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  • Solicitor Robbed Along Wenham Road, Police Search fo...

    Wednesday Oct 1 | via Patch.com 

    Police Chief Thomas Perkins said in a statement that at about 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday a 27-year-old woman soliciting for MASSPIRG was working an area of Burley Street near the Danvers town line when she said she was approached by a black male in his late 20s. The victim told police that the man pushed her to the ground and said that he had a gun.


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  • Wenham police investigating an armed robbery

    Wednesday Oct 1 | via Boston.com 

    A 27-year-old woman told police that at about 5:30 p.m. Tuesday she was soliciting for MassPIRG on Burley Street near the Danvers border when she was robbed, police said. The victim said the suspect pushed her to the ground and told her he had a gun, police said in a statement.


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  • There's no escape! The pocket-sized drone with a 360...

    Sep 18, 2014 | via Daily Mail 

    Protocol? What protocol? Heartwarming moment three-year-old interrupts homecoming procession to hug his mother after her nine-month tour of Afghanistan Revealed, one man's terrifying 'jihad' on U.S. soil: Extremist 'executed four in revenge for American attacks in the Middle East and carried out bank fraud for the Cause' Jackie Kennedy was 'suicidal' after death of JFK and asked priest if she would meet husband in heaven if she took her own life The 18th century sex change: Historic documents tell eye-watering story of surgery on young boy hidden in a girl's body Hunt for mystery man seen with his arm around missing UVA student after police release new surveillance footage showing teen being followed as she stumbled through deserted mall Missing UVA student Hannah Graham is the FIFTH young woman in five years to vanish along 'Route 29 corridor' - and only one body has ever been found TV ... (more)


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Danvers Law

My ex is being charged with his third DUI in MA after getting into a car accident totalling the car and taken to the hospital. I dont understand why he never got arrested and his driver's license was never suspended. What can I do to inform authorities?
If your ex has been charged with an OUI, the "authorities" are already well aware of his actions. You should allow the...
No previous record but have upcoming jury trial for dui. Now I have dui trial December 3 and pretrial for suspended license December 4.
So long as you were eligible to get your license back (i.e., your arrest occurred AFTER the 180 day suspension period),...
And will her insurance (MA) increase as a result of this?
Upon completion of case she has 30 days to report to a RMV hearings officer a lot depends on whether she refused the...
You seemeed to have asked this question multiple times. Most states have DUI statutes that allow for convictions...
I was recently arrested again for oui in massachusetts and havent been to court yet. I was wondering if the old dui would show up on my records for the court? What about the registry, would they be able to see this as well? I dont think the md registry even found out because I didnt recieve any points, fines, or insurance increase.
You can contact the registry of motor vehicles and get a copy of your driving record and your criminal record from the...
My license was suspended for 3 months. I paid fines and went to a class.
It's max possible sentence now is 2 1/2 years in the house of correction. Not sure what it was back in the 80s
My cop friend said that usually it will state in the computer if someone is required to have the device in their car. He said it didn't show that with my name. Only that my licence was suspended.
No. The court can deny the prosecutor's request . One example is due to economic hardship.