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Can you get pdt for a 2nd dwi if I refused breathalyzer in Texas?
I've been told that if I ptd it will be expunged how does that work? ok here some facts of the case I didn't crash or nothing I refused bt and they got blood I think I'm being charged for first since my other dwi happened 7 years ago and in other state its states I'm being charged with a dwi>=.15 I have also a conviction of misdemeanor assault way back as well do I qualify for pdt how does it work?
You would not qualify for ptd in any county I've ever practiced in. Yours may be more lenient though. You need to...
Complex DWI question in the state of Texas please read details thank you
the DA offered 70 days in jail for a dwi. 15, the blood results barely come back so the court is barely forcing me to get a in home device which I can't afford so I decided to plea so I can do the time the judge rejected the offer and said the min he would accept is 6 months. he said I needed to do some classes get the device which I can't afford and pay the pr bond and he will accept the 70 days. do to the fact I was scared to death of doing 6months I accepted to do those things which I can't afford so I talked to my lawyer and he said just revoke and do the time is this a good idea? he is a public defender .please help what are my options
Your public defender is right, you can comply (which you say you can't afford), you can not comply and let the court...
Can I be convicted of my fourth dwi if I was in a single care accident and was in possession of drug paraphanalia?
I was in a single car accident, (on;y myself). The state trooper found spice in my car and charged me with dwi, fourth and drew blood. My last conviction was more than twelve years ago, can I still get probation or SAFP?
You need to talk to a local Criminal Defense attorney. Many focus on DWIs. Do not ignore this or waste time asking...
Blood results came back as .314 in Texas 1st offense what will happen?
Was 1st offense for dui pre trial tomorrow
You do understand that 0.314 is nearly 4 times the legal limit. That is almost an alcohol induced coma. First and...
I've had an extreme DUI on the books in Kingman AZ since 2002, is there a statute of limitations on this?
I was in prison from 2006-2012 and did write them asking for a speedy trial and I plead guilty but they rejected it and said they were putting it on hold till I show up. This is keeping me from getting a license here in Texas? How can I take care of this and get it dismissed since it's been so long. Isn't there a statute of limitations?
You should contact a DWI attorney in the area that has the pending DWI. They can give you the best advice on how to...
How can i get off from a DWI or get less time of probation
I got my first DWI and i have no clue what i can do to dismiss it or how to work you a plea deal i take care of my mother she has many medical problems i take her to and back from doctor appointments I make sure she takes her medicine And cook breakfast lunch and dinner For het run her errands Im all so take care of my sisters daughter while she's at work And i all so volunteer in my free time for a local LGBT organizations for over 4 years know i know i made a mistake and i have learned from that and continue to learn from it any advice would help
You need to hire an experienced DWI attorney to help you right away with the criminal case and Driver License (DL)...
What are the chances of me getting 3 yrs probation on a 3rd DWI in Texas?
Chances of getting 3 yrs probation if I barely blew over .10 , no accident was cooperative I didn't mess up on the sobriety test and got pulled over for barely speeding over the limit, the only bad is I picked up my second dwi 7 months ago and I never had probation on the last DWI what are the chances of getting light term on probation or at least 2 yrs prison and. How much do i have to do miminimum?
You need to ask these questions to you attorney. He or she will be able to speak with the prosecutor, look at the...