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How does a Canadian Citizen find out if there is a warrant out for themselves in the US.
DWI in Michigan and was not able to attend court because of travel conflicts.
What particular District Court/city/municipality did you get arrested in? (if you were issued a ticket by the officer,...
I was in a car accident and arrested for suspected dui, waiting on blood test should I get a lawyer?
I was in the accident, but apparently left the scene. I had been knocked out and had a concussion (no memory of accident at all) I was taken in for a blood test I was very disoriented and confused cop thought I was under the influence. Did not receive medical or offered it was taken to jail ended up with concussion and dislocated right shoulder(don't know if the shoulder was from accident or cop handcuffing me and pulling it out). I am on some prescription medication and don't know what will happen.
You definitely need to be proactive and get a lawyer. That way when and if charges are filed, your lawyer will be...
Michigan SOS and alcohol convition
I was conviced of OWI 1st but I blew a .22. I was lucky enough to not get convicted of OWI High BAC. Does the secretary of state penalize me by my BAC level or conviction? I.E. Do they see me as a super drunk offender or just the regular OWI?
No, the Secretary of State goes by your conviction. That's the benefit of plea bargains and negotiations.
I received a DUI in Ohio but live in MI. Do I still have my driving privileges in MI?
I was driving several hours after drinking but was lost because I was out of state. I fell asleep at the wheel and totaled my car. No other people or cars were involved. I lost my driving privileges in Ohio but the Ohio Patrol said to contact a MI attorney to verify if I still had driving privileges in MI.
michigan and ohio sometime share information on driving records. what you should do is contact the secretary of state...
I got pulled over last year with a suspended license I took care of everything I would like to obtain a ccw in MI, could I?
I pled no contest and I paid everything including drivers responsibility fee
Since you posted in the DUI area, I will assume that was what your license was suspended for. Still, it is hard to...
What happens on your first probation violation in misdemeanor court?
I am on probation for my 2nd dui & have 3 times where I did not pass my in home breathalyzer the 1st time testing, I have my POV hearing next week in the 47th district court. I am working a 12step program, go to counseling, have a full time job, go to school, paying my fines, & have been doing my community service. I am scared of going to jail.
You NEED to have an attorney with you when you go. Plead not guilty and only discuss the case with your lawyer....
My ex wife who lives with me is a mean and destructive drunk.
when we divorced i never had her name removed off the deed and she now live in my house with the agreement she stays sober. Lately she started drinking again and when i called the police they said they cant make her leave. I pay all bills and do all maintance and upkeep to the house and i have a gun collection pistols and rifles. And when i did call they told me i should leave instead of her. Is there anything i can have written up by a lawyer and both of us sign that says if she drink in my house she has to leave that the police would accept. An agreement between us i guess you could say.
A mutual agreement, especially if made a part of a court order, could be effective. Take your divorce judgment to an...