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1, do i need to do anything if I have a valid drivers license from another state? 2. do i need to clear fl driving record if i do not wish to have my fl license reinstated? 3. can i drive in fl with my valid drivers license.
Illinois would not issue you a DL is your status in FL is revoked, suspended, withdrawn or not eligible in FL.
I don’t know whether to take the deal because the video shows me driving perfectly, switching lanes correctly, no swerving, nothing. It’s a perfect video. Even when I get out of the car and stand outside everything is perfect. I had only had 1 beer over an hour ago, however I was the only one of the street and the cop followed me for over 6 miles from leaving restaurant. Also, there is no copy of implied consent anywhere because there never was one. His word against mine. I want to take the reckless driving charge but my family and lawyer think I have a very strong case against getting it completely dismissed. (Lawyer STILL thinks that I should take the reckless driving charge) It’s just a guessing game with the judge, it’s her call. Please all advice is important to me. Thank you
Generally your lawyer would be in the best position to answer this question; they have all the evidence and facts, and...
Our visitation agreement was a standard online form which I created for my self-represented divorce hearing. The visitation schedule was not made part of the divorce decree. The children and I have since relocated from Beaufort to Berkeley County in 2011. My ex-husband has been inconsistent and/or absent for most visits since then, and he openly blames me to the children for his failure to see them, as well as harass me by phone and email. My husband (the children's step-father) and I have made every effort to facilitate these visits, for the children's sake, including driving them 2 hours each way to see him. In November 2013, I ceased all visits, forcing him to take me to court. He has not, yet he continues to demand to see them, upsetting the children by phone and slandering me
You should consult with an attorney and discuss your facts in detail, so that neither one of you can be seen to be...
I've paid my reinstatement fine to SC of $100 and was told after I complete course I will be able to get a route restricted license from FL. Do I need to hire an attorney for all of this ?
Confer wth local SC counsel. Hire a lawyer to protect your legal rights. Jeffrey J. Estrella, Esq. Licensed...
Also, the high risk insurance forms are different (FR-44 in VA, SR-22 in SC), do I have to get both? License suspended for 1 year, completed all requirements for reinstatement except for getting high risk insurance.
Most states will not license you if there is a suspension outstanding in another state. You will most likely have to...
I was arrested for DUI on May 7th, 2011. My license was suspended immediately due to registering above a .15 B.A.C. On May 16th, the DUI ticket was Nolle Prossed at the request of the arresting officer. I received notice from the SC Department of Motor Vehicles that my license was suspended from 5/7/2011 until 6/7/2011. I was informed that I had to request a hearing to challenge the suspension because even though the charges of DUI were dismissed, I still registered a B.A.C. above a .15. My hearing date isn't until August 18th, 2011 and there will be no one there representing the state as the charges were dismissed. If the DUI ticket was Nolle Prossed, can the judge still decided that I am guilty of registering a B.A.C. above a .15?
Hello there, Just because the administrative hearing over your license was dismissed doesn't mean the state won't...
I recieved a ticket in Beaufort recently. The ticket states - drink in public. The officer at the time originally stated I was being written up for drunk in public. After calling the municipal court, they told my the ticket was coded for drinking in public. I had nothing in my hand at the time. The ticket does not record my drivers license number from Canada and he used my middle name as my last name. Part of the address he recorded is correct. Are there repercussions if I ignore? I was issued a court date, but he was insistant that I send money.
To begin, in Canada a DUI is a felony and therefore an excludable offense under the Immigration Act. A DUI is an...