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First time DUI in California
I was arrested yesturday morning for a DUI. I didn't realize that the night before's alcohol was stil in my system. I gave a breath and blood sample. I just turned 21, and am married to someone in the military, i was simply driving home from dropping him off at work. The officer said I blew a .08 or higher... My question is do i have any chance of getting out of this, or if not, do i at least have a chance of not having to serve anymore jail time? I've never been in trouble before and my husband will probebly be deploying soon and would much rather spend my time with him then in jail. Any classes i could take now before my court date to better my chances? Thank you!
Many people make this mistake driving with a hangover. For first offense you will probably get credit for time served,...
Shoplifted with no cops called, but on probation for DUI
I know it says shoplifted but I really didn't mean to. I had a fussy baby with me and forgot about some tops that were in the bottom of the cart underneath her seat. I had initially put them down there to keep them away from baby hands. I was just aimlessly walking through just to kill time to keep baby entertained. I ended up buying other things and honestly just completely forgot about the clothes and sandals. (I had them from when I first entered, and grabbed the things I actually bought towards the end) I just walked out and their LP stopped me and took me into a back room and told me I might get a letter. The cops were not called. I told him exactly what happened and that I was honestly just an airhead. He still made me sign a few papers. Will this affect my dui probation?
Since no cops were involved, I see no impact on your DUI probation. Make sure you complete any court-ordered classes,...
Can I get a DUI fine reduced/changed to something else?
I got pulled over for my first and only DUI & was fined $2200. I have been paying the minimum amount required every month and am wondering if it is at all possible to get the remaining balance of $1000 reduced/changed to community service, etc. which will help me financially since I am going back to school in 2 months.
The time to challenge the sentence was before the ruling was made, not after.
I'm a 3 year resident of Northern Baja,Mx.I got a DUI at Ca.border.Will I be able take online DUI classes,or classes in Mexico?
The night before I was arrested, I was drinking.I slept 8 hrs.and then went to cross the Ca/Mx border which had just opened up all lanes. I drove up and thought-how lucky I was to be only 1 car back. There had always been two guards at every gate (I just figured the forward guard had already allowed his car through (I'd never seen 1 guard per gate) I drive up and ask the guard,"Should I go to to the front window?'' (Which has always been the norm). He says in a very angry agitated way, "WHAT?" I said, "Should I pull up to the forward window?" He says, "Turn off your engine." So I did, and he said,"Open your hood. I did. He said, "Put your hands behind your back". I did. Handcuffs. They called an officer to come and give me a test. I passed the physical, but blew 1.3.Charged DUI.
If you do not request an Admin Per Se hearing or if you have the hearing and are unsuccessful or if you are convicted...
For an attorney around Southern California who knows about Sentri Passes. Re-applying for Sentri for the 3rd time
I have a DUI from 2005. Only one I have ever had and I am now 63. What advice do you have to get approved?
I do not understand the question. Approved for what? Expungment/dismissal? Contact an attorney in San Diego with your...
I had 3 DUIs in 1999 completed SB38 but my paperwork did not get filed with the health dept. and DMV says I owe them 3k Dollars.
my license has been suspended ever since, I need my license back, should I hire an attorney? I would make payments on the fine but need to Drive for work, looking over my shoulder has gone on long enough.
Yes. You may owe $3k in fines to the court, not to DMV. A lawyer can sort this out for you and get your license reinstated.
I got a DUI in March 2014. And it has been a year. Can I apply DUI expunge? I completed every court ordered.
My conviction date is May 8th. 2014. When can I apply or start to get expungement?
If it's a 1st time Dui, you have a 3 year probation period. Most judge will not expunge any DUI before probation is...