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I have a warrant on a 2nd VOP in Duval County FL from a DUI in 2008. I live in Broward county. What can I do to take care of ths
I live and work in Broward county and am ready to fix this problem. I don't know what to do. I am a single mother working a full time job. Is there a way to get this transferred to Broward county and what can I do
you need to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney in duval county to assist you. if you are lucky enough to...
Arrested for shoplifting $42.71was total at Publix--1st offense for this but have a felony DUI from 2006. And Prior DUI's
Have a total of 4 DUI's (most of them before I was 21 and I am 40 now but I got my last one in 2006 and worried that this First time Ever shoplifting and that my bad past record is going to make the judge very upset. I have been sober for 8 years ever since getting in trouble and turned my whole life around so I am so scared I can't even breath straight and I just lost my job 3 days ago and buried my Grandfather so I wasn't really in a state of mind that was correct.
get an experienced criminal attorney to help you. if you can pay fines and court costs and restituton, you should be...
Dui manslaughter
Charged with 2 counts DUI Manslaughter 3 counts bodily. It took 2 years to file charges. The first court appearance (calendar call) the "private attorney " received the discovery which DID NOT include the toxicology report (results well known within 3 months after the accident ). The second calendar call seemed pointless and now there is a scheduled defense motion hearing in the future. Is there ANY reason why it takes 3 appearances before these critical documents are received ?!
Certainly, the toxicology report is essential evidence in the case. Depending on the results of this test defense...
I got a DUI/SBI in 2010. I got convicted on 2011 and have a Valid license with C restriction.
My criminal case is over, and I am off probation. I read on one of the status that I could apply for early termination of revocation period. Is this possible, and if so, How do I go about getting a non restricted license?
The penalties are statutory. The minimum DL revocation is 6 months for a 1st DUI. If the judge gave you more (the max...
Will Forida extradite on a misdemeanor vop for dui. I am out of the country & will return through customs in Los Angeles.
Received probation on a 1st offense dui. Was allowed to travel on probation. I am out of country and warrant was issued. I will be returning through customs in Los Angeles and want to know if Florida will extradite for this, or would it be a non-extradition warrant.
While it is unlikely that Florida will extradite you on a misdemeanor offense, there's still a strong likelihood that...
How can I go about getting a dui law changed?
Here is what happen I got a DUI in 1995 and plead no contest. When you plea no contest they automatically adjudicate you guilty and it counts as a conviction. I recently got another one in 2009 and the case has finally ended yesterday. After having filed some motions that got denied I ended up pleading no contest again and again adjudicated guilty for the 2nd offense. Heres my issue I lost my DL for 180 for refusal then 1 year with a hardship I have had my erg DL since april 2010. The rules for a 2nd dui outside of 5 years is loss of DL for 1 year with out possibility of hardship. The 1st DUI was 16 years ago I think its absurd that I cant get a hardship DL the only lucky thing is my suspension is only 6 months. I think the law needs to be changed if the 1 st dui is over 10yrs old!
You may write you state legislature to express your concern. You may or may not get a lot of citizen support for your...
I had a DUI in Ohio 2 years ago. Recently applied for employment in Florida as a server in restaurant & was denied. Legal?
I am not applying as a driver, only a server. My record is clean since my DUI. I need the job. Can they discriminate against me because of this? What else can I do?
First of all, there is no way of knowing the exact reason for the employer denying you the position from your question....