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Was driving and collided with another car while intoxicated no one was hurt. Blew a .174. I was taken into the police department where they did the test and they gave me a sworn report of notice of revocation.. and an application for an interlock. I have no prior offenses. How long will it take to get a court date? What should be my next steps?
Your first steps should be meeting with and hiring an experienced DUI attorney. If you want to find one in your area...
I got a dui when I was 17 going on to 18 and on Halloween I was driving back home and got pulled over and there was beer in the car. I had not been drinking and I took BAC. I'm on probabtion for a year, ive been on it for 2 months now. I have not failed any testes and I got my community service hours done as well i havent broken my curfew and I have attended all of my meetings. I got my dui in Lancaster County and my mip in Seward county.
First off, you need to hire an attorney. You may have a defense in your MIP case. Sometimes probation rules indicate...
I recently got in a fender bender and was cited with a dui and i was sent a letter that gave me a date for my deposition. what is this and what should i expect?
You need to hire a good local DUI attorney as soon as possible, you should not try to handle this matter yourself.
This is my first dui and Itake my first time getting in trouble with the law.
No doubt you were driving wrecklessly (which is so appropriately misspelled--it's recklessly) but with a .24% BAC and a...
Ok here goes. I am on probation for a assault and battery charge from last October. I have one month left and got a DUI. And yes I know I f'd up. I know I deserve what I get. But any advice on what to expect and what I should do. The DUI was on a night I thought it was a good idea to go with a friend to visit. I figured a drink wouldnt hurt. Next thing you know I've drank all night after not drinking for ten plus months. I ended up running into a barrier and had a blood level of .34. I am just happy I didn't hurt anyone.
The best thing you can do right now is hire an experienced DUI attorney. Hopefully they will be able to minimize the...
My son was pulled over for dui 3 weeks ago. He is also a minor. We retained an attorney immediately but he claims he has not yet received the arrest report from the police. Is there someone else we can contact to see if the arrest report is available and what other charges my son may be facing? We are both experiencing a great deal of anxiety after 3 weeks of no news whatsoever. We immediately went out and got the ignition interlock and permit and he has completed a chemical dependency eval but with no information and with nothing else productive to do to help his situation we are feeling hopeless, uninformed and unprepared for his court date in 2 weeks. Is it really possible that the arrest report has not been filed after 3 weeks? And is this delay a bad sign for my son? Thanks.
Be patient with the process. Your attorney is working in your son's best interests. As soon as they get the report...
My fiance was just taken to jail for child abuse and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. His "friend" stole alcohol on Halloween night and let a minor drink and apparently left him in a parking lot. My fiance was with me walking around with my cousin trick or treating at the time this happened. The drunk minor is said that he provided the alcohol alone with his friend.. his friend fled the state and now my fiance is being charged. Is there anything I can do to prove he is innocent? Please I need some answers.. there is no evidence other then the childs word. Should I hire a lawyer or what?
You can get arrested and charged, obviously. You'll have to fight it to fight the conviction. HIre an attorney asap.