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i have an open dui case in mass, happend over a year ago and on toxicaligy report is says right on it "did not follow chain of custody" that is being charged with second offence, now i just caught one in nh, they are charging me with second offence if i get convicted of both what will happen, and what does it mean chain of custody was not followed?
It sounds like the toxicology report may be excluded from evidence if they did not follow chain of custody. This will...
My BAC test 25ng/ml is that within the legal range for opiates? Also, they used blood. They tested wrong drug I don't take Oxycodone I take Hydrocodone. I don't have lab test report only results because I think they know I'm within the legal zone. They are trying for a DUI. I need to know because I'm killing myself to find the legal cut off levels. Any help would be appreciated.
Sounds like you need a criminal attorney. If you have a prescription, that may help some. However, every prescription...
Ok i have a nh license and a dwi in nh 9 years ago. I just got one in mass. Thoriginal charge mass charged me with was second offence. Been to court my laywer and DA made a deal i have to go to court agian in few days and just sign the deal deal is mass is dropping it to a first offence. But my question is i live in nh. And have a prior in nh 9 years ago. Now will nh honor mass court desision to first offence? Or will nh take over and say mass. Is wrong its your second and give me harsher penalties? They Dropped it from 2Nd to 1St. Mass nows i have a prior but 9 years ago and said ok with plea we will make it first.
Even though you may be treated as if this is a first offense you will still have a new conviction for DWI. If you...
I have a nh license and had a dwi 9 years ago. Now i am getting one in mass. And they are dropping it down to a first offence. I still live in nh. My question is will nh make it a second offenc when they revoke my licence or will they honor the mass. Court and keep it a first offence?
The cops probably only looked up your state record when they charged you, so they put it down as a 1st offense....
If you don't have the funds for counsel on a criminal case, then you should apply for a public defender.
ive had a bench warrent since 1997
You need to hire a lawyer and have he/she make a good argument as to why you missed court for 16 years.
i have a failure to.appear for dwi in nh .. i was arrested and released.on own to appear in court.. i went back to Canada. Im traveling to Cuba in Feb. should i be worried at the airport? Im from Canada. was just visiting nh flying direct Toronto to Cuba.
Professionally, I think you have an outstanding warrant for your arrest in New Hampshire for a failure to appear in...