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I went to court, paid it in full and I've never been arrested for anything else in my life. But every time I travel I get called in for questioning because of the arrest 8 years ago
Yes, you can get it expunged, but your fingerprints and the underlying arrest will still show up. Just the conviction...
My H1B Visa Extension was filed in November 2013, which was approved in Feb , 2014. Now I am going to India on Nov 27, 2014 and have to get my H1B Stamping done from India. I have been charged with DUI on November 1, 2014, Chemical Test Refusal and is awaiting any decision. Please could you tell me if there is any issue with my Visa Stamping if I am convicted of: 1.) Both the Criminal and Chemical Test Refusal Charges 2.) Criminal Charges for DUI alone 3.) Chemical Test Refusal Charges alone
It is in the consular officers discretion to deny the visa. I have had cases go both ways
I recently completed a DUI class and had to pay fines to both 6th district court and the DMV. I paid the DMV but didn't have enough left over to pay 6th district. I need a state ID and know that their is a bench warrant out for not paying the fine. I need the ID to cash a check next week to get the cash for 6th. If I go into the Rhode Island DMV on Monday to get my ID will they arrest me? Is the DMV involved with warrants or they would have no idea and don't run your name?
you should call and ask before going. Get in touch with your DUI attorney and maybe he can help you.
A mailbox was hit while driver was reaching into a bag of take-out food on the floor for frenchfries. The field sobriety test was failed, as well as the breathalizer at the Police station. Only damage was to driver's windshield - the mirror snapped back. Driver was also charged with "Right Half of Road", fined $85.00 and allowed to pay by mail. . Driver is a licensed professional holding a management position in good standing. Driver was on vacation. Driver is remorseful Driver has no other way to get to work. Can anything be done?
The most important thing you need to understand is that you are dealing with a very grey area of the law. The DMV...
My father in law no longer has a valid driver's license (visual impairment the eye dr. would not sign off on) and he is driving every day. His children and other family members have spoken with him about the implications and that his insurance (that he still carries) will not cover him in the event of an accident. He has also been diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment. He has also been known to drive under the influence. My concern is that if he is in an accident that causes physical damage to others, that extended family members may be held liable. Can you answer this?
Whatever owner who is giving him access to the keys and the vehicle may be liable for damages he causes. So, it might...
I paid the fine on the spot, there is no court or anything. There is only a few week ban of driving here in Austria.
Are there Canadian lawyers on Avvo?
Hi, I have been to Ordered by California court to do a Sheriff Alternative Program i.e Community Service for 80 Hours . I was Convicted in CA ,but now i moved to RHode Island for work. Court has given me the permission to do the community service in RI. MY question is 1) what are my options for Sherriff Atlernate Program in Providence. 2)Will i be able to do that only on weekends 3)Can i do that in . Will they agree i i do my community service here. Thanks in Advance
The probation department in California should coordinate this with the local probation department in RI. Contact...