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I got in to a little trouble with alcohol in my youth. I got a DUI in college, and two Minor Driving with Liquor in the body when I was a teenager, one as a juvenile. I believe I got caught taking a CD from a store as a juvenile as well. The Navy said they couldn't waive me in. I knew of a guy who got in the Army with a similar circumstance, but that was during the Iraq War, and I was told they don't accept them as easily now. My dad served in the military and was a high ranking officer, and it has been pretty tough on me that I can't serve my country. I don't think I'll be able to be a policeman, or firefighter as well. I just want to know what I can do to serve my country. Can I work for Homeland Security? I want to serve my country somehow. What civil service jobs can I qualify for?
I spoke to a Navy recruiter less than a year ago about the impact of substance abuse crimes on enlistment. He told me...
This was my first arrest and I want the DUI not to go on my record
No lawyer can promise that it won't go on your record. A DUI / OWI / Drunk Driving case requires special experience and...
I plead guilty to theft of property 500 or less and subsequently got Community Service and Diversion. I completed both of these in conjunction with paying $1100 dollars in reimbursement. I am trying to enter the military and found that the court fee is keeping me seeing as the case itself has been resolved since Feb. 2014 I am joining the military to start a career for quality of life but I am unable to maintain my current now less paying this amount. Any suggestions welcome
If you have paid any ordered restitution, you may file a motion to waive any remaining court costs. It will be up to...
I tried to get on the pay as you go plan and they said they don't help with dui fines. If I don't get my license back i will lose my daughter. Her father has taken her away from me and i can't go pick her up because I'm afraid i will get arrested. i have never gone this long without seeing her. I can't get a loan b/c of credit. I have an annuity set up, but I'm not getting my next check until Dec next year. We will be in court before i get the check & cannot wait that long. Her father called CPS on me with his own opinions of my life and has no proof/right to say that i put my daughter in harms way. All i do is for my baby, Everyone that knows me will testify to that in court. He has a long drug related path and is still on probation. I don't know if bankruptcy or debt relief is better.
You have ignored this problem for many years and now seek immediate relief. You need to get an attorney to help you,...
Whn I was like 18 I received a letter from the court with a court date for a hit and run I didn't do it but when I went to court I pledge guilt because I had some other stuff going on and was working and couldn't keep going to court so they fined me and it ended up being like 8000 so I didn't know how to start paying on it cause I was young and didn't have that kind of money so make a long story short im 25 now and it ended up going to the collection agency and now I was trying to gone start paying on it but when I called they said it been so long it's not in there system anymore and told me call geico when I called they said it wasn't in there system either and that a attorney was gone contact me I live in a new city now and still haven't received a call what do I do help please
Hire a local attorney in Memphis Tennessee who specializes in DUIs and restoring your drivers license. You really...
I have not been arrested since 1998. I am low income and if it is possible I would like to do this myself if I could. I would be appreciate it if someone could direct me to where I could find the petition to file.
If possible, file the petition in the court that declared you a habitual offender.
It's been ten years ago I was 22 years old when I plead guilty for first and only DWI. I served my jail sentence, and have no other violations on my driving record. I was told to attend a satop class but I never did, so my questions is made of two parts. First, does my suspension have a shelf life, does it go away after ten years or does it stay on forever. Second, since Tennessee is not a compact state will they allow me has a new resident a driver's licence.
Your suspension does not have a shelf life. You should contact Missouri DMV to see if your license is valid. Then...