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Medical hold on Drivers license after second Dui.
i have two duis one in 12/09 and other in 05/10. My suspension over in November this year. Since then, i 've completed all court ordered requirements dui school, treatment and community service. I applied to get hardship license and was told i have medical hold on my license. I did receive therapy between 2008-2010. Recently, i found therapist to fill out medical forms that DMV gave me,but forms expired already. I only had 45 days to get form filled out . So i have to request new medical forms from DMV. My therapist agreed to fill out medical forms, but he needs to see me two more visits. By July, i will get those forms filled out. The DMV told me once they received those medical forms it'll take them another three more months until i drive. Do i need lawyer to help me or i have to wait?
If the Florida DHSMV takes any action to deny or revoke the driver’s license then the driver should demand an...
How does the legislature propose to test for marijuana impairment? Ex: alcohol = breathalyzer
How does the legislature propose to test for marijuana impairment? Ex: alcohol = breathalyzer
Florida law actually already covers any substance which may cause impairment so the law doesn't need to be changed...
What drugs are screened for in Miami-Dade's DUI Back on Track Program?
Is the urine test for illicit drugs or both illicit and prescription? Specifically diazapam.
They do not tell you what they are looking for, but fir sure illicit.
How Florida deals with out of state revocation of privilege if it is not for DUI or DWI but for 3 speeds in 18 months?
Accordingly to Florida law there is no such thing like revocation for 3 speeding tickets in 18 months period. In my case this will be equal to 12 points in case I loose at all 3 hearings. To my understanding, by Florida law they should simply suspend my license for 30 days because of accumulation of 12 points in one year. Or it doesn't matter? If your privilege becomes revoked somewhere, they do not care by what reason and revoke your license too? Does anybody know?
Florida has reciprocity with most other states. So if your home state suspends your driving privileges then there is a...
I got arrested for DUI, it is my first offense. I am on an H1B.. I was finger-printed as well, I want to know what I should do
0.283 alcohol level, way over the limit. I do not know what to do. I have my visa valid till 2017 but I do not know what I can do. No damage to any property, no damage to anyone else. Will I be deported?
This is serious enough that you should talk to the company's immigration lawyer and NOT a NON-ATTORNEY in HR.
Can a Defendant obtain anonymous 911 caller name/phone in Discovery in DUI?
someone reported they saw a person walk and stumble to his car and called police to report it. the call did not report any erratic driving or criminal activity. Police found the car and said weaving within the lane was reasonable suspicion to stop. Can this person's name and phone number be obtained by Discovery from prosecutor to get a deposition or subpoena to court? and if the prosecutor refuses to give it out can the defendant compel them to? what are chances of success? in the police report on the first name is revealed, last name is masked. Thank you
Anonymous tips are valid reasons to stop you. Attacking the tipster won't do you any good even if the tipster was...
Can I use the VIDEO I'm trying to Suppress in my Suppression Hearing?
To Suppress other things such as Officer's testimony about driving pattern?
Yes you can but doing a Suppression Hearing is not something for amateurs. Hire a lawyer.