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We're opening a new business and have applied for our alcohol by the drink/beer & wine licenses. We have been denied on the grounds of moral character [61-2-100(d)] and when I called the office, the rep said it was because one of the partners has two DUIs. In reality he -had- 2 DUIs, one of which was lessened to reckless driving. This leaves only one. He has since quit drinking for going on 5 years now. He manages a bar and grill now and has no problems staying sober and lawful. Also, he is ONLY a financial investor, not an operator. He will not work there at all, in any capacity. Are there any law(s) that we can cite on the protest that will help get the denial reversed when they send it to the SCDOR legal team for review? Also, any advice for the situation or it's expediency? Thank you
Good questions. I would retain a licensing attorney or business attorney in Beufort to help you on this issue. It may...
They made me take my contacts out before they would give me a sobriety test
Why do you need a continuance? Hire a lawyer to help you ASAP.
In south Carolina, it seems that there was an arrest made but charges were never filed. How can one go 15 years and never had this pop up until recently, there had been several background checks made in those 15 years. What can be done to get this removed/resolved? How does one handle an issue such as this?
If the warrant is legitimate then it will need to be vacated by the issuing Court. Administrative errors in lodging...
What can I do to get it off?
If you were arrested and it was dismissed, or you were found not guilty, you can have it expunged assuming you meet...
Do I have any leverage against the state? My seizures are completely under control. They have me on tape stating that i am beginning to have partial seizures. I was still refused my medication. They gave me the medicine literally 10 minutes before i was let out. So i missed my nightly dosage and was 4 hours late on the morning dosage. Granted i am not supposed to drink on my medicine. I made the officer go into my truck and get my medication.
Leverage against the state? - That's pretty vague. You may have a law suit for personal injuries against the state,...
1, do i need to do anything if I have a valid drivers license from another state? 2. do i need to clear fl driving record if i do not wish to have my fl license reinstated? 3. can i drive in fl with my valid drivers license.
Illinois would not issue you a DL is your status in FL is revoked, suspended, withdrawn or not eligible in FL.
Our visitation agreement was a standard online form which I created for my self-represented divorce hearing. The visitation schedule was not made part of the divorce decree. The children and I have since relocated from Beaufort to Berkeley County in 2011. My ex-husband has been inconsistent and/or absent for most visits since then, and he openly blames me to the children for his failure to see them, as well as harass me by phone and email. My husband (the children's step-father) and I have made every effort to facilitate these visits, for the children's sake, including driving them 2 hours each way to see him. In November 2013, I ceased all visits, forcing him to take me to court. He has not, yet he continues to demand to see them, upsetting the children by phone and slandering me
You should consult with an attorney and discuss your facts in detail, so that neither one of you can be seen to be...