. No fault 50k is spent, & injuries more than 100k. She had low ins, but a successful business & may have money. Any thoughts at all? I don't want to leap on what's suggested, without seeing if there are other approached possible. Please answer hypothetically if you prefer, since there's no way for you to have all the info. Thanks so much for any thoughts.
Your case is fact intensive and nuanced. Any advice you get on a forum like Avvo is cursory and speculative. Sit down...