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I was arrested for refusal to blow . I recieved two points . Is the arrest eligible for expungement ?
The prosecuter said there was not enough evidence for the refusal . They could not place me driving in the car etc . I did plead to careless driving .
If the arrest was for DUI and/or refusal, the answer is no. HOWEVER, the arrest will not show up on any criminal or...
I just received a Dui . I refused breathalyzer .what are my chances of beating this . What are the consequences I'm looking at
My car ran out of gas on the turn pike . My car got hit twice after several hours of waiting I walked to the nearest house because my cell phone had died . At first police where very nice they took me to police station awaiting state trooper ...he got there and things took a turn for the worst I took a field sobriety test and then hours later refused breathalyzer .
It's impossible to say without more information. Call a lawyer as soon as possible to discuss.
Are judges more likely to listen to cops over DWI experts?
Correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I understand, the testimony of the arresting officer in a DUI case is all of the evidence that the state needs to convict you. Even if the breath test is thrown out, it doesn't matter because the cop can say "they looked pretty drunk to me" and win the case that way. If a DWI expert challenges the officer's testimony, will the judge even listen to them or are you doomed to be found guilty no matter what?
Find an attorney skilled in DWI cases (who will know what experts to bring, you will not), pay him and ask him the...
What is the likelihood of receiving a jail sentence for my fourth driving on a suspended license?
I already served 10 days in jail for my third offense. All three previous offenses occurred in the state of Va. My fourth offense occurred in Deleware.
If your offense was in the state of NJ it is pretty much guaranteed unless you have a great traffic ticket lawyer who...
I have a warrant for failure to appear on drug and dwi charges. I am pursuing a new position....
....and need to divulge the warrant to the company. What would show up exactly? Warrant for failure to appear? Warrant for the charges? Both?
You really should talk to a lawyer who can advise you, based on the language in the application, exactly what you need...
Can you refuse Medical Treatment if your intoxicated and under 21?
Police and EMS approached me before entering a football game for being intoxicated. I refused to go in the ambulance however I was forced by the police and EMT to go. Are they allowed to do this even though I refused?
Though I'm not licensed in NJ, this question is not unique to that state's laws, in my view. Police and fire-rescue...
How much time is needed for a speedy trial defence for a dui?
I got a DUI ticket August 2011 and I'm reading on the computer that they gave me a court date April 2012and that's when they suspended my driver's license I was living at the apartment stuff and I never got the court date in the mail is that long enough for the speedy trial defence. or is it possible plead guilty like Its my first DUI I completed a six month rehab I'm not sure when I went inbut I've been clean ever sincecan I help in the defense I know I'm going to have to get a lawyer on this one but I just kind of want to see what my options are and see if the lawyer that I get knows what he's talking about I know my past is not pretty but you know now I'm clean and doing decent and I have a job and all that good stuff my kids back and going to jail soberI don't even live in that state
Much more information is needed. There's no bright line rule in New Jersey for speedy trial. You must assert the right...