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I know there is a new law/statue in Florida that if you are a license driver and receive a first offence driving under the influence you can be eligible to avoid conviction granted other circumstances apply. What is the official name of this? It was passed very recently in 2013. Thank you. (criminal traffic offence)
Its not a law. Its a creation of the Miami-Dade County State Attorney's Office. It is a diversionary program...
I am on the back on track program and they have assigned me the breathalyzer and a lot of other penalties. I have finished all of the penalties (donations, comm. service, classes, online classes, etc.) in less then a month but I don't want the breathalyzer in my car. Can I get it removed if I have met all of my other obligations?
It's called an Ignition Interlock device (the breathalyzer is the machine at the police station) and unfortunately you...
Will they kick me out of the BOT program if I get a ticket for driving with a suspended license. The ticket is in violation of statute 322.34? Please let me know. Thanks
It is part of the contract that you sign to enter the program, that you will abide by all rules of the program and...
Hi, i just started a 1-year probation for a DUI conviction. I absolutely intend to do everything I need to do to comply with all that is required of me while on probation. I am concerned however of unintended, "lacking knowledge of" violations. For example, I know I can't drink/drive; have to do DUI school/perform comm service etc. But it states that while on probation every action you take will be scrutinized and I assume that would include legal filings? SO I have two questions, please help me. 1) Can I file for a LLC company with the state of FL while on probation here (LLC not related to anything described here) 2. what are some other risk points where people unwillingly, unintentionally violate probation. Anything I should be cautious of? Please advise, thank you!!
Carefully read all the paperwork on your probation order and your judgment. All of your conditions should be spelled...
Does this mean they will deny him the hardship license? I saw other people get their hardship license today. Is this bad news? Please help.
It doesn't mean anything but that he must wait seven days for the decision.
I have a DUI and am on BOT and I got a ticket for driving with a suspended license (knowingly) and my appointment to get my hardship license is April 28, 2014 but i got a ticket for driving with a suspended license during that time. I was advised I would not get the hardship license by the DMV. Is this true? I need to do whatever it takes to be able to get the hardship license. I need to be able to drive to and from work. I have had a lot of complications not being able to drive for the 3 month probationary period and was already caught once driving. I can't afford to have a suspended license for a year or have my hardship license revoked. Are there any attorneys that specifically SPECIALIZE in LICENSES in FLORIDA that can help me? Please contact me and GENUINELY tell me if you can help me
DMV does not usually lie to people. But they might be mistaken, and we have to know a lot more facts than you have...
I can only find a record of the case when searching Miami Dade, the county the incident occurred in, county traffic records. Nothing shows up when I search any and all aliases in the Miami Dade county criminal records. Does this mean that an employer background search in Miami Dade criminal records will procure no results? I highly doubt the employer will be looking at driving records, so I doubt they will see anything there.
It should not show on your criminal or driving record. It will probably show on an arrest record, but not that many...