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Can a felon with 4 DUI's get custody of my 7 month old?
We have never been married but were together for a short time. I have let him see our son plenty of times but only a few by himself because he has threatened to take off with our son. Now he is taking me too court to fight me for custody. He has 4 DUI's and is now a felon. If he gets caught driving again without a license he goes to jail. Please help.
You need a good lawyer fighting for your custodial rights. The felony drunk driving convictions are relevant and will...
In iowa if i received a 4th dui lifetime but the other 3 are more than 12 years ago is this a first?
i received dui 7-25-13 and had 2 convictions ( both treated as 2nds) 10-2000 and 1 in 1996 making 4 total but only 1 in last 12.5 years will this be treated as 1st?
Regardless of the look back period (10 years normally) your characterization of treating it as a first offense needs to...
Under iowa DUI / criminal laws is a DUI considered a felony
I was convicted of DUI and served seven days in jail and had my drivers lic. supended. This was my second arrest for DUI. The first was reduced to reckless driving.
In Iowa, beginning with the 3rd DUI offense it's a felony. This being your second you would be guilty of an aggravated...
I would like to view his dash cam as my tail lights were and are working fine. Was followed 6 miles home then pulled over in yrd
2 unmarkeds pull up behind me turned their lights on. officer walked up said he pulled me over for tail light out . now A police car followed me out of shen approx. 3-4 miles pulledbinto many park and then I noticed a vehicle behind me not so sure he had headlights on tho. Was followed by these 2 the next 4 miles home then pulledbover. I know my tail lights work!!! And I let them search me and my truck. Passed the breathalyzer then they turned evil with a cause to get me to help them with drug bustsbor something. A female cop ( the one who followedbme 1st 3-4 miles was called and I was taken in and sobriety tested again (passed hers failed his in st.) Charge will be drugged driving ( even tho I passed her sob.test. but thn took urine sample. ) and no insurance don't wanna be bullied!
You will be entitled to a court appointed attorney at a reduced fee. Either way, do not plead to anything without...
I am being charged with a DUI for marijuana in Wisconsin, do I plead guilty or not guilty
I was arrested in Wisconsin but I live in Iowa. I had not smoked for at least 3 hours before being pulled over and 4 hours by the time of blood test
You should definitely not just give in and plead guilty to this type of DUI offense. They are harder for the State to...
How do I get my name off the national license registry?
my dui was in 2003 and got on the national drivers registry around 2011. I live in iowa but the dui was in Illinois. How do I get my license back?
If you haven't done so already you will want to complete all reinstatement requirements in IL before another state will...
I lived in Minnesota and had a b card lisence..I now live in Iowa..but may move back to mn..will I again have that restriction?
Had a DWI in June of 2008 and injured a was a felony but was later dropped for completing probation with no violations. I also had dwis in July of 97 and august of 2000.
You may want to re-post your question with a Minnesota location to put it in front of more Minnesota licensed attorneys....