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My DUI fines are 4 years overdue but my license hasn't been suspended and there aren't any warrants out for my arrest (searched online using OC county sheriff). Also, I haven't received any letters from the court. Is it possible that la county superior court is that backed up that they haven't gotten around to issuing my arrest warrant? Is there any other reason why they haven't suspended my license or issued an arrest warrant? Than you for your time.
It is possible your case slipped through the cracks. However, I would hire an attorney to investigate. You can't...
I'm now 19 (18 at the time) and was involved in a single vehicle accident (hit the wall). I was injured when police arrived on the scene and then was sent to a hospital and released the same day. I received no fines or letters except for city damages and ambulance and towing fees. On dec. 29, it will be one year since my accident, and yesterday, Nov. 15, I received a police ticket and a court appearance date for dec. 13. and the code on ticket is for a DUI. This is my first offense and have no priors or anything else on my record. I go to college and have a job. What can I expect to happen? Jail? Community service? Lose my job? The $1800 fine from court? The anxiety is driving me crazy. Please respond.
The time that has passed is a positive factor for your case. You may have statute of limitation challenge that needs...
She blew a .16 , has no history of arrests or warrants.
I need a bit more information. Was there an accident? Which court is the case out of. Every case is different but...
After hitting my vehicle the drunk driver fled the scene and was later pursed by police. I have reported the claim to my insurance company now I'm stuck with the deducible and since the insurance company reported my vehicle a total loss I'm left with no vehicle. I lost so much from an accident that wasn't even my fault and I feel the drunk driver got away without any liability. How can the law let people get away with things like this?
You have two options: 1) Seek restitution for your deductible and other out of pocket expenses from the drunk driver...
This is a non viol. misd. & my first time serving any jail time. Could I possible be approved for work release as an alternative sentencing? And would I need that cash upfront tonight when I turn myself in?
In LA county, if work release was available, it would have to be agreed to at time of plea. If you don't know if your...
This is my first time ever having to do jail time at County Jail. I'm the sole provider for my family and would like to know if House Arrest is an option, taking into consideration the overcrowding of the jail at this moment. And is this option something that I have to request at the jail at the time of surrender?
Sounds like you might be a little late. Most counties require court approval for house arrest prior to surrender.
Is there any chance I can avoid jail time.. I am the sole provider for my family. I can do house arrest, weekend city jail time etc.. please let me know what my options are.. I want to hire a attorney asap. My court date is 4/10/2013
Yes, potentially. Call 310-935-3100