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My first ever offense (DWI). The best they say the can offer me is 12months probation and license suspension for 12 months
BAC was .14 I was pulled over going the wrong way on a highway (no one was harmed, including myself) license was suspended 90 days after my arrest, 2 years later after trying to join the military (not being able to because of open case and probation) and currently attending college and working trying to get this resolved my lawyer presented the offer of 12 months of probation along with my license being suspended 12 months as well. Not saying I don't deserve any punishment but I need advice on if they're is a possibility to get a better offer. Being in school paying, 300+ for car insurance and other fees to get my license back just to get it suspended again?! I just dont get it
Keep in mind the prosecutor is the one making the offer. These things are somewhat fact dependent. You may want to...
I was sentenced to 90 days wearing a scram bracelet. My time is up in a week from now. What do I need to do to have it removed.
The conditions of my probation are almost complete, except the one I cant do early such as outpatient treatment.
Typically, you will need a court order to get the scram removed. I would recommend finding a local attorney and have...
I fell asleep driving and wrecked my car. They took me to the hospital and I was admitted for 3 days . Wanting to give a DUI.
The doctors were worried about my medications. I'm in pain management and psychiatry. When I was in the hospital I asked the doctors if I had came in over medicated or even over dosed to which they both replied "no". They were just confused on why all the medications . I have many physical and mental illness which require me to obtain medication on a daily basis. The police said they were giving me a DUI. Well I had just refilled my medicine and all was accounted for. I even gave consent for a blood test. I just received a call about me having a warrant. To which they asked If I'd like to make a non arrest bond. I also have insomnia for the reason of the accident I hadn't slept very much that weekend. What should I do? I don't believe I deserve a DUI . And would like to fight this
Do not fool yourself. There is no legal way to dispose of this case with such rich procedural history with a good...
Can I obtain a drivers license, if I recently have been pulled over driving without one
To start off, im 19 years old, and I recieved 2 tickets, one for speeding and the other for driving without a license in Louisiana. I live in texas though and thats where i hope to ger my license. I have a court date on August 28th and the officer told me if I could obtain a license before then they would more than likely dismiss it, I was wondering if that would be possible because I know you can't renew a license with outstanding tickets but I have never applied for one and I don't know if the same rules apply
If you outstanding citations are in the OMNI data base system you will not be able to get a license. You need to take...
What r the chances of winning the case with a BAC of 0.085 and reasonable field sobriety test in houston, TX if i were to go tri
What r the chances of winning the case with a BAC of 0.085 and reasonable field sobriety test in houston, TX if i were to go trial?
Without an attorney, your chances are slim. With an attorney, it wiill depend on the very specific circumstances of...
My DUI Case Dismissed in Houston and how to answers to Good Moral questions on US citizenship Form
My DWI case was dismissed last week, without going into trial or diversion.Before this however they had suspended my DL for 6month and i was given occupational DL. I am now applying for USCIS citizenship, the form for which asks the following questions: 3. Have you EVER been convicted of any crime or offense? 4. Have you EVER been placed in an alternative sentencing or rehabilitative program (for example: diversion, deferred prosecution etc)? 5. Have you EVER received a suspended sentence, been placed on probation or paroled? 6. Have you EVER been in jail or prison? My Ans === 3. No (Since my case was dismissed) 4. No (Since my case was dismissed) 5. ? Should i answer this yes since my licence was suspended 6. Y/N? Was i in 16hr custody till posting a bond or was i in county Jail
A suspended driver's license is not probation or parole. So, you can answer 5 as No, based on your facts. As to...
Houston, Chances of getting case dismissed in Trail for BAC of 0.085 and did kind of ok in field sobriety test.
Assuming all other details are valid for cop to stop What are the 2012 stats on cases dismissed with BAC b/w 0.08 and 0.09?
It depends on what the state can prove. Consult with a defense attorney.