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I got a DUI in California but live in Tennessee? I need a lawyer to represent me, i found one for $3000, is that too much?
This was my first arrest and I want the DUI not to go on my record
No lawyer can promise that it won't go on your record. A DUI / OWI / Drunk Driving case requires special experience and...
What are my options for my marijuana possession/marijuana DUI charge?
I was sober, on my way to work, and ran out of gas. I moved my car to the emergency lane, walked to a nearby gas station, and when I came back a state trooper was investigating my vehicle. When I opened my door, he was hovering nearby and he smelled marijuana, of which I had 1.4 grams. Instead of simply searching my car and getting me for possession, he charged me with a marijuana DUI. He made me drive my vehicle to a different location to do the field test, and admitted several times that he believed I was not impaired. He still charged me with a DUI, and this looks way worse on paper than it was in reality. I simply had weed on me, I did not even know it was in the car, much less did I expect to get a DUI while sober. What are the chances that I can settle this case with minimal impact??
you will have to hire a private experienced DUI attorney that has handled DUI/Drug cases before. If there is no...
I am on probation for aggravated assault-reckless and I violated by driving on suspended licenses. What will happen to me?
On diversion probation. I haven't violated accept for now
Not only could you lose your diversion with this charge you could also fail a longer probation. You need to hire an...
A drunk driver hit my vehicle in the driveway of my home and totaled it. Now he refuses to pay. Can I sue him & how?
Driver jumped curve and ran into my house and car. House paid for by insurance but car had no insurance and driver refuses to pay for the vehicle. Can I sue him and of so how can I hire an attorney to help In this matter and what type of lawyer do I hire
What insurance paid for the house issues? If it was the drunk's, then tell them to pay for the actual cash value of...
My son has a class d drug felony in tennessee, can he get it expunged. he was on diversion with 5 months to go and got a DUI.
He was sentenced for 2 years county jail. all he had to go was 5 months and he could have had a better outcome but made a bad decision to drink and drive.
Yes, if his DUI is dismissed and if he is placed back on diversion or probation.
What are my options if I did not complete my 2 years of treatment sentenced for 2 DUI's and entered into deferred prosecution.
The DUI's where in WA and I no longer live there. I was unable to find a facility that would do outpatient treatment just once a month. I only had 6 months left to go of once a month treatment. Now the state of WA is asking for proof that I completed that.
Hire a WA DUI lawyer now. Failure to complete a deferral program often leads directly to conviction and sentencing. You...
How can I get a DUI removed or downgraded from my record? Is there a certain time frame I must wait in order to remove it?
I recently pleaded guilty to DUI and still on probation. I would like to know if/how I can get it removed or downgraded from my record.
Under Tennessee law , a DUI conviction can never be removed from your record. The only way is to be pardoned by the...