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  • Man wanted in Anderson man's beating death arrested,...

    Tuesday Dec 2 | via FOX Carolina 

    Anderson police said they arrested the suspect accused of beating to death an Anderson man in October when they found him hiding at his mother's home on Wednesday. Police said the SWAT team responded to 28-year-old Carson Nance's mother's home on McCully Street about 9:30 p.m. Nance's mom told officers he was not at her home but gave them consent to search and they found him hiding in a bedroom closet, according to the police report.


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  • Commerce man charged with rape

    Wednesday Nov 26 | via 

    The Commerce police arrested a 37-year-old B. Wilson Road man on charges of raping and exploiting a 66-year-old dementia victim. Andrew George Levigne Jr., 1368 B. Wilson Road was arrested after the victim confided to family members about the assault.


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  • City police make 5 meth-related arrests

    Nov 19, 2014 | via 

    Officers of the Commerce Police Department made two arrests last week relating to the distribution of methamphetamine and another three arrests for possession of methamphetamine. Details were scant, but police made three arrests last week after raiding a residence at 56 Green Street after receiving a tip that meth was being manufactured at the site.


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Commerce Law

court fee:$ 1,119.00 and 68 hours community service still owe
You could but the chance of the court granting your request would be very low. I would recommend that you complete all...
I was stopped at a road block. I first provided a blood sample and later asked for the Breathalyzer as an independent test about 45 mins after my arrest. If it was reduced to reckless driving, would I be able to have the DUI arrest expunged from my record? This is a first offense with no previous record.
It is a possibility that your case can be reduced based on the limited information that you have provided. What the...
Marijuana charges when he was 18, he's now 39 Dishonorably discharged from USAF 8 years ago for lieing about no previous record...twice! Many years, and Next charge later , we have an October 2013 Dui charge In July 2014 he violates probation by failing drug screen (cannibis ) and served 24 hr w /bi-weekly drug screenings Here we are mid october 2014 , picked up for shoplifting (2nd violation) How does this pan out for the poor guy in the end? Sincerely, Moving ON
Depending on how much time he has left on probation will determine his exposure to jail time on a violation of...
I have 2 DUIs and required having an interlock device installed into my car. Had it for 3 months now with no issues. Early Saturday morning, I gargled mouthwash as I was getting ready to leave for Athens to get some work done and make it to community service (I reside now in Kennesaw). I waited a few minutes before trying to start the car. It failed me, so I freaked out, shut off the car and went back inside. I tried again 4 hours later, and it failed me for a 2nd time. Again I shut it off, tried calling the service provider to see what can be done. Still haven't gotten a response. I passed the 3rd attempt 3 hours later after replacing the mouthpiece. No issues with the retests. My next service date is coming up June 20th, and I am extremely worried about the 2 fails. What next?
Realizing this is mere speculation, contact the Lawyer that represented you on the DUI's, possible violation of...
I am a first offender m.i.p and I had a drug test on wednesday, but I consumed alcohol on Saturday so I have the potential to fail. I got sentenced to straight probation instead of pretrial like my friends who I got arrested with. Will I be arrested on my next appointment on Wednesday or what will the consequences be?
That is really up to the probation officer and the judge, but generally if you fail a screen they will usually revoke a...
I didn't blow and also passed sobriety tests.
If you went to trial and won, I would discuss your proposed lawsuit with your attorney who apparently did an...
My husband was arrested in Lavonia, GA for DUI. Your website says to get an attorney in the county of arrest, there are none. What is the closest city or town to hire a reputable attorney who will know the layout of local law in Lavonia? My husband has a previous DUI in 2000 in Tennessee. His court date is 5/19/14. He is charged with DUI .217, open container and failure to maintain lane. We will need to make payments on an attorney. His NC license was taken and he was given a 30 day permit.
Just search on Avvo for lawyers in that area. There are a lot of good lawyers around there (make sure they are licensed...