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I got a DUI in Kennewick, WA in 2008, while going through a divorce and planning a move back to my home state of SC. I was to be assessed and take classes in SC. I began the classes several times, but never actually completer them. Now, not only has my license here been suspended, but there is a warrant in WA state for being in violation. This is really a set back for me not being able to have my license. What's the statute of limitation?
Statute(s) of limitations apply to the time in which conduct can be charged criminally. They do not apply to create an...
Every case is different. You could be found not guilty of both charges. You could be found guilty of both. One could be...
I now live in South Carolina. I have a warrant in FL for my DUI. Can I take care of it with payments or do I need to go back to Florida. I was on probation but moved to SC.
It sounds like a technical violation for absconding from supervision. You'll need to contact your PO and see if he/she...
I recived 2 DUI's at Ft Polk LA in 2005 and lost my GA DL I payed my fine and did community sercive. Now 2013 Im in GA applying for my DL 8 years later, they tell me that I had something pending in LA and they need a letter of clerance from them. I called the public safety department there and asked for the letter of clerance, they told me that I need a IID instaled in my car and pay a fee of 50$ before they can do that. What can I do to make this record go away? I dont have a car and I really cant get one here without a DL.
If you had an attorney for your LA offenses, contact that attorney to find out if they have any advice that's specific...
A couple years ago, I got hit head on by a drunk driver. Unfortunately, he didn't survive. I had a broken shoulder, and lacerations on my head where I had to get many staples. Long story short, the police tried to blame me for the accident (driving left of center). Then my lawyer gets a copy of the toxicology report where the other guy was three times over the dui limit. So then all of a sudden they dismiss me being at fault of the accident. Would this be negligence since they didn't fully do an investigation on the accident the first time? It just seems like they didn't even consider my statements, even after I told them that I already heard from people that knew the other driver was drinking. And I told them that before they tried to pin the accident on me.
You don't have any case against law enforcement on these facts. Consult with your attorney. Good luck.
This happened in 2010.
In most states a DUI conviction remains on your record forever
I'm 18yrs old in college and I drink liquor I don't get drunk I just drink to get a little tipsy do I lose brain cells when I drink or it depends on how much I drink ??