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Legal system in Pasco County, FL is taking a VOP case in never ending circles. How do I file a complaint?
A man was picked up for DUI, found out that he also had a VOP (prior reckless driving charge/not completing community service hours). After sitting in jail 24 days, he was seen by J. VanDercar, released and community service location approved. He completed 50 hours of community service, paid his fines/fees, and went back to court 5/15. A different judge said according to the State, he did not complete the necessary counselling for VOP. Post court, the individual went to the counselling location only to find out that he had completed his course and that his certificate said "recommended" counselling, not "required" - therefore he's done. 3rd time back in court (6/17), J. Cole says that his previously approved com. service hours are "not good for him". What can we do? File a complaint? How?
sounds like he was ordered to do community service in the prior reckless driving case and did them after being released...
What does dl class/fatality 313 e 0 n mean? Valid D L & address left with officer , i was flown out. pled no guilt to 3 charges
Friend asked ride to scrapyard. Directed me to house, he picked up load of junk. Directed to another house, he loaded metal shelf out of rubbish pile in yard. Homeowner pulled up, cursed, threatened me. i offered shelf back, he refused, chest bumping me.screaming in my face. he went after friend- i got in truck, friend did same. He busted window in my truck out. , i took off. After couple miles, chased?camper topper on difficult to see behind. Missed stopsign - t boned a car. My passenger, myself, and driver other car bayflighted .. Fathers insurance(his truck) paid 10,000 each 2other driver & my passenger.. 1 month later summons petite theft .2 mos later sumons leaving scene prop damage. 3 mos leave scene w/o info.. Question from 3rd charge. Still seen no ticket or officer
It is unclear what your question is. Rather than posting online, I'd encourage you to meet with an experienced...
Do I need a DUI lawyer?
I got my first DUI about a week ago for sleeping in my parked car on the drivers side with the keys in the ignition. I got my hardship license and signed up for a DUI class but I just want to know if it would be best to get a lawyer. My intention was not to hurt anyone, and I did not know that was against the law. I go to court December 17, 2013 but I just want this all to go away sooner or later.
If arrested for a dui (316.19), and for that is also charged with a failure to sign a non-criminal citation(318.14),
How can it be said the defendant received a fair hearing if the 1st appearance Judge found probalby cause for 318.14 ? 316.19 is a criminal offense, not subject to citation to waive arrest. The defendant is required to post bond for both offenses. Of course, the SA will nol pros the 318.14, but the question is how in the world can a Judge find probable cause when a non-criminal citation was not even charged? Is it incompetence of the Judge or something worse?
The judge at first appearances must always determine whether there is probable cause. Probable cause is a lower...
I was arrested for first dui and failed the dui class. what are the consequences
arrested for first dui and have not been convicted yet.
You either have to take a plea or go to trial if the State will not reinstate your pretrial diversion contract. The...
Lawyer in a dui case
if your lawyer tells you to handle everything that has to do with losing a DUI case like DUI school, charity, and what not, is he preparing for a loss...I refused the breathalyzer and I believe if there is a video of this field sobriety test that I could at least get a dropped to a reckless.... if that was the case, I don't know if I should plead no contest or guilty for a lesser sentence
It sounds like your lawyer is asking you to do these things so it will show the State Attorney that you are taking this...
I was stopped for DUI. I don't drink or, do drugs. The State Troopers took my car to an impound lot and I was taken to jail.
When I got out of jail, I went to pick up my car at the impound lot. It was more than I could afford as,I had just paid bills.Then, I went into the hospital, When I got out, we went to pick it up. My lien holder had picked up. I didn't receive any type of call that they were doing this. I had made 2 years of payments. They said I would have to pay $7775.00 and, I only owed $6700. They sold my car at an auction for $3700. I received letter that I owed $4975 for the difference. They put it on my credit report as a repo. Linda
Sorry, for what happened to you, but I don't see a question.