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I got a dwi first offense on June 28th 2014. Ticket was paid in full a month later after court date. Just waiting for paper work to go threw then pay for a new drivers license. They put me on a year of unsupervised probation. I'm not a bad kid, ya I screwed up one time. I never did drink and driving before and haven't since. Trying to get my life back together. So is there a way to get that 1 yr unsupervised probation shorter? I live in Wheatland, Wy. And got the DUI in Torrington, Wy
Talk to your attorney. You can ask the judge, but I would not expect to have him grant your request. It has only been...
As it stands I have two DUI's in a ten year period and not under suspension or revocation.
The laws in each state are different. You need to ask an attorney in WI.
I was not behind the wheel when I was arrested. I was at my house.
Think about it--most hit and runs aren't at the scene--that's the whole deal. Yes they can. If they have witnesses...
car was towed girlfriend was driven home by tow truck driver he was still held they said he had suspended license but I have proof he paid it off
I find that the cops tend to lie about the results of the chem test at the scene. Regardless, there really isn't a...
I got a letter sent to my old address telling me this but i did not get it till 30 days after the deadline, on account of my move. What does this mean? Will i go to jail? Or can i just pay the additional 100 i owe for not completing a education program.
Don't panic. You will probably NOT go to jail. Contact the court where you were ordered to appear and ask how you can...
My husband has 3 DUIs in the last 3 years. One in ND and is currently on probation from his 2nd in Wyoming. He went to court ordered rehab and is still going. He was doing good not drinking. Last night he went to a wedding, and apparently drank, because I had a message on my phone at 1:30 this morning saying that he was going to jail. I called the jail and they said he is being charged with DUI, Driving without the interlock system(which we were arranging to have put in next week because we didn't have the money before) and driving 3 miles over the speed limit. All misdemeaners. She didn't mention probation violation or driving under a suspended license. Can they add these charges on later? And how can a lawyer help? I lost my job due to illness and I'm scared.
He will get a very harsh sentence, in my opinion. I think he needs to go into a 90 day in-patient program to show the...
Received a DUI an hour after being home. Had been to bar earlier drinking got into a fight was punched three times in the head also hit head on the ground. Cops came no one was arrested. They apparently told me not to drive. Which I did later to get home. I have zero recollection of the fight or the cops coming. Zero recollection of being arrested or being told not to drive. It was three days later I even found out about the fight. My total lack of recall had me thinking my drink could have been spiked until I found out about the fight. I know I was drunk that night. But I'm always good about getting a cab/ride. I'm sure I suffered a concussion. I don't have BAC back yet. The police never saw me driving. A witness said she saw me drive across the parking lot and that was all.
There doesn't appear to be a question in your narrative.