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How is it possible to have a urine test come back .082 when 3 (6 oz. approx.) glasses of wine were consumed bw 8 pm and 10 pm?
The urine test was conducted the next morning at 8:15 am. I may not have gone to the bathroom prior to the test since the night before when I was going to bed.
Urine testing for alcohol is inherently suspect. Although the Code of Alabama authorizes a urine test as evidence under...
What happens if you are on probation for drug charges and you violate it with a DUI?
I would have been off of probation in Feb of 2010, but was recently pulled over for speeding after leaving a Christmas party, and was arrested for a DUI. What am I looking at when it comes to what they can do to me?
Contact your attorney; your probation can be revoked until the end of your original sentence in February 2010. You may...
If i was charged with a DUI in Indiana but not convicted, can i obtain a driver's license where i live in Alabama?
This was my first offense, so they put me on a DADS program for one year. As long as I'm enrolled and participating in this program for a full year i will not be convicted of the DUI. I am enrolled and participating in the program but i live in Alabama. (they allowed me to do this) So i heard if I'm not convicted then the suspension doesn't go into the national data base but stays in Indiana. Is this true?
Sounds plausible. Have you tried to get a license in Alabama? Did Indiana ever suspend your license?
Arrested for DUI and was told to go to Veterans Court. Is this the same as district/circuit court?
My husband was arrested for DUI in Foley, Baldwin County, by a Sheriff. When I bonded him out he had paperwork telling him to go to Veterans Court. I can't find anything about it online. What can he expect there? Do they follow the same procedures as district court?
Substance abuse program that works through the courts and VA. http://blog.al.com/spotnews/2013/11/...
Dui and reckless endangerment of 2 cildren
Step daughter picked up for dui..then remembered her 2 children were alone in the house..officer said no food in house and horrible living conditions. Baby in need of meds abd none in house.
Your daughter needs a lawyer ASAP. Besides the DUI, she may also have child neglect issues.
What do need to do about an old dui.
I got a dui in Ca in tje late 80's. I moved away and never went to court. I find myself needing to fly into Ca then on into Mexico. I am a little apprehensive about going, how can I check, do I need to worry.
Depends entirely on the state of California. Theoretically, your name and identifying information should have been...
How can i clear my DL in the state of Illinois?
I received a DUI in Florida after I had moved there, I had not switched my Illinois DL over to Florida. I do not live in Illinois and do not inted to return to Illinois. They are trying to revoke me till next year, I have already been revoked in FL since the beginning of November and would be able to reinstate in FL May 2nd. But because of the state of Illinois I am stuck I dont know what to do, I cant even get a hardship license because of the hold Illinois put on. I wasnt even a resident anymore of the state of Illinois when i got the DUI I was a resident of the state of FL. so how do I fix this? I cant afford an attorney at the moment I dont have the money. Should I fill out an out of state hearing application and send it in?
You still held an IL DL. Therefore you are subject to Illinois revocation laws. One year revocation for a first...