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Boyfriend got charged with DUI, he refused to take a breathalyzer, how can you help?
My boyfriend got pulled over for a DUI saturday night. The thing is the officer gave him a warning ticket for swerving in lanes, the only reason why he swerved was because we got food and it spilled and he was trying to clean it up He only had a beer, or two. He passed all the exams, and he refused to take a breathalyzer. The cops arrested him, and suspended his license. Why did the officer givr him a warning ticket for swerving in lanes and then arrest him? Is there anyway we can get out of this? He refused to take a breathalyzer, therefor technically they dont have proof that he was drunk? (The reason why he refused to take a breathalyzer was because there was a St. Pattys celebration in SC and he had drank earlier, but he didnt know how much wouldve still been in his system)
Refusing to take the breathalyzer test was a serious mistake. If you get pulled over on suspicion of a DUI and...
I got into dui accident without insurance. What will i be charged with.
I got into a minor accident. No one was hurt. I was arrested for a dui and later when reporting the claim to my insurance company, discovered my insurance had lapsed. The policy has been reinstated but it is not retroactive for the time of the accident. What can I expect will be the legal repercussions. The court and officer did not realize my insurance had lapsed at the time of arrest. Can I be arrested again when I appear in court as an uninsured motorist? Will I be able to get a provisional license?
You could have additional charges, so best to get a local criminal lawyer on deck now. Avvo has a great "find a lawyer"...
Can u get a bench warrant lifted by paying the fine. Was put on a payment plan for a dui case, but couldnt keep up the payments.
Once i couldnt keep up the payments, they issued me a court date telling me i would have to have the payment in full over 1000. Which i missed because i knew i didnt have the money and was gonna have to do 30 days.
The only way to get a bench warrant lifted is to apply to the judge who issued it and ask that judge to lift the warrant
Is a DUAC a criminal charge in the state of South Carolina or a moving violation?
Being convicted of a DUAC and blowing a .08 is this a misdemeanor charge or a moving violation?
A first offense DUI or DUAC is a misdemeanor. Although it is a misdemeanor it carries very significant consequences,...
Can I bring proof that my fta was with drawn to the new state I live in for a drivers license?
I got my license suspended due to ticket fines in California whereI lived..they are all paid but still shows a ftafor ga. Trying to send certfied doc to cali to show its withdrawn. Can I bring the certified letter to my new state sc where I reside and get my license back since I am now a resident there?
The most important thing is to make sure each DMV cleans up your driving record. Find out what the SC DMV will need by...
What is the legal blood content of ambient in South Carolina
I was charged with DUI and giving a blood test.
If the officer believes you are impaired by a drug, or drugs, in your system, you may be charged with DUI. You should...
Could a DUI arrest from CT that was dismissed show up on a background check in SC?
I was arrested for DUI in CT. I entered their pre-trial alcohol education program, court file was sealed, then I completed the program and the charge was dismissed by the court. I now live in South Carolina. Although the charge was dismissed, will the arrest still show up on a background check here? I am probably going to be offered a job soon and their application asked about convictions but not arrests. Although I was not lying by saying that I have no convictions, since I don't, could the arrest still come up on a check and cause problems? I've read somewhere that Connecticut is a state where employers are discouraged from checking your arrest history but I don't know about South Carolina.
It depends. If they search fbi records then yes, it will probably show up (just the arrest). Get fingerprinted, fill...