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Hi my bother-in-law who's from Mexico City and was staying here for a couple weeks work related , got arrested over the weekend in Fayette County, WV for a DUI and speeding at 100mph , he was suppose to flight back to Mexico on Thursday. He has a Mexico drivers license and has never lived here before therefor he is not familiar with the driving laws.. He was bail out by his boss and was told can't leave the county until his court date, but his court might take up to a month. Can he ask for some type of permission and come back for his court date? what are the chances that he might get his case dismiss or clear since he is not from here or lives here's at all. Should he get a lawyer? What are his best options ?He's being charge with a felony and a misdemeanor . He's staying at hotel !
Being charged with a felony will require your counsel to file a bond modification request to allow you to travel home....
I'm from Mexico city, I just came to WV to have some meetings, I will go hire possible soon by an American Company to remain on WV. I'm suppose to flight back to Mexico for other works before my court, I have 100 percent of my bond so can I flight there, or do I need an permit to leave the state? the magistrate said it was OK, but he did not sign any letter The police stated that I was driving at 103 mph, and having high percentage of alcohol on blood. Having these accusation what can I expect to be the sentence? How that would affect my visa process? Is it possible to decrease the charges of DUI to wet reckless? Does it helps that I'm a foreign citizen? I don't have an American driver license, if I want to get it, what would be the problems? can I drive with an international license even instead
You definitely need to hire a local lawyer to help you. These cases have serious consequences and the sentences are...
I was convicted of my first DUI two years ago in which I blew the minimum limit .097. I attended the 6 week drug and alcohol class a year ago. I did not have the interlock system installed in my car. Is this the reason for which I am being summoned? Because I was under the impression that I did not have to have the interlock given the circumstances of the situation.
Minimum limit in all 50 states is .08
My girlfriend told me she needs to have a blow & go installed in a vehicle in order to obtain a drivers license. Back in 2010 her husband at the time jumped into her vehicle after drinking at a bar, he was only supposed to go to work an come home. When he didn't come home she went looking for him in his mother's car an found her car at a bar parking lot she entered the establishment. An arrangement was trying to be made to get home safely all tho two vehicles where at the business location. An argument developed while discussing the means to get home. An the 220lb husband jumped in behind the wheel an sped off. Wife gave chase.. a mile down the road husband rolls wife's car... Wife charged with PERMITTING A DUI. Lawyer beat the permitting charge but was charged with obstruction.
You have given details about an incident a few years ago but I don't know why. Do you have a question?
The state of WV dropped the permitting to drive at the court house, but dmv charged her, SHE didn't contrary it in time. This has been a few years ago. All she wants is advice on how to get her license back. Or asks someone to help her. She has told the dmv several times that she isn't married to the bone head any more so I don't see why I have to pay to have a blow an go installed in my vehicle for her when she's not the drunk, hee idiotic x husband is. This all cost her marriage an wants to take some legal action against WV. They did her wrong, an it's taken a heavy toll on her life an mine.
It's difficult to answer your question without knowing what she was charged with or what specific administrative...
I am required to drive an interlock equipped only vehicle based on a WV DUI sentence. I was pulled over for speeding in Michigan for 5mph over in a rental car, but was not ticketed for driving without interlock as my virginia drivers license does not show any restriction. My question is what to expect from WV, I.e. Will they find out that I was driving a non interlock vehicle despite not being ticketed for that? When WV runs a check at the completion of my interlock program and sees I had a speeding ticket, how deep will they look? Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.
No one can tell you if anything will come of this. All depends if the prosecutor becomes aware of the speeding ticket...
I came into town with a company crew for work. Got charged. Company shut down and out of job. Became homeless. Indigent. Unable to stay in town. So unable to get back to court. Ever since then unable to obtain a license to drive. Need to see if I can find someone to get the case closed cheap. Can't afford alot of money as hence need a license to get decent jobs. Someone suggested check here and maybe because of time I have had to go without a license 10 times plus longer than a conviction. Maybe someone can get the case dismissed? Trying to turn my life around.
Look on the find a lawyer section for your area of AVVO and ask around. Not sure what cheap means, but not all...