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6 miles from home officer thought person was dozing off at intersection and pulled them over. had not been drinking, but was sleep deprived, passed 2 breath test and field test. then they harassed and said hey man tell us what your on, it will make it much better on you to just tell us man come on tell us, were your friend man come on what did you take. didn't take anything , so they wanted to go to hospital and take a blood test, but refused, why i just proved to reasonable standards that i wasn't intoxicated and explained i was functioning on very little sleep, asked if they just follow me home since i passed the tests, and they said they only place your going is the hospital or jail, so a dui is chargeable without any evidence, but i cant prove innocent with passing all the tests
From your fact scenario it sounds like you may have some issues to raise. I would suggest contacting a DUI attorney in...
dui was in 02,06 and 2010..its been just over two yrs w no license. i need to travel 15miles to work and taxi rides twice a day really add up and "bumming a ride" doesnt always work out. the rest of my record is fairly speeding ticket, one seatbelt or two....ive completed all my terms of probation, including substance there any type of license i could apply or petition for??
You cannot get a hardship license until you have completed 5 years of the 10 year HTV suspension. At that point you may...
I was at a tailgate and approached for underage consumption. The ticket stated something along the lines of "Did commit the offense of minor consumption, pursuant to statute 7.1-5-1-3." Since that statute that is referenced is for public intoxication (which I don't believe I was, they had me blow a breathalyzer but since I had just taken a sip of beer when approached it read as above ,40 which is a BAC that would kill even an experienced drinker, let alone a minor). I had two beers, which would be about a .075 BAC. I was just wondering if I would only be charged with the minor consumption, or just the public intoxication, and if I'm charged with both can I enter a deferral program that will wipe both of those off my record?
No one can tell you what you will be charged with, however, you can be charged with both if the facts fit both crimes....
For example this cop who is a DUI enforcer himself gets a way with a DUI. While a person like myself who isn't in the car, who has his keys in his pocket and is far away from the car gets his first DUI. Just not sure how the justice system is working here. Here's the story about the cop and his DUI: Prior to my arrest I had a perfect driving record (12 years of driving at the time). I don't expect any answers to this question. I'm just stating the truth that cops themselves can get away with crimes that normal people would be arrested for.
The quality of your lawyer helps. Some of us are at 100% success on these kinds of cases
I have a clean driving record for the last 16 years but prior to that its horrible DWI and suspensions 3 and 4 but when you pull up the driving record they are displayed twice for the same offenses it looks like I'm a driving criminal and I made 4 mistakes and I have been clean for over 16 years, how can I fix this please help I may need to change my Identity legally, I am having problems getting a job the driving record is hurting me and I does not reflect the last 16 years more like my first 10 years of driving, what can I do please help.
Is it driving record or criminal record that is causing the problem? Usually the drivers record contains information...
DUI in Indiana with Michigan license. Court ordered license suspension. Checked with MI SOS and driving status is still clear.
It's impossible to say how long it will for Michigan to be notified. Yes, Michigan can do its own thing regarding the...
My father was killed by a drunk driver over the weekend. It was completely the drunk drivers fault, we already have the police report. My father had $100,000 car insurance policy and so did the drunk driver. What is our next step in this process? Are we entitled to anything other than funeral costs?
Please accept my condolences. You may not need to actually sue. However, you should hire an attorney to handle a...