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Being convicted of a DUAC and blowing a .08 is this a misdemeanor charge or a moving violation?
A first offense DUI or DUAC is a misdemeanor. Although it is a misdemeanor it carries very significant consequences,...
I got my license suspended due to ticket fines in California whereI lived..they are all paid but still shows a ftafor ga. Trying to send certfied doc to cali to show its withdrawn. Can I bring the certified letter to my new state sc where I reside and get my license back since I am now a resident there?
The most important thing is to make sure each DMV cleans up your driving record. Find out what the SC DMV will need by...
I was charged with DUI and giving a blood test.
If the officer believes you are impaired by a drug, or drugs, in your system, you may be charged with DUI. You should...
I was arrested because the police said I smelled like alcohol and arrested and taken to do the breath test and blew three times. 1st , I was in a borrowed car & didnt know the tag was bad and second the machine didn't register so I got a refusual. I have been to court twice and both times the policemen didn't show. The prosecutor is now wanting to supeona the man because he no longer works for the police force. What will happen to me if he comes and what should I do. Also unfortunately I missed the 10 day window DMV. I had to get a public defender because I lost my job on account of the arrest . I am terrified. I had to move to SC to stay at my dads on account of this last arrest.
Depends where in the case you're at. What type of hearing is it? What does your PD say? Speak to the PD, they'll...
I was arrested for DUI in CT. I entered their pre-trial alcohol education program, court file was sealed, then I completed the program and the charge was dismissed by the court. I now live in South Carolina. Although the charge was dismissed, will the arrest still show up on a background check here? I am probably going to be offered a job soon and their application asked about convictions but not arrests. Although I was not lying by saying that I have no convictions, since I don't, could the arrest still come up on a check and cause problems? I've read somewhere that Connecticut is a state where employers are discouraged from checking your arrest history but I don't know about South Carolina.
It depends. If they search fbi records then yes, it will probably show up (just the arrest). Get fingerprinted, fill...
This happened in 2010.
In most states a DUI conviction remains on your record forever
A couple years ago, I got hit head on by a drunk driver. Unfortunately, he didn't survive. I had a broken shoulder, and lacerations on my head where I had to get many staples. Long story short, the police tried to blame me for the accident (driving left of center). Then my lawyer gets a copy of the toxicology report where the other guy was three times over the dui limit. So then all of a sudden they dismiss me being at fault of the accident. Would this be negligence since they didn't fully do an investigation on the accident the first time? It just seems like they didn't even consider my statements, even after I told them that I already heard from people that knew the other driver was drinking. And I told them that before they tried to pin the accident on me.
You don't have any case against law enforcement on these facts. Consult with your attorney. Good luck.