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I was arrested for a DUI 3rd offense within a short period of time. However, my first two DUIs are both technically 1st offenses...that is how they were both prosecuted. After the second first, I didn't receive a SCRAM. In this event, I was passed out in the car with the car running and in park. No movement at all. I was parked in a private parking lot down the street from my house. The owner of the establishment called an EMT and I was taken to the hospital with a high BAC and didn't receive a copy of my DUI citation. I've since completed a stint in alcohol rehabilitation. This was many months ago, and I didn't know I had charges against me until recently. I am scared to death at the possibility of a guilty verdict for DUI 3rd. Any help or advice would be much appreciated.
the best thing you can do is hire a very good attorney and enter an AA or other rehab program immediately.
Was recently arrested for a third DUI and am out on bond in a commonwealth state, was ordered to wear a scram bracelet for fourty days until the next court date.
I don't see anything here about it: http://alcoholmonitoring.com/ams_files/resources/scramfaq.pdf But if you are...
He's never been arrested before. He was honorably discharged from the Marines in June of this year. We have written a letter to the county attorney and judge asking that they would consider sending him to va for rehab. I have contacted va and a social worker is supposed to talk to him Monday. Do you think they will grant our request. His video hearing is Tues. the 14th and because they are off the next Wed. his next hearing is Wed. the 15th
You are not probably not helping your son by communicating with the prosecutor. You seem to have to communicated to...
after he got the DUI which was the second he was assigned to do classes and we move to North Carolina when we move to North Carolina we called the court system up here and ask them if they can move it North Carolina so he could take the classes well needless to say about 50 phone calls later they still never got the classes transfer down there and we never heard back from him so he left it at that and then the other night to state police came to our house at 1130 and pick my husband up and now he's serving 30 days in jail for a warrant and from a DUI from 2011 or 10 something like that I need help
You need to find a lawyer in the London area ASAP. Try www.kacdl.net.
Does a warrant for a failure to appear for a DUI fine payment extension automatically drop as long as u pay the DUI fine in full payment? Or after I pay fine in full what's my next step to having and making sure my warrant is dropped for my FTA on a DUI fine payment
If you are in Jefferson District Court, and failed to appear and failed to pay the fines and costs on the show cause...
After paying a fine where a warrant had been issued for a failure to appear on my court date to get further extension on my fine. Does a judge usually automatically drop the warrant if the fine is paid in full? Or do u have to pay and also turn yourself into jail to see the judge that issued the warrant for the failure to appear? Or can I pay the fine in full payment and by paying it does it automatically drop the warrant if paid in full?
Most likely, the warrant for your failure to appear will not be quashed (dropped) automatically when you pay the fine....
I want to pay my DUI fine that i had almost 2years ago. I missed the court date for my extension and want to pay it and make sure I get the warrant dropped and took care of
You need to show up in person and clear the warrant. I would bring some money to show your willingness to start paying.