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Could i ask a judge to terminate my probation even though i still owe court fees and community service?
court fee:$ 1,119.00 and 68 hours community service still owe
You could but the chance of the court granting your request would be very low. I would recommend that you complete all...
I have been recently violated in dui court with several technical and no new charges he has also issued a warrant,and made it cl
Clear he wants to revoke entire sentence of 66 days
Well, that will be up to the Judge. If you are going to hire an attorney NOW would be a great time to do that! If the...
Accomadative spasms...DUI
Could this condition get your FST thrown out? The officer pulled me over for speeding claimed he smelled alcohol, and had me perform the FST after I was arrested he said it was something about my eyes...could this help them get thrown out?
Your question isn't clear. If he administered the test after you were already arrested, then the test could be...
Speeding ticket DUI???
can you get your dui reduced to a reckless driving charge if the only reason you were pulled over was for a speeding ticket?
Being pulled over for speeding isn't what would get the charged reduced. You need to hire an experienced DUI attorney...
First DUI I have Gastric reflux?
I was pulled over after 9 and had stopped drinking around 1245 the night before had maybe 10 drinks, had started drinking at 820 or so...we had stopped and got. Biscuit before. I always have to deal with it after I eat...could that have made false reading on a breathalyzer even after 10hours???
There is a possible argument to be made, but it would require the testimony of an expert witness. You need to...
How to prove I was drugged the night before a DUI arrest was made which resulted in a blood test?
My friends had put me in a cab the night before...because I started getting really sleepy all the sudden at the bat after taking candy from a complete stranger...yes I know not to do that but was drunk and did not use my best friends told me I quit drinking before pulled over around 9 blood test at 1030...have no idea if there is anything in my system other than any remaining alcohol...pulled me over for speeding after my husband had kids had dropped me off to pick up my car...and we had just went and ate breakfast which was purchased on a debit it something I can prove or just remain at mercy of the court to believe me if anything else yields from the test...
Was this recent? If so, go get your own blood test ASAP, and then hire a lawyer.
First DUI-performed FST in socks-the next morning...9.5 hours after I had drank about 10.5 before blood test...???? HELP
What are my odds of this working in my favour...I was pulled over for a speeding ticket...the officer only asked for my drivers license...i then asked why he had pulled me over...wasnt paying attention to my speed at all and was coming down a hill...anyways everything went south when i asked why he was pulling me over...because when i was stopped i was going back up a hill and i was only about 8 over at the time...i was in socks there were pebbles and i was cold...i didnt stumble around or anything, but whatever he saw he didnt like...found out later the walk and turn is based on your listening skills...and i started before he told me to...its only natural we want to try it...did not feel drunk at all, but was hungover and tired...was also very nervous never been in any trouble...
You need to meet and consult with an attorney who can go over the facts of your case and the law concerning DUI.