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  • Democracy Protests Continue in Hong Kong

    Friday Oct 3 | via KRVN-AM Lexington 

    A Utah man on trial for murdering his wife after watching the TV show Dexter was forced to watch his police interrogation tape in court Thursday.Conrad Truman,... -- Ukrainians frustrated with the government are trashing local politicians -- literally.Last month, a group of protesters tossed lawmaker Vitaly Zhuravsky int... -- Your money is safe, JPMorgan Chase told customers after a major security breach -- but at least one expert says that doesn't mean you're in the clear.The theft o... -- A crew of hazardous materials experts called the "Cleaning Guys" are in charge of disinfecting the Dallas apartment where an Ebola victim was staying, they told AB... -- Nicholas Sparks, the author who penned The Notebook and A Walk to Remember, is being sued by a former CEO of his North Carolina private school for allegedly hold... Ashoka Mukpo, an American freelance cameraman diagnosed with Ebola, ... (more)


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  • #TrashBucketChallenge Lands Ukraine Politicians in D...

    Friday Oct 3 | via KRVN-AM Lexington 

    A federal judge is aiming for trial early next... The Gothenburg Cross country invite was held Thursday . Cozad won the girls title with a score of 39 points, Gothenburg was second with 44, Lexington finished third with 61. I... -- No.


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I was charged with 1 dui and 1 leaving the scene.
I am not a NE lawyer and cannot comment on matters of NE law or procedure. But, I can tell you that in Florida,...
what i want to do is become a permanent resident, im hoping you can help me
Hello there, There is a way you can go through a rehabilitation process that Canada will consider before you can...
Ok here goes. I am on probation for a assault and battery charge from last October. I have one month left and got a DUI. And yes I know I f'd up. I know I deserve what I get. But any advice on what to expect and what I should do. The DUI was on a night I thought it was a good idea to go with a friend to visit. I figured a drink wouldnt hurt. Next thing you know I've drank all night after not drinking for ten plus months. I ended up running into a barrier and had a blood level of .34. I am just happy I didn't hurt anyone.
The best thing you can do right now is hire an experienced DUI attorney. Hopefully they will be able to minimize the...
So far what I read on DMV website, it states that there are restrictions. I called DMV office and the person on the line told me that there is no restriction on driving with Ignition Interlock anymore in the State of Nebraska as long as the driver doesn't fail ignition interlock tests. Which one is right?
If you do not receive an answer on Avvo from a Nebraska attorney, then you need to consult one and they usually offer...
Its for a DUI. I need to know will i be stopped at the Airport.
You may wish to consider it is entirely possible you might be located and stopped, as you put it, well before your bags...
I recently got put on the number system for probation where I have to call in every morning and if I hear my number I have to go in and test. What type of test do they do? An etg test or jus a regular 8 panel test?
If the avvo attorneys have failed to answer your question, consider calling a local DUI lawyer. Most will give you a...
How can someone who was driving while drunk (1st offense), crashed and killed two people (charged with vehicle homicide) have their license revoked for less time then someone who drove on a revoked license (1st offense) to save someone? The person recently charge with V.H. lost their license for 5 years and my family member lost theirs for 15 years. My family member only had no alcohol/drugs in system and was driving to help someone in need, they recevied the minimum punishment for this I guess: probation and 15 years revoked license. But how can a person that killed 2 people while driving drunk get 6 months jail, 5 years probation and only 5 years revoked license? These punishments and laws don't make sense as they did a far worse crime.
The laws don't make a great deal of sense, but that is the law. It is always best to get a good criminal lawyer to...