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I was indicted on several charges stemming from a traffic stop, in the indictment it stated that I had some things that I didn't have, they didnt have in evidence or written police report either, BUT it was the main thing listed in the indictment. I went to court six months after the arrest, the judge dismissed EVERYTHING but ordered the DUID down to district court, at that time the labs/toxicology report wasn't in. TWO months later they re-indicted me on the same DUID and the labs/toxicology still aren't back, it's been almost a year now since I took the tests, how long should I have to wait until it should be dismissed altogether? The clerks couldn't even explain this when I asked them how this could happen and why is it taking so long.
I am not sure of your post. First, DUI( drugs/ahcohol) first offense is a misdemeanor and you cannot be indicted by a...
I have a 20 year old daughter and she took one of her friends out, the girl is 17 years of age, and they went to a party, both the girls was drinking, and my daughter said, that she never got her friend anything to drink, the girl got her own, so would my daughter be in trouble for her drinking, why under my daughters care, both girls in the state of Kentucky are underage to be drinking, and my daughter is paying for it right not (at home for her crime), thanks dad
No. I am uncertain why this is listed under DUI. My concern would be more with the idea that the officers would think...
I was pulled over and arrested a few weeks ago for DUI 2nd offense. The only thing I had taken was an over the counter male enhancement capsule which I had never tried before. The officer said I failed some of the sobriety tests and said my eyes were fluttering. I did take a blood test. The only other substance that should be in my system is Hydrocodone for my severe hemmoroids. I have a prescription for this but it is probably about a year to a year and a half old. The judge also said he had to suspend my license pending the 2nd DUI offense and I have only been to court once. Can I talk to the judge and tell him what I took? Can they convict me of this? The previous DUI is about 3 years old.
DUI Second Offense in 5 years is a serious misdemeanor offense in KY. You need to hire an experienced criminal defense...
I had large meal before being pulled over. Also i had the officer take me for a blood test.
If you are simply looking for reassurance then coming here and asking a question like that makes some sense. If you are...
Had a felony dui in florida for 3rd or subsequent offense. I am eligable for a work permit in florida in September of 2014. Will I be able to get a work permit or hardship license in kentucky with proof that I am eligable to recieve a work permit in florida
I assume you are eligible for a valid "work permit" drivers license issued by the state of Florida. I assume you do...
I failed the field tests, and had stopped drinking two hours prior to driving to make sure that I had burned off some drinks. I blew an official .081 at the jail. Also this is my 1st offense, and I don't have any proofs on my record except one ticket I went to traffic school for when I was 19.
Maybe. It's completely dependent on the charging standards of the prosecutor's office, the strength of the case against...
I failed the field tests, and had stopped drinking two hours prior to driving to make sure that I had burned off some drinks. I blew an official .081 at the jail.
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