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  • Several Darien Burglary Cases from 2014 to Close

    17 hrs ago | via Patch.com 

    Several burglary cases in Darien from late last year will close, after Darien police worked with other agencies to identify suspects in a national burglary ring. Police Chief Ernest Brown wrote in an email to residents that some jewelry and money have been recovered in the on-going investigation, and they expect to close four or five of the burglary cases.


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Darien Law

I got convicted of a 2nd dui and my license is being revoked effective on the 17th. My car is under my name and I read on the letter I recieved from SOS that I need to turn in my registration and license plates. Does this mean my mom cant drive my car? She hasher license and shes insured on my car. Am I able to just transfer the title to her. Im so confused on what to do.
Speak with the attorney who helped you with your 2nd DUI.
Is this new one considered my 2nd or first when dealing with jail and driving privileges? I got into a car accident and charged with DUI over .08. I am on felony probation and out on bond from a domestic. What are my chances of going to jail?
For criminal purposes, this is your second. Secretary of State considers you a first time for suspension purposes if...
I got a dui and my child was in the car. Besides a dui I got endangerment of a child. Never had a dui or any charges with endangerment. Will they tell the fatjer what happened or the charges? Haven't gone to court yet. We are not married or anything
No is the short answer. The court would not know who the father is or where to reach him. You also say you're not...
got a dui. did everything the court asked of me, only thing remaining is the 3000 fine. i asked for 1 extension already, i have court on friday, can i go and ask the courts for a 2nd extension???
You can ask, but you had better have a good reason. You need to show good faith. Do you have at least part of your...
My 6 year old son lives mostly with my ex-wife. She has been on several evening dates recently, and I have heard through the grapevine that she is driving under the influence. Obviously, I fear for my son. How can I find out if she has any DUI's?
Criminal History Records information is only available from the Illinois State Police. Information is located at their...
so I obtained a license in OK in which I will have my OK license suspended (not revoked) for 9 months. When I go to reinstate my license in 9 months however, will that be denied because IL will still have a hold on my license? Did I just create a more complicated situation for myself?
After an officer submits the notice of summary suspension, or the IL Secretary of State is notified of a dui arrest...
First time DUI offender on court supervision. Court/prosecutor agreed to rescind my summary suspension but still wanted BAID device in my vehicle for 6 months. In the first month I missed a retest (cold morning and letting my car warm up when retest went off) and an incident where the device was beeping so I made sure it was plugged in (not sure if that would be considered tampering). Both times then doing another test and showing "pass". My attorney told me not to worry unless the court sends me a letter. I never had a "warn" or "fail" reading from the device due to alcohol and was always able to start my vehicle. Do you think the court will send a letter about the above violations and hold it against my supervision? Again no alcohol readings and never locked out of vehicle. Thanks
Possibly. If they do you answer it.