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I've been told that if I ptd it will be expunged how does that work? ok here some facts of the case I didn't crash or nothing I refused bt and they got blood I think I'm being charged for first since my other dwi happened 7 years ago and in other state its states I'm being charged with a dwi>=.15 I have also a conviction of misdemeanor assault way back as well do I qualify for pdt how does it work?
You would not qualify for ptd in any county I've ever practiced in. Yours may be more lenient though. You need to...
the DA offered 70 days in jail for a dwi. 15, the blood results barely come back so the court is barely forcing me to get a in home device which I can't afford so I decided to plea so I can do the time the judge rejected the offer and said the min he would accept is 6 months. he said I needed to do some classes get the device which I can't afford and pay the pr bond and he will accept the 70 days. do to the fact I was scared to death of doing 6months I accepted to do those things which I can't afford so I talked to my lawyer and he said just revoke and do the time is this a good idea? he is a public defender .please help what are my options
Your public defender is right, you can comply (which you say you can't afford), you can not comply and let the court...
I am currently still part of the program and have recently found myself in a position for federal employment. I am trying my best to answer all questions honestly, but there is one that has me very unsure. The question that asks if I have in the last 10 years, been convicted, imprisoned, on probation, or on parole, and I am unsure how to answer in regards to the program. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Pretrial diversion programs are not probation. You should be able to answer "No" to that question.
3rd DWI
You should strongly consider hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney in your area.
is it me or will they just not charge her. it wasn't a breath test a blood test instead. she has had a prior conviction in new york 7 years ago. will this be filed as a second what about if they find both drugs and high alc content it wont be a feliny then will it? no one was hurt she didbt crash or no open containers
Don't be so quick to think nothing will happen. My understanding from reading similar questions on this site over and...
In March of this year my soldier had a DUI charge. There is a court document showing online, but he has received nothing regarding the case. The command is attempting to chapter soldier for the DUI, however I am under the understanding that they can not do this. This is the soldiers first instance of misconduct. How can I fight this legally, and then persue reassignment for said soldier due to obvious vendetta against soldier?
The best thing you can do is to send the soldier to TDS for a consultation with a lawyer. This is a very common...
I really need to drive to work my license is suspended for two years, how much do the permit cost?
Nothing prevents you from buying a car. Whether or not you can drive legally depends on how long ago your first DWI was....