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My car ran out of gas on the turn pike . My car got hit twice after several hours of waiting I walked to the nearest house because my cell phone had died . At first police where very nice they took me to police station awaiting state trooper ...he got there and things took a turn for the worst I took a field sobriety test and then hours later refused breathalyzer .
It's impossible to say without more information. Call a lawyer as soon as possible to discuss.
I completed all idrc requirements and 2 years after that they want me to go to aa meetings for 8months nowhere can I find that this is part of the penalty for a second dwi charge. I did the 16 week program they lost paperwork so I did it again and they lost paperwork again. I have the receipts and proof I do program the second time and now they are also trying to make me do that also again. I feel they are targeting me as when I call idrc and they here my name they hang up everytime. There is a little more to this but that is the jist of it. I would like to know and find an attorney who thinks and would like to pursue a case against the idrc program. I do understand you do have to work together but targeting me is not right either. I have never been nasty or rude to anyone at these program
In order to be restored, you must be compliant with IDRC. If your substance abuse evaluation indicates that you have...
Has bill passed in NJ? I only found limited info on it.
No it has not passed. There have been some revisions to it. Under the original bill all those convicted of DWI would be...
idrc wants me to take a 16 week program because when i had the dui i was 20 years old, the thing is that i dont have the time to attend this 16 week treatment because i work and go to school full time. can i go to court and to get this over and dont take that 16 week treatment, i dont drink since 5 months ago, and im sure i dont have a problem with alchool
You risk possible extension of suspension of your license and jail time if you do not comply with the IDRC requirement....
Hi, I was convicted of a dui in 2010 and managed to get through all the penalties. Unfortunately, I thought I learned my lesson but ultimately made the same mistake a 2nd time ughh. I know I face much harsher penalties this time, including possible jail time and 2 years license suspension. I don't know much about the aforementioned process and if it can help. I did have an attorney the first time that I think helped my case.
This is indeed serious and you do need an attorney. DUIs cannot be plea bargained so it is important to have someone...
Maybe my 2nd offense
I believe by the question you already know the answer.
My mother has parking tickets on her license because my brother parked illegally in her car. She assumed he paid them, he didn't so she received a summons that a judge suspended her license for this and if she paid the $73.00 fine, the judge would then rescind the suspension. We are trying to figure out if that means she will not have the $100 restoration fee that is typically attached to a suspended license. I went online and paid the $73.00 fee and I'm thinking that because I did not have the option to pay the restoration fee along with the fine like you would normally see in the payment option area, that maybe she will not be required to pay the restoration fee? We are in Fords, Woodbridge Township, Middlesex County, N.J. The tickets are from New Brunswick, NJ. Same county.
I believe the "restoration fee" you mention is imposed by motor vehicles bureau or whatever you call that entity in NJ....