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Is there a statue of limitation on charging someone with a dui?
I got into a minor traffic accident no injuries no damage. I was taken to the police station blood was taken then I was released. I did have my license suspended "admin per se" this happened on 11/23/14. I never received any court dates and no charges have been filed. Is there a specific amount of time they have to charge me?
A DUI can be a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the circumstances. A misdemeanor must be filed within one year of...
Hi my name is frank I'm 21 years old and tonight i plan on getting drunk as f**k and shoot my handgun.
are their any legal repercussions i could face
Jail, prison, never getting a good job, not ever having money,.... Did I mention hail, prison, and a criminal record.
Do I need a lawyer?
Parked after loosing control of car on a busy intersection. Started to walk away. After 15 - 20 minutes later was arrested for DUI. Witnesses say they saw this car collide with another and saw the driver take off on foot. No keys were on my person, no one got hurt. No damages except for own car. Denied driving, refused tests. About 3 hours later had to submit to blood test because a warrant was issued. License is suspended for a year and no court date yet.
Yes! Hire the best DUI attorney you can get!
Can they take your sentri away because you got a DUI Months ago? .
I got a Dui back in May and they took my sentri away yesterday.. They didn't said the reason just told me to contact their sentri supervisor
What is a sentri? I'm not sure I understand your question.
Can a DUI disqualify me for a retail job?
I got one back in April of 2013. For DUI alcohol/drugs combo. I got the job at a department store on the military base my husband and I live at. My interview went extremely well, I just am afraid they will not call me for the position once they do a background check. Help.
Only the potential employer can answer this question. Better a DUI on your record than a retail theft offense. You...
I had DWI felony in Mo. in 2000. Mo. does not expunge. I want all my civil rights restored.
No history of violence or damage to any person or thing I have over a life time acquired 1 pot arrest & 3 DWI arrest In Mo. 3 DWIs in a 10yr. period equal a felony. (these happened from 1990 - 2000) I have completed all fines and responsibilities to the State of Mo. Since 2000 I have not had any legal problems. I contacted Mo. AG and was told they do not expunge records, other them a 1st time arrest. I contacted the US AG and received no answer. I'm a Marine Corps veteran I WAS BORN AND RAISED IN AMERICA WITHOUT ALL MY CIVIL RIGHTS, I'M NOT AN AMERICAN I WANT ALL MY CIVIL RIGHTS RESTORED Please help, Thank you William L. McReynolds
You might want to repost your comment using Montana as your location - Arizona courts have no power to do anything...
Extreme DUI first offense
Being charge with two extreme DUI first offense. Will my license be suspended? Will I have to do jail time? Was involved in a car accident. When I was booked into the jail they said I had two extreme DUI charges and two more not sure what the other two DUI are? But the officer told me that all of them are misdemeanor.
Just the allegation of a DUI can get you suspended in Arizona. If your blood/breath is over a .08 MVD will try to...