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Any time within a couple of years from original date of offense.
2 dui's and dwi
You have now violated your probation on what I'm assuming is a misdemeanor (because you didn't state that it was a...
This is a third dui. Two of these were from a different state 5-7 years ago if not more. This is the first dui in Oklahoma. What are possible and probable outcomes?
If OK becomes aware of the others, likely, you can face a felony due now. Go get counsel, sooner is better than...
I have 19 hours left on my community service a warrant hasnt been issued for my arrest and I was wondering if i get my hours done before my scheduled arriangment date will that help my avoid jail time?
It certainly won't hurt. Doing so can help your lawyer argue for no jail time.
I had a fail on my interlock system in my car which I had to install after a DUI which is a misdemenor.
No. However if you are on probation, messing things up could turn your deferred into a conviction.
I am on probation for a DUI and one pain killer charge which both are misdemeanors, it's also a deferred sentence. Oklahoma dmv had me place a interlock system in my truck which I have had for 8 months with no problems but yesterday morning I blew and it failed which locked it out and waited a sec turned the ignition to on and tried again but it wouldn't do anything so I called the interlock place and told them my problem and told them I have no clue why but it was not from drinking so they asked me to bring in the devise and he plugged it up and said he was going to make a note that it was a false reading. He did say it was above .08.
One fail in 8 months and the tech is documenting it a false read. You should be fine. Given these circumstances,...
i had smoked marijuana about 8 hours before i was woken up by police around 4am my car was running while i was asleep just for the heater. they took my blood i denied smoking weed, my car smelled of it supposedly so my car was searched nothing was found. i have court tomorrow and was just trying to not get my licensed revoked.
Get counsel. Do not delay. Your counsel needs to be working the criminal charge and the separate DPS revocation...