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I got arrested for the first time in my life somewhere in CO (only have had a couple speeding tickets and nothing else prior) and I am twenty-five. I was spooked as I passed a Sheriff going the opposite way when I saw him turn around on the road a hundred yards behind me and I turned into a driveway which gave him suspicion to follow me. The Sheriff arrested me on DUID for being high on Meth and false plates on my car. I had insurance. I went to jail for the weekend until I could post bail. He said he could smell it and I agreed to take a UA at the station. He had me do a test where I stood with my feet together outside, head tilted way back and tell him when 30 seconds was up. They searched my car without consent, but I had nothing on me or in my car. This is first time arrested.
I'm not sure I see a question here. You might want to rephrase.
I am a middle aged woman, do not drink very much or very often and was pulled over. My husband was intoxicated, argued with the officer and I was deemed drunk. I felt antagonized by the officer and confused as to why he was arresting me as I was not intoxicated. I thought if I took the breath test I would only make things worse. When the office told me to sign the paper saying I was refusing the test, I did not read the paper as I did not have my glasses and thought the officer was telling me the complete content of what I was signing. Is there any way to keep my license. I have never been arrested, have no recent traffic violations and need to drive to make a living.
Probably not. Ignorance of the law is not a defense or excuse to prohibited conduct. The fact that you signed the...
The reasons for being pulled over each time were for minor traffic violations.
JAIL. Lots and lots of jail. 3 offenses within 3 years in El Paso County and you will be extremely lucky to only get 6...
I recived a dui and pled it down to dwai and now 14 years later they are making me pled to my new dui as my second
unfortunately, Colorado allow a lifetime look back for prior DUI offenses. Nobody can force you to accept a plea...
I was stopped on jan. 20, 2014 for a dui. i was underage and drove with only a drivers permit. i was taken in to the hospital to do blood tests. It is now march 15 2014 and i still have not received any letter from the court, dmv, or lab test. I was assured by a lawyer that i would have that in about a month? i am wondering what i should do? will my case be dropped if they lose the blood tests? is there any way i can keep my license?
You simply have to wait. Because of numerous problems, the CO Dept of Health had to close their labs. So, law...
I was charged with a DUI in Colorado (BAC = .15) I have 2 prior DUI convictions in another state, which happened 10+ years ago. What are the chances of the DA finding those records? I have been offered a plea deal with no jail time during the arraingment but I was told that if they find prior convictions the deal will change. How thorough are these searches and can the fact that these previous charges happened many years ago be used in my favor?
You absolutely need a lawyer to assist you with this. Without a lawyer, you will be forced into a situation where you...
17 years ago I got a DUI I was ordered to do classes in the state Colorado I did all of my classes except for one I paid all of my fines however I left the state before I completed my last class and I didn't pay for my classes in my license is suspended I'm trying to get it fixed but I want to stay away from doing jail time to get it done there's a bench warrant for my arrest at the moment for this charge 17 years ago any advice would be very helpful thank you
There's only one way to deal with the warrant. You have to turn yourself in. Once you do, they'll set you up with a...