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  • Trial to begin in RICO-conspiracy case of 6 ex-narcs

    Sunday Mar 15 | via 

    A JURY WILL soon hear the federal racketeering trial of six former narcotics cops accused of conspiring to steal money and drugs from alleged drug dealers while on duty, at times using violence. The six defendants - alleged ringleader Thomas Liciardello, 38; Brian Reynolds, 43; Michael Spicer, 47; Perry Betts, 47; Linwood Norman, 47; and John Speiser, 42 - worked in the police Narcotics Field Unit.


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  • Witness dropped from probe after arrest

    Friday Mar 6 | via 

    It was one of the more stunning allegations in an indictment filled with tales of eye-opening bad behavior by a group of six Philadelphia narcotics cops accused of trampling on the rights of drug suspects for years: In 2011, the group, allegedly led by Officer Thomas Liciardello, savagely beat machine shop owner Warren Layre after forcing their way into his West Mount Airy storefront. Liciardello, prosecutors say, kicked in Layre's teeth, and other officers shoved their feet in his groin and hit his head with a steel bar - all before stealing nearly $30,000 from him that they failed to report as seized.


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  • Weld County Sheriff Offers Safe Zones To Complete On...

    Thursday Feb 26 | via CBS Local 

    A Colorado sheriff is offering people safe zones to complete sales brokered through online sites like Craigslist in response to the case of a Georgia couple who were killed last month after meeting someone to buy a vintage Mustang. Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams announced this week that the lobbies of the sheriff department's three administrative offices are open to buyers and sellers, as long as the transaction doesn't involve weapons or drugs.


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Conshohocken Law

Underage drinking license suspension
My son got a citation for underage drinking. The judge dismissed the charges with community service, but said he still is sending the paperwork to Penndot and his license will be suspended. But from what I read in Penndot's manual, it reads that he would have to be convicted of underage drinking, Since it was dismissed, can we appeal with Penndot if they still try to suspend his license?”
While each District Court may have their own diversionary programs the Pennsylvania state program allows for a...
Received a dui in NJ in 2004 as a resident of NJ. Currently live in Pa and recd another dui in NJ. What happens to Pa license.
Pa abstract / full driving record shows no evidence of prior dui. When Pennsylvania finds out about my current dui will they see it as the first.? And why did my previous one in 2004 not show on current driving record. What if anything will pa do?
I am unsure why the driving record you are able to view does not show your prior NJ DUI but rest assured the current PA...
Was my rights violated on this DUI charge?
I pulled into my hotel complex, police pulled behind me and told me I didn't put on my turn signal. He then asked why I was there. I said I'm staying at the hotel. He said my eyes looked like I was drinking and to come take test. I said why? I did nothing wrong and I'm not intoxicated and feel unsafe and profiled.I said no. They through me in the car, handcuffed me, forced me to give blood at hospital, forced me to breath in breath device at the station, gave 2 completely different # as I breathed consecutive times, then threw me in cell. They read me no rights and ignored me when I asked to contact my attorney or spouse. After an hour or so they let me go and gave me my license etc.and said I was .04
You very possibly have a case. The turn signal violation, unless fabricated, gave the officer reasonable suspicion to...
Who is the best possible attorney against PennDot?
I lost my license originally for 2.5 years but they claimed to never have received my ID and has made me wait now 4 years and still have another year.
There is no 'Best' possible attorney who handles Penn DOT matters. There are a lot of good attorneys who handle Traffic...
Can they charge me with a dui if I was fleeing some one trying to kill me?
I'm in Pa. I was charged with a dui after I recieved a beating so horrific by my boyfriend that I had 2 broken vertebrae and I was hospitalized. My boyfriend and I had gone out and had some drinks. We came home and his bipolar kicked in and he started viciously beating me. once he had me on the ground he repetedly kicked me in the back head and neck that lead to a concussion, 2 fractured vertebrae and a massive amount of bruising. As soon as he stopped to throw up I ran to my truck. my intentions were to hide my self in my truck on the other side of our massive complex while I assessed my situation. I was half pulled out of the parking spot when I was stopped. I was taken to a trauma center by ambulance. They drew blood with out my consent. Can they punish me for saving my own life?
The unfortunate answer is yes they can... And often do. The important thing is often prosecutors will look to resolve...
Hi. I had my 2nd dui in 2004 and I am trying to get it back. I've been paying on a fine but do I still have to do dui classes.
Dui was in 2004. Do I still need to get on the interlock program and take the CRN evaluation. I have been paying on a fine as well
It depends on a lot of factors, however, if you haven't completed all the programs (CRN & Interlock) then you will need...
It's been 6 months since I was arrested for DUI
I was arrested in Aug 14 I had 4 Preliminary court dates all rescheduled by the cop. The last one was Dec 14. I haven't gotten a reschedule date yet and its Feb 15. When I look it up online my docket sheet says Diposition-Dimissed Case-Closed the filer was the Judge. I haven't received notice of this in the mail. I don't know what to think. I'm wondering what are the chances of them reopening the case and refile. It doesn't say with or with prejudice. It just says dismissed and closed !!!
It is not that uncommon for there to be multiple continuances and rescheduling; however, 4 continuances by one side is...