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I have a MD license and was convicted of DUI reduced to reckless driving in VA. Would my PO ever call me to urine test me?
I was convicted of DUI reduced to reckless driving in Fairfax, VA, and I am a resident of MD. I was just wondering if POs bringing in to test people, who live out of state are common (an hour drive to Fairfax from where I live). How likely is that she is going to call me? Does completing ASAP mean there won't be random testing? Also, am I even allow to travel to different states (my license was suspended only in VA), or do I have to stay near Fairfax in case she decides to randomly test me?
You would need to ask your attorney. If you were not represented, you would need to consult with an attorney in...
Should I take the blame for a DWI when I really wasn't driving the car?
I was in the car with a friend, it was a rental in my name, but she was driving. We got into an accident and I told the police officer that I was driving because I was the only registered driver for the rental. I broke my arm went to the hospital and eventually was written up for a DWI. Since I already told the police officer I was driving and was written up the ticket, should I go to court and lie? Help I don't know what to do.
First, ethically, I must advise you I am not licensed to practice in Maryland; and I do not practice in Maryland....
I'm on parole got 2 driving on suspended license the last oneach got 5000 bail
Is that a violations of my parole I have a attorney
Can you clarify your question? I am guessing your asking if getting a misdemeanor charge while on parole is a...
How much will Dui under controlled substance charge (not conviction) hurt employment opportunities until it's expunged.
I do qualify for a diversion program in Pa but I have to wait a while before it is expunged. My question is how much do you think the charge will affect me being hired until that day come? BTW I do have a bachelor's degree. Will an employ et overlook a charge because of my education and skill?
This isn't a criminal defense question. It isn't even really an employment law question. It's really a social question....
In maryland can you hide court information on case search for a dui probation before judgement?
I got a dui 4 years ago and completed my 3 year probation. I understand that there is no expungement of dui's in maryland, but I saw that in certain circumstances you can have court information removed from the maryland case search website. Would this be possible, and if accomplished would employers have any way of knowing about My pbj?
Pursuant to the expungement statute, you may not.
I got a dui in maryland 4 years ago. I got probation before judgement, can employers see this on a background check.
I got a pbj with a three year period which had passed (I had no violations during probation). I know that police officers can see the pbj, but can employers?
I fairly quick and easy check of the Maryland Judiciary Case Search site will show the court's history of the case and...
I'm 20. Got a DUI. I don't want the interlock. How long will my license be suspended?
No dui or traffic prior offenses for me.
Can't give a definite answer without more information - and don't post it here because this is a public site that...