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How long do acholol stays in ur system? Can they tell if a person is still drinking doing a urine test?
Is it true that a urine test can tell whether ur drinking 5 days ago?
I don't believe so. Alcohol comes out of you system within hours of drinking depending on how much you had to drink.
1st time dwi >.20 mandatory 10 days if convicted. Is it better to serve time prior to court and get to .14 with no sentence...
as part of a plea? Is there any benefit in the long term between serving the time before court vs being sentenced after conviction? Any other issues with having bond suspended in order to serve the time prior to court?
I don't know how you can possibly serve time before court unless you are already locked up and not seeking bond. The...
I live in Virginia.I got a DWI.i blew a .20.what are the odds i'll have to go to prison/jail?
I ran into a pole at 7 11 but hit no cars or one was injured,and my vehicle was parked when the police arrived and was not running
If this is your first DUI and you are found guilty of the charge with the elevated BAC of .20 then there is a mandatory...
I have a dwi my breathe test I blew a .11 and it is my first offense and I was initially stopped for going 37 in a 25 area
The officer dropped my no seat belt ticket and speeding ticket and took me to jail but the majistrate let me leave with out setting bond or anything...what do u think my outcome will be
I am licensed in Arizona so I can't speculate on outcome in your jurisdiction. You need to consult with an experienced...
I got a DUI in June of 2010. In April of 2012 I received my concealed weapons permit.
In May 2012 I received a summons to appear for a show cause to determine whether or not I would be able to keep my concealed weapons permit due to the DUI I received back in 2010. My permit was revoked by the courts on June 8th of 2012. Will I be able to re-apply for a permit in the future and if so, when?
A person is disqualified from having a concealed weapon upon a conviction of DUI for a period of three years. I...
I was charged with dui and was not in car when police arrive to accident scene Or near car.My wife at time said I was driver
But will not testify against me in court is this beatable With a court appointed lawyer.. car was in ditch I was waiting for help while driver left to get help
You should contact a criminal defense attorney for a consultation. He or she will need more facts. Avvo has a tool to...
What to do when stopped for a DUI or stopped at a checkpoint?
During a DUI stop or Checkpoint, am I required to perform field sobriety test? Or can I say that I won't do any test or answer any questions without a lawyer being present? I know that license and registration, of the driver, must be presented when stopped, just not sure about the field sobriety test. Thank you in advance.
The general rule is that the officer at the checkpoint must observe or sense something that indicates the driver is...