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  • Hung jury in Heights robbery, shooting

    Friday Feb 20 | via Hopewell News 

    The trial for the man who was charged with robbing and shooting another man behind the Goodwill store in Colonial Heights last June resulted in a mistrial when the jury could not come to a unanimous decision. Wayne Jackson, 22, of Petersburg, one of three defendants in the case, was tried separately by a jury in Colonial Heights Circuit Court last Tuesday for five charges including aggravated malicious wounding, robbery, the use of a firearm while committing a malicious wounding, the use of a firearm in the commission of a robbery and the conspiracy to commit robbery.


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  • Officer cleared in shooting

    Friday Jan 30 | via Hopewell News 

    The Colonial Heights police officer who shot a South Carolina woman multiple times after she led him on a vehicle pursuit acted lawfully and will face no legal repercussions for his actions, according to a statement released by Colonial Heights Commonwealth's Attorney William Bray. After months of investigation by the Virginia State Police with the findings turned over to Bray's office, it was 'determined that Officer [Greg] Thinnes reacted lawfully and according to his training,' as stated in the press release.


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  • Driver in Pearce's Mini-Mart robbery gets 13 year term

    Jan 28, 2015 | via 

    A fourth defendant in the armed robbery of Pearce's Mini Mart in La Crosse last April was sentenced Tuesday for her role as the getaway driver. Krysta Summer Nichole Smith of Colonial Heights received an active prison term of 13 years, was assessed costs of nearly $3,300, and she must serve one year of supervised probation upon her release from prison.


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Colonial Heights Law

Is it true that a urine test can tell whether ur drinking 5 days ago?
I don't believe so. Alcohol comes out of you system within hours of drinking depending on how much you had to drink.
as part of a plea? Is there any benefit in the long term between serving the time before court vs being sentenced after conviction? Any other issues with having bond suspended in order to serve the time prior to court?
I don't know how you can possibly serve time before court unless you are already locked up and not seeking bond. The...
I ran into a pole at 7 11 but hit no cars or one was injured,and my vehicle was parked when the police arrived and was not running
If this is your first DUI and you are found guilty of the charge with the elevated BAC of .20 then there is a mandatory...
The officer dropped my no seat belt ticket and speeding ticket and took me to jail but the majistrate let me leave with out setting bond or anything...what do u think my outcome will be
I am licensed in Arizona so I can't speculate on outcome in your jurisdiction. You need to consult with an experienced...
In May 2012 I received a summons to appear for a show cause to determine whether or not I would be able to keep my concealed weapons permit due to the DUI I received back in 2010. My permit was revoked by the courts on June 8th of 2012. Will I be able to re-apply for a permit in the future and if so, when?
A person is disqualified from having a concealed weapon upon a conviction of DUI for a period of three years. I...
DUI in 2012 in Missouri, received 2yr probation. Missouri violated me for minor traffic infraction. Paid fine. Yesterday, Missouri sends me a notice of 30 day driver's license suspension - 3 years after offense. Is Virginia going to suspend my license for a year?! For out-of-state DUIs you have the right to petition the court. I'm pretty sure I would be eligible for restricted but looking for guidance. Also I have completed intensive outpatient treatment and been sober for years now.
All states are supposed to honor each other's suspensions, so Virginia is supposed to suspend you. You may ask for a...
I've had something that's been bothering me for a while. To make a long story short, I went out with a friend for karaoke, met a European guy who seemed very nice and kept buying me drinks. When my coworker left, he offered to drive me. Since he rode with friends, I let him take my car. I wasn't aware of how drunk he may have been, and he not only wrecked my car, but he left me at the scene and told me not to say anything because of something about being deported. I wasn't sure what he meant or what was going on, so I stayed and ended up getting charged and convicted of the 1st DUI because I was at the scene, and the car was registered to me. I've had a perfectly clean record. I never said I was driving, but my mistake according to the judge is saying I didn't drive. What do I do?
If it has been more than ten days since the general district Court trial, you learn the lesson to not take...