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  • Postal inspectors warn residents about recent robberies

    Monday Mar 23 | via 



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  • Time for a spring clean! Rigby the hedgehog lathers ...

    Thursday Mar 19 | via Daily Mail 

    'The American people like you more than us!' President Obama admits royal envy to Charles and Camilla on White House visit Popular personal trainer, 30, killed by a freight train while jumping rope near tracks in a video for his YouTube outdoor workout channel Terminally ill ex- lawmaker begs not be imprisoned for child porn because he wants to 'die with dignity' - but he is sentenced to eight years anyway 'Kill yourself or we kill your family': Girl, 13, makes desperate plea to school to stop students from bullying her as they threaten her life with horrifying messages and photo of a gun Socialite mom who was 'murdered and stuffed in a suitcase by her daughter in Bali' sent emails to close friend saying she was 'terrified of the teen's violence' 'She cut me in the stomach, I'm bleeding out': Horrifying 911 call of seven-months pregnant woman 'who had her baby cut out of her in frenzied ... (more)


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  • North Lauderdale man indicted in 3-year-old boy's death

    Friday Mar 13 | via 

    A North Lauderdale man accused of killing his girlfriend's 3-year-old son last month has been indicted by a grand jury on one count of first-degree murder. Chantel Haye, 20, arrived at the emergency room at Coral Springs Medical Center the day before his arrest with the lifeless body of her son, Khyese Coach. 1 comment

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DUI arrest pasco couny florida should I go ahead with a motion to suppress the stop?
I was arrested for DUI. But there was some problems with the initial stop. Following is the report of the officer for the initial stop, I observed the defendant operating a Nissan armada at Some state road and some street. At this point I was behind the vehicle west bound on state road, when the driver abruptly applied his brakes and after slowing to a stop began a three point turn in the middle of the state road. After turning around the vehicle abruptly sped on the state road, at which time I attempted to stop the vehicle. Can anyone give their views on my chances of winning this motion to suppress?
A lot more information would be needed to give a fair estimation as too your chances. Consult with an experienced DUI...
My boss, received his second ticket for driving on suspended license. It was suspended from a dui.
The first time, he was arrested on site, and spent one week in jail waiting for court. He had fines to pay and time served. This time since he only received a ticket, he doesnt believe he is looking at jail time at all. I thought if you never got your license back from dui, and got a ticket for driving on suspended license there is mandatory jail time. Side note, his probation has terminated(he completed it before this event). I was wondering is he looking at jail, or more probation, or is he right that a ticket is just a ticket? Thank you for the help.
Very difficult to answer. He is not facing mandatory jail time. Whatever he is facing will be based on the attitude...
1st time DUI reduced to reckless driving but almost every penalty for 1st time DUI
I had been caught for first time DUI few months back in Pasco county, FL. I hired a DUI lawyer for that. My BAC came as .069 and urine test also clean. I did not do very good in the FST s as per the report but I am from a non English speaking country had some problems understanding the directions. No accidents no injury. Prosecution has offered to reduce it to reckless driving but following is the deal they have offered, 1. 12 months probation 2. 6 months DL suspension 3. 50 hours community service 4. 10 days vehicle immobilization 5. DUI school 6. Victim panel Should I accept this or is this too much?
I would highly suggest you follow your attorney's advice on this one. First blush is some of it is a little steep but...
My roommate is on probation for 1st dui. He was driving on his suspended license, and received a ticket.
He had already received a ticket, for driving on suspended license, following his dui. Instead of jail time, he was told he was facing week in jail, they put him on probation. He told his officer on his next visit and was told he will violate him at the end of the month and issue a warrant for his arrest. I was wondering how much jail time is typical for violating probation, and also is jail time necessary for getting 2 tickets for driving on suspended license after a dui. Thank you in advance.
He can get up to 6 months county jail on the DUI charge, up to 60 days on the 1st Suspended License Charge (assuming it...
Wondering how much it will cost to hire a lawyer for a dui I got 5 years ago?
Got a dui, 5 years ago, haven't been in trouble since, moved to Dallas TX when I was charged for a dui, didn't complete probation, I wondering how much it will cost to hire a lawyer and get my licenses back?
Lawyers are like shopping for cars, they come in every price range! You will need to address not finishing probation...
One failed interlock test - will i get a violation?
I had drank the night before, and went to drive to a doctors appointment in the morning. When i blew into the device it said "lockout" and had a timer for 5 minutes. I was too scared that a second test would register as a fail, so i unplugged the device after 5 minutes and went back into home. Went to work several hours later and it worked fine, no alcohol detected. The manual said that 2 consecutive fails or two fails within a four hour period were violations, and i had neither of those. Will it get reported to the dmv? Probation? What will happen if it does? I have been doing well with my probation and interlock otherwise.
It depends on the requirements of your interlock. Here in Pasco, routinely Judge's do not make interlock as a condition...
Will it be difficult to get my boyfriends traveling rights restored?
He is a truck driver. But he violated probation back in November 2014. By not attending the classes he was supposed To take because he wasn't able to afford to pay for the classes anymore. He was recently arrested on Feb 22nd in West Memphis, Arkansas at a weight station because he had a Warrant for his arrest . He is now being extradited back to Florida. And I was wondering if he would still be able to drive out of Florida being that it is his job And that is how he would be able to pay for his fees.
This is what I call a "Mgic Eightball Question." Only an attorney who knows the State's case and all the defendant's...