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  • Bank robber using assault rifle draws 9 years

    Thursday Oct 2 | via MyFoxNY 

    The Republican-American reports that Robert Jervis brought a Colt AR-15 rifle with him when he entered the bank last September and ordered customers to the floor. Two employees from the bank appeared in Waterbury Superior Court for Jervis's sentencing Wednesday, saying the robbery was terrifying.


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  • Records: Man said he wanted gun, was concerned for h...

    Tuesday Sep 30 | via 

    An Allentown man fatally shot during a marijuana deal in the city had sought a gun and said he was concerned for his safety earlier in the day, according to court records. A witness told police during the armed holdup that one of the two robbers yelled about a gun being pulled and shot 25-year-old Diego Luis Hernandez Rivera , then pushed him out of an SUV, records say.


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Colt Law

This appiles to the state of Arkansas
Generally speaking, your driving record resets every 3 years as far as reporting to insurance. However, a DWI may stay...
My daughter hit another auto , they left so she continued down the hwy with damaged car mainly to front passenger side . So they gave breath .15 plus not sure . They arrested her , after about 5 hrs let her call someone to come pick her up . She got DWI & driving reckless ticket , 1st time for either . Last ticket she got was speeding ticket back in 2011 . She works full time , has never been in trouble and pays all of her bills on her own . She was suspended today from her job , that she has been at for 3 years . They told her if she didn't have the charges dropped she would be fired . Her court isn't until Nov 25th , I just don't know what she should do .
The most important thing you can do for her is hire an attorney. Her DUI is not a "simple" one and even for those, you...
My ex and I have joint legal custody and I have sole physical custody. He has multiple felonies and verbally abuses our daughter. He is not mature enough to make decisions on important issues. He has filed for sole physical custody and brainwashed her to agree that she wants to live there.
I am sorry that your family is going through this, it certainly is very serious and you should bring it to the...
My husband and i have been married for almost 2 years and have a daughter who is almost 2. we havn't filed for the I-130 due to a misprint of his birthdate on her certificate. 2 days ago he was arrested for a DWI this was his first arrest and offense. ICE was contacted an out a hold on him. ICE thankfully dismissed the hold Two days later. we are now going to file for the I-130. my question is will this DWI affect the process or should i hire an immigration attorney?
DUI is not generally a bar to adjustment of status.
I got charged for a dui first time offender back in august. I plead guilty the judge ordered 10 days in jail with 1 day served and 9 days suspended with a 900 dollar fine.. It is now February I went to court today asked the judge if I could pay the amount I owe in full tomorrow he granted my wish. But said come back the following Tuesday for sentencing.. I'm starting my classes Thursday.. Have to attend 4 classes... Will the judge revoke my probation and send me to jail Tuesday or could he let me have an extension on my classes..
The judge will probably extend your probation if you show proof that you have started your classes, but he doesn't have...
I am a US citizen that has been married to an immigrant for two years we have a two year old daughter, he has been arrested for a DWI and ICE was contacted. they out a hold on him. I need advice as what to do next. This is his first arrest and offense. He is the worker and provider for both our daughter and I. I need some kind of help. We were in the process of filing for his legal status. we were just waiting on our daughter birth certificate, due to a misprint.
You obviously understand that you have a complicated immigration situation. Your future depends on what you do next....
I have a friend that is being charged with DUI. The police came to his house and are charging him with this. I would think you could not charge someone with DUI unless they were in their vehicle.
I am not an AR lawyer but it seems to me that driving would be an essential element of any DUI charge anywhere (it...