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n 2012 I got a DUI in Philadelphia. I was entered into the ARD program and completed all the requirements within the specified timeline. I am in a union through my job and they covered the lawyer fees. When I initially met with the lawyer he told me that after this was complete to contact him regarding the expungment and that I would be financially responsible, etc. I didn't initiate the expungment right away because I didn't have the money and it wasn't something that was going to affect my job either way. Last week I called the firm that had worked with me on my DUI and went down and spoke to the lawyer about getting the expungment process started since I am applying for nursing school. He typed my name and even the docket number of my case in the courts system and nothing came up...there is no record of me ever being arrested. He said it must've been expunged and that the union must've covered it and did it automatically. Is this possible? I know people say to never look a gift horse in the mouth but I'm just wary because this wasn't anything I initiated or spoke to anyone about other than briefly going over the process with a lawyer 3 years ago when I got the DUI. Does this sound plausible? I just don't want any surprises when I start school and I am unsure whether or not I should disclose it.
I recommend you talk with an experienced attorney for legal advice and guidance.
I received a 2 year suspended sentence, probation, a $900.00 fine and take an "alcohol awareness class". I did the probation, and took the course, then left for another state. Got married, had kids, active in my church, bought a house..etc..Then in 2012 I received a letter from my local D.M.V saying my drivers license has been suspended.(due to the violation in 1984) Kinda like the biblical "LOT" one disaster befell be after another. After losing just about everything, and trying to correct the situation with the morons in Marlborough, I came across this web site. I paid the outstanding $900.00 fine, and signed up for another awareness course. Will this get my license back? And after almost 30 years I think a it's a good idea to maybe "clear the books" on old misdemeanors. and go after..
PA will only lift the suspension if your previous state says your complete. I would reach out to a drivers license...
On possible probation violation in Philadelphia if DUI is charged in Delaware co. Should the focus be on the attorney to challenge the recent possible DUI in Delaware co (great Delaware co Attorney) or the more possible jail time that may come from the DUI charge that may be sent to probation violation in Philadelphia (Philadelphia Attorney)?
You should have an attorney (preferably the same attorney) for both cases
My DUI is from 7 or so years ago. I was not aware that I had to return my license for the suspension to take effect. I now have a 2yo son, and very much need the ability to own and operate a car in order to properly provide stability for him and myself. The tickets are paid, and apparently there is another 13 months of suspension once the DL is turned in.
You can file a petition for credit seeking credit for the time you didn't drive. It may be difficult and you would need...
I was charged with DUI in PA 2 months ago. I will probably take the ARD program deal. My license was not suspended at the time of arrest and probably not be suspended as my bac was 0.081. I checked my driving history and it does not show the DUI arrest. I am wondering if it will show anything if I get into this program. Will the court inform DMV about my dui if I get into the ARD program ?
I am not licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania. My understanding is that the ARD program acts to bar the record...
I live in Louisiana and got the ticket for DWI in Pennsylvania. Thank you in advance.
You can plead guilty and pay the fine associated with a traffic citation. However, being charged with a DUI involves...
Dui case that he beat but the cops said that when he got to the holding sell he refuse the blood test .he didn't refused because they never asked him to take a blood test he has been fighting this for a year
Hard to answer unless there are more facts. Why was he held in contempt? Sometimes a judge will set a purge amount to...