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My boyfriend was on house arrest had 20 days left got 3rd DUI now has a detainer. How long will he sit in jail?
I've already contacted a lawyer the judge will lift or not lift the detainer tuesday but his fines are all paid and his house arrest. I know the main battle is when he is sentenced for his 3rd offense but how long will they keep him under a detainer if it is not lifted Tuesday since his house arrest was to be done April 22nd. Any help or information will be appreciated
You've indicated that he has counsel representing him. That person is in the best position to answers questions about...
How long would he receive from parole for getting a dui
My husband is currently on state parole in Fayette county. He was charged with a dui but did not give a blood sample. The arresting officer, did not read him his rights and he also when doing the paper work put two different dates and vehicles. Can anyone help me with this, they charged him with the highest dui because they said he was under a controlled substance, first offense.
Your husband needs to speak to a qualified attorney immediately. Only when the attorney has read the affidavit of...
My friend is in probation in Pennsylvania, and he just got a DUI in West Virginia, will he go to jail?
The DUI was a first offense and he spent the night in prison. The magistrate from West Virginia said the most he was going to get was a fine and he would not be allowed to drive in the state. He is on probation for letting off a deer urine bomb in Wal Mart when he was in high school. He is now 22 and very nervous that if his probation officer in Pennsylvania finds out about this incident in West Virginia he will be sent to jail.
He could go to jail on the probation violation. He could have his probation revoked and be sent to jail for up to the...
Got a DUI in Fayette County PA, got a new job in York County. Still on Probation. Am I aloud to move?
I would like to finish my sentencing in York County but am unsure of how to go about this. Would be moving in with my sister who lives in York County and would have a way to work.
Request that your probation officer transfer the probation to the other county. This happens regularly.
I was pulled over July 29th in WVA. Blood alcohol level below -15
At the police station 3 breath samples were inconclusive (I did not blow hard enough to register). I am 51 years old - live in PA and never have been in trouble ever. What to do? Trail is Oct 29th
You need to repost your question and change Uniontown, PA to ----,WV. Good luck. If it was in Hancock Co. I can put you...
Can i be convicted of a 1543b1 in pa after my 1 yr suspension was over?
My suspension was over 12-28-2011. I have not restored my license due to insurance issues and not completing my d&a assesment. I was charged in august of 2012 with a 1543b1. Can i still be convicted even tho my suspension is over or should it be a lesser charger of say a 1543a?
I'm sorry to report but the DUI related suspension will continue until your license is restored. You should retain an...
I am on probation for one year for drug paraphilia. Was arrested last night for a DUI. Do I face jail time?
Will I get more fines also?
Yes. You can expect your probation to get revoked on the paraphernalia and a new sentence imposed. You will also...