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I got a DUI in California but live in Tennessee? I need a lawyer to represent me, i found one for $3000, is that too much?
This was my first arrest and I want the DUI not to go on my record
No lawyer can promise that it won't go on your record. A DUI / OWI / Drunk Driving case requires special experience and...
Before my bac test comes back do I need a lawyer even if I am found guilt or not guilty? This is my first time being in court
No background at all first time getting in trouble
Was your BAC test done by blood? Even so, results are typically obtained relatively quickly. Start looking/consulting...
I had 1 shot of wiskey an maybe 8 beers in 8 hours how much is my bac level ? An do I need n attorney before my bac test comes?
I have no other record this is my first offence ever in anything
Generally (or at least this is the claim), alcoholic beverages have .02 in them so add .02 for each drink. BUT,...
Can a dui charge be dropped to a lesser charge like to wreckless driving? Cause I've never been charged with anything
No background at all
All cases are dependent on the facts of the case. You would need to discuss it with a good dui atty. If you didn't blow...
What are my options for my marijuana possession/marijuana DUI charge?
I was sober, on my way to work, and ran out of gas. I moved my car to the emergency lane, walked to a nearby gas station, and when I came back a state trooper was investigating my vehicle. When I opened my door, he was hovering nearby and he smelled marijuana, of which I had 1.4 grams. Instead of simply searching my car and getting me for possession, he charged me with a marijuana DUI. He made me drive my vehicle to a different location to do the field test, and admitted several times that he believed I was not impaired. He still charged me with a DUI, and this looks way worse on paper than it was in reality. I simply had weed on me, I did not even know it was in the car, much less did I expect to get a DUI while sober. What are the chances that I can settle this case with minimal impact??
you will have to hire a private experienced DUI attorney that has handled DUI/Drug cases before. If there is no...
I am on probation for aggravated assault-reckless and I violated by driving on suspended licenses. What will happen to me?
On diversion probation. I haven't violated accept for now
Not only could you lose your diversion with this charge you could also fail a longer probation. You need to hire an...
A drunk driver hit my vehicle in the driveway of my home and totaled it. Now he refuses to pay. Can I sue him & how?
Driver jumped curve and ran into my house and car. House paid for by insurance but car had no insurance and driver refuses to pay for the vehicle. Can I sue him and of so how can I hire an attorney to help In this matter and what type of lawyer do I hire
What insurance paid for the house issues? If it was the drunk's, then tell them to pay for the actual cash value of...