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I just started probation for my first DUI in DeKalb County last month. Two weeks ago, I was charged with DUI again in DeKalb County. I meet with my probation officer soon. Should I tell her? If I tell her, will she send me directly to jail or will I have a probation hearing first? If I get to have a probation hearing first, how soon after my meeting with probation officer will it be? How long will I be in jail? Thank you.
Getting arrested on your second DUI means you now have two separate serious situations. You need to meet with and...
I ran off the road due to low visibility and got stuck there. Police cars showed up three minutes later and immediately started inquiring as to if I'd been drinking. I had to do the same field test twice for two different officers before being arrested for a DUI. Do I have a case for probable cause?
The officer has to have articuable suspicion to stop you, and probable cause to arrest you. The field sobriety tests...
I'been on Probation in GA and haven't paid my fines. I have a warrant and i want to change my Oregon license to a Georgia license. Will i go to jail trying to do so???
DDS does not keep warrant information so they should not know that you have an active warrant when you switch licenses.
I was charged with first time dui in ga in 2007 went to court (I'm from Tn) licenses was suspend for 12 mos but I never returned for probation I got licenses bk but I know warrant was issued. Is there a way to take care of warrant without going to jail?
There is no statute of limitations applicable to warrants. Whether or not you can take care of it--the warrant--...
I have been searching DUI lawyer's websites and I came across some information regarding the Intoxilyzer 5000. Is it true that chewing gum before giving a sample can skew the results of the machine? If so in a positive or negative way? How much time must elapse after chewing gum before an accurate result can be gathered. Curious here, as my police video shows me chewing gum during my DUI arrest and the officer asking me to spit out my gum. Should I mention this to my attorney?
Some experts think that it will cause an artificially high result. You should tell your lawyer about it.
I blew a .169. This is my first of any kind of legal trouble. I don't know if I have a good case or not. I don't have a lawyer yet because I am trying to pool all of my financial resources together in order to hire one and I don't have what I have been quoted as of yet. My hearing is in one week and the DMV hearing is in 10 days. I didn't drink anywhere close to what the breathlyzer is reading. I do have a diagnosis of ADHD, Anxiety and depression for which I take medication but was not taking the night I was pulled over, but take as needed (except the depression meds) because you are not supposed to drink on those meds. I also wear a partial removable dental appliance that is similar to a retainer. I don't know if I have good grounds to fight this or not. I am terrified.
You need to at least consult with an attorney. Find out about the process. About the courts. The judges. How a...
on 01-31-13 but my time is up for supervise relase on 01-21-13 can she revoke me
Based on your information, it appears there was possibly something that occurred before you got that DUI. Even if your...