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  • Suspect hits officer with car, speeds away

    Friday Mar 20 | via WTOP-FM Washington 

    On Thursday night, a Prince George's County Police officer saw a sports utility vehicle without its head lights on Branch Avenue in Temple Hills. The officer pulled over the SUV and ran the plates, which came up unregistered.


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  • Carjacker in Stolen SUV Hits Cop, Kills Driver in Cr...

    Friday Mar 20 | via 

    A carjacker on probation was reportedly driving a stolen SUV Thursday night when he hit a police officer, then fled from police, causing a fatal crash, authorities say. The Prince George's County Police Department says the suspect is 22-year-old Larry Donnell Hinson of the 2700 block of Robinson Place in Southeast Washington.


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  • Driver Charged After Hitting Officer, Causing Fatal ...

    Friday Mar 20 | via NBC Washington 

    Prince George's County Police have arrested a driver who police said struck an officer and caused a fatal crash in Temple Hills, Maryland Thursday. Police charged 22-year-old Larry Donnell Hinson of Southeast D.C. with "first and second degree assault on a police officer, auto theft, theft over $1,000, unauthorized use of a vehicle and traffic related offenses," according to a news release.


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  • Man Charged After Fleeing Traffic Stop in Md.

    Friday Mar 20 | via CBS Local 

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  • Man who hit woman with car charged with attempted mu...

    Monday Mar 2 | via WUSA-TV Washington 

    Man who hit woman with car charged with attempted murder CLINTON, Md. Check out this story on Donte Watson has been charged with Attempted First Degree Murder and Second Degree Assault after striking his girlfriend with a vehicle, according to the Prince George's County Office of the Sheriff.


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Clinton Law

I'm a civilian who received a DUI on a military base, what kind of punishment am I facing?
I can assume my driving privileges on base will be revoked for some amount of time and I would be paying a fine. I would like to know if there will be any jail time issued by civilian authorities. I was not handed off to local police after the arrest from the Military police.
Offenses by civilians on military bases would be prosecuted in federal court. DUI carries a possible jail sentence. An...
I am a civilan retired military. I received a DUI on Adrews Air Force BAse. When convicted will Maryland state get notified
DUI on a militay installation.
Possibly, but it depends in part on how you were charged. For example, if charged under the state statute the chances...
Just got my second dwi, last one was 4yrs ago in state of MD. What will happen?
I am no longer on probation for the first one. The offenses were in different counties but same state (MD). I will lose my job if I have to do jail time. The last time I did weekends.
Contact a local attorney: You may lose your license for a long time. You...
DUI: Can I complete my alcohol education class in a state I wasn't convicted in?
I'm a Wisconsin resident, but I was arrested and cited with DUI in Maryland. The lawyer I spoke to said I should go with probation before judgement, which includes a 26 week course. I blew a .12 and have no prior... anything. I don't know how I'll be able to manage that (financially and otherwise). Are there ever circumstances where the class can be completed in your state of residence as opposed to the state you were convicted in? OR is there a shorter possibility that will still meet the requirements for keeping my record clean?
You need to consult with a local attorney. The judge may approve a counseling program in your state. You need an...
Hello I wanted to know if a dui can ever be taken off of your mva records if it was taken off of your criminal history
I had received a dui but when I went to court it was dismissed and was taken off of my records but not on my mva records. Is there anyway that it can be taken off of the mva records because I have a cdl license
Dismissals usually do not appear on your MVA record. A refusal or .08 or above may still appear if the ALJ took action...
How long until you remove a PBJ (Probation before Judgement) in MD?
I was curious how many years to remove a PBJ from your record in Prince Georges county for a DUI? Is it 2 or 3 years? I know its not a guilty verdict and you are not charged with a crime but someone can still look up your name and see it. Also my probation period has long been over. So is it 2 or 3 years. Also is to the date the PBJ was issued or the date of the DUI?
A probation before judgment for a DUI cannot be expunged in Maryland.
My kids father and I separated I left philly he's emotionally abusive and a drunk. Doesn't see or speak to kids I want custody.
i left a week ago do to calling the cops twice cause his mom came at me causing me to hit my newborn in the face so i smacked her ..then he came drunk calling me names and throwing things at me with my baby in my hands .. hes irresponsible he feels working is enough doesn't help me at home rarely stays around and i have a 5 year old as well ...his mom has babied him to so much doing everything for him he feels he does no wrong..ive tried for 7 years to make it work but he has anger management and dranks a lot..he also brought illegal weapons in the house that i have pics of that i took off his phone that he took that i asked him not to the past when he had my son they drink while driving and get into physical fight with family in front of him what can happen when i go to court
Sorry to hear about your situation. I suggest you speak to a family law attorney in Maryland. Good luck.