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  • Corinth police arrest shooting suspect

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    Bryson Warren, 19, of Whippoorwill Cove, Corinth, was arrested at his home with the assistance of U.S. marshals and charged with aggravated assault, said Police Chief Ralph Dance. Warren was identified as a suspect in the shooting of Mike Murphy, of 712D Pierce St., Corinth, on Jan. 9. Murphy had a disagreement with someone at the apartment, and after the young man left another individual returned about 10 p.m. and another disagreement followed, according to earlier reports.


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My step-daughter got a DUI, and my husband thinks that if the officer who gave her the ticket doesn't show up to court that the charges will be dropped. Her blood alcohol content is on record, and she hit a stop sign. She was also charged for having drug paraphernalia. She is 18. In Illinois she received a drinking ticket at age 17.
If the officer is not there at made the initial arrest, then the state will most likely ask for a continuance and...
My wife called, and they said they couldn't give out that information.
If they can, you need to make a written discovery request asking for it. But you really shouldn't be defending a DUI...
I was convicted of a DUI in the state of Tennessee 3 years ago and it has completely ruined my life since then. I am unable to apply for the jobs I want, even though I graduated from college with a Bachelor's degree. Tennessee does not allow expungement of records on DUI's. I understand I made a mistake, but is there any possible alternative to getting this cleared from my record so I can move on with my life? I am not a bad person and do not have a problem. I was leaving a dinner party and got stopped.
You could ask the governor to pardon you.
i was pulled over for speeding and arrested for dui (smoking pot) in alcorn co. ms. i was charged with speeding, careless driving and dui. i was not charged with possession and there was no drug test of any kind.
I a Mississippi DUI Attorney and if you were stopped by troopers of the highway patrol ,then your case will be tried in...
You plead guilty to the dui that you received on Feb 1st first then can the state raise the first dui from Jan 1st to a dui 2nd if you was not convicted of the Jan 1st at the time of the arrest?
They can, and usually will, try to enhance the "first in time" DUI charge in situations like the one you describe....
I have had the interlock device in my car for a month now and have never blown anything but a PASS. This morning when I went to start my car I blew a violation/fail. I did brush my teeth and know that can cause the fail. But, last night I went to a Christmas party and did have three drinks and made sure I drank water and had a designated driver. Could this have caused the violation? If so will it affect my non-adjudication? I had my roommate drive me to work rather than risk it. I know alcohol can stay in your system for a while but I am having a slight panic attack thinking that I have just ruined everything. Any advice will help.
You need to contact the attorney that handled your case and advise them of the facts. Whether it will affect your non-...
Pulled over for failure to use turn signal in an appropriate time to turn ratio. Pled guilty to DUI. Did three months. License not suspended at that time. Received 2 yrs probation, community service, fines etc. Upon release was unable to fulfill states requirements. Tried repeatedly to check in within 24hrs. Probation officer never available. Alternate PO not available. Living on streets of Denver. No money, no car, nowhere to go, nothing to eat for a week. Left state. That was over 11 yrs ago. License suspended now. Very stable now. Would very much like to have a valid drivers license. My question is > Do I still have to fulfill CO obligation in order to get a valid license in MS after 11yrs?
You will need to clear up your issues in CO. Almost all DMVs throughout the country share information through the...