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I was arrested in 2008 for a DUI which has been closed as a DWIA with attending 6 months of group therapy and fine. The problem is I need to have it brought down to a record that won't affect my immigration, specifically for DACA. What is the process/steps? Has it been done before? What are the chances?
New York does not have the term minor misdemeanor. DWAI (VTL 1192.1) is a traffic infraction and should not effect...
I was arrested Queens NY for a DUI for hitting a parked car while driving my own personal vehicle. I was on prescription meds and my alcohol level was .06 ( below the legal limit which is .08) No one was in the parked car or hurt. I am 63 years old and this is my first offense. Can I plead to a lesser offense?
You can't plead to anything other than the charged offense unless the prosecutor agrees (and the court approves)....
DWI charge for drugs (marijuana only). 3AM, New York whiteplains / westchester, December 12th. I was actually sober, but the officer said my eyes were red... and my car smelled of it. I also had 3grams of it in my jacket which I handed over. He conducted field sobriety test first by having me remove my glasses (I can't see without my glasses). He said I failed the sobriety test, arrested me and took me in. My friend was with me, they gave him a ride home. I gave a urine sample (naive of me I know, i wasn't thinking at the time and they kind of discretely made me do it) when i was held at their station. I told them I smoked 2 hours prior to being pulled over. I spoke to an attorney and he's asking $5,000 flat.
It may depend on the result of the urine test. If you test positive for marijuana the case is not getting dismissed and...
do i get stuck with the remaining loan balance?
Don't you have collision insurance?
I was being arrested for a suspended license. After officer handcuffed me he asked how much I drank. I said none. He said we will check in precinct (he didn't have machine with him). At precinct I asked officer to call my attorney who I work with and know number to. He said: you can call later you are not entitled to a call now. I got scared and refused. Then later again I asked and he said "later". Can this help me at a refusal hearing as per the Gursey case?
I don't have the Gursey case in front of me but you should have been allowed to call your lawyer under these facts.
My cousin was charge with DUI in Miami and was fingerprint, we would like to know if this will have any consequences on his filing for a green card
Yes, it may have serious negative consequences for your cousin's immigration status and application. He should consult...
I had a conviction for driving without insurance that was vacated and removed from my license a few months ago. The letter I received in the mail from says the revocation has been dismissed, however while I was fighting the conviction I obtained a restricted use license, and on the back of that paperwork it says that if my license was revoked for uninsured operation of a motor vehicle (which it was) then I need to pay an additional $750 before my license can be restored. I never got a new license in the mail so I'm wondering if I go to the DMV if they are going to want me to pay this $750 even though the conviction was removed from my driving record.
It is difficult getting the DMV Safety Office to reopen a closed case. Hire a criminal defense attorney so that he can...