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Social Host Liability BYOB party
A person invites guests to a BYOB social at her house and does not serve them her own alcohol. All gusts are over 21 and yet one guest becomes visibly intoxicated and then starts heading to his car. Does the host have a legal duty to stop him? Should she call the police? Tackle him down and restrain him? What if she respects her guests autonomy and lets him drive of without doing anything. Would she then be liable if he crashes an causes an injury to a third party. What if the above events unfolded but she did serve guest her own alcohol but stopped before anybody was visibly intoxicated ?
I will preface my answer by saying I am not a GA licensed attorney. I will answer your question based on how it would...
I was pulled over for my license plate light "not" working. Charged with DUI
So I was pulled over for my plate lights supposedly not working, they did. Was asked if had been drinking, said I had a few. Then was given a field sobriety test. The first was the Nystagmus test. I informed the officer I had a astigmatism as well as a "lazy" eye. He chuckled and said "uh huh". The continued test. Followed with the standing on one foot, in which I have had a bad knee that was operated on. Can any of this nullify the field test? After the test I blew and was over legal limit and was taken to jail. I'm looking for anyway to reduce any chance of a full DUI. Thanks
You need to speak with a criminal defense attorney who is familiar with the courts in DeKalb County and DUI defense....
How Long Can You Be Held On A Misdemeanor Dui Before Seeing A Judge Or Public Defender?
Is it true that if you aren't given the opportunity to appear before a judge within 48 hours, the Dekalb County jail is legally obligated to release him without requiring bail? My son was arrested for DUI and has been in the county jail for 42 hours now. He has not seen a judge or a public defender.
For a DUI, bond should be set almost immediately. Does he have a bond? If he can't make his bond, he should go before...
How do I take care of bench warrant for a FTA due to a DUI that took place in a county several hours from where I live?
Two years ago I was arrested for a DUI. I hired a lawyer who would appear on my behalf because of the distance between where the arrest occurred and where I reside. Due in part to my lack of assertively remaining in contact with my lawyer and lack of communication on his end, I missed the court date (the date I was to have everything submitted to the courts re: DUI classes, community service, etc.). How do I take care of this issue and get everything straightened out? I have left messages and sent emails to the lawyer but have still not heard anything back. I am at a loss. Thanks.
Unfortunately you will need a lawyer to clear the FTA and close the DUI case. Ideally it should be the one you worked...
On probation for DUI in DeKalb. Just got arrested for second DUI. Will probation send me to jail?
I just started probation for my first DUI in DeKalb County last month. Two weeks ago, I was charged with DUI again in DeKalb County. I meet with my probation officer soon. Should I tell her? If I tell her, will she send me directly to jail or will I have a probation hearing first? If I get to have a probation hearing first, how soon after my meeting with probation officer will it be? How long will I be in jail? Thank you.
Getting arrested on your second DUI means you now have two separate serious situations. You need to meet with and...
Is there a statute of limitations for a warrant in ga?
I was charged with first time dui in ga in 2007 went to court (I'm from Tn) licenses was suspend for 12 mos but I never returned for probation I got licenses bk but I know warrant was issued. Is there a way to take care of warrant without going to jail?
There is no statute of limitations applicable to warrants. Whether or not you can take care of it--the warrant--...
Can i go to jail while trying to drivers license
I'been on Probation in GA and haven't paid my fines. I have a warrant and i want to change my Oregon license to a Georgia license. Will i go to jail trying to do so???
DDS does not keep warrant information so they should not know that you have an active warrant when you switch licenses.