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Will this be considered a 1st or 2nd since out of state? Will. The 16 yr old DUI not count.
Were there any convictions?
My husband has a bond hearing tomorrow and I need to know how much cash to bnring with me
There is no typical bond amount. It will depend upon how many times he's been convicted before and for what kinds of...
My son refused to blow. The discovery dash cam video shows ONLY HIS FST. He did fairly poor on the FST. A long explanation, but a full dash cam would likely aid the hit/run defense as son was on the scene with his car when the police arrived. The other driver did not speak English, 3 squads, 4 witnesses, 4 officers & lots of confusion that would likely be cleared up by a full video. As of today, we don't know if the entire videos were not given at discovery or if they don't exist resulting from the officers only activating for FST. I already have rule 411, Kladis, law on State Police cams, Webster, Strobel, & Schmidt. Looking for: case law dealing with officers obligation to turn video on (i.e. "cherry picking the use of video") and case law supporting motion for extra discovery. Thanks
Don't try to act as your own attorney! Contact an experienced DUI attorney in Ill to represent you ASAP.
Only 1 speeding ticket on record 3 years ago. Completed all court requirements. Is it possible to have hearing with SOS for removal of BAIID before the 1 year summary suspension is up in Illinois? What are chances of winning hearing?
The only way to end a suspension early is to get it rescinded in court - apparently your lawyer did not do that.
I am a nurse will it effect my job and will I ever see a driver's license?
Consult an Illinois attorney who is experienced in DWI and professional licensing matters. Having said that, 3...
Got two dui's close together served some jail time and got two years probation..I will have all classes ect by the time I go back to court to wrap everything up. The thing is I'm unsure if I'll be able to pay the full $4500 by my last court date...I don't want to go back to jail. What will happen if I can't pay? Dui's are out of Wheaton Illinois and Naperville Illinois.
when you return to court, preferably with your lawyer, you will show what efforts you have made to get the fines paid...
I got two dui's served some jail time and got two years probation. After all said and done all fines are going to total about $4500. I'm trying to get work but I can't get anything consistent as I am working temp jobs...what will happen if I can't pay my fines in time for my last court date to wrap up my probation...was told everything had to be paid by then just don't know if I will have it all paid off...I will have everything else done by then as far as classes ect...I'm really worried about this. One dui is out of Wheaton Illinois and the other is out of Naperville Illinois .
When you return to court, preferably with your lawyer, you will show what efforts you have made to get the fines paid...