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You go to jail 20 days for DUI2, and given 6 months suspended sentence .
You commit violation driving with revoked license, can jail be changed to a less hard punishment
The punishment for a violation of probation will be determined by the judge who sentenced you on the DWI. There are...
How can a first offense DUI impact a career in the health industry? virginia
I was suffering from post partum depression at the time...had not had a drink in two years...went out with friends and had too many beers. I do not drink at all now. Have been diagnosed with Depression, anxiety and Bi-polar since the incident. I am on medication with my dr. and have been dong fine since my conviction almost 3 years ago. I would like to return to school but am finding many areas of study have restrictions on past DUI charges.
There is nothing you can do about the prior conviction at this point. Look for areas of study where your past is no...
I have a D.U.I in another state. and a warrant for FTA. What do I do?
I had a lawyer help reduce the charges but after we agreed to the plea I never heard back. And now I have the warrant for fta. but I'm not getting any info from the court or my old lawyer. I have no idea where to begin or what to do
Did you pay the lawyer? Continue trying to contact the lawyer you think you hired or retain another attorney who...
As a minor, do I have the right to have a legal guardian present?
I was at a party the other night where underage drinking was taking place. After coming in to the house under the suspicion that he "smelled alcohol," the officer asked me how old I was. Since I am 17, the officer let me call my parents. Then, he asked for my ID, to which I told him that I would like to wait until my parent was present since I am a minor. The officer then handcuffed me because he says I was incorrect. In addition, I was never asked if I had consumed any alcohol. As far as the cop knew, I was only present at a party where underage drinking was taking place.
No. The police can question you and arrest you without a parent being present. You may have some defenses based on...
Will pre-dated violations affect current unsupervised probation that I was just placed on last week?
I got a first offense non-aggressive DUI in West Virginia in January 2013 - I pleaded a conditional guilty charge because WV let me enter their First Offense DUI Deferral Program where I have to do a mandatory 165 days of interlock and ASAP classes. Upon completion of interlock (around September for me), they will dismiss the charges and then a year from that date, I can motion for my arrest record to be expunged. I got a reckless driving in VA in December 2014 and was convicted/placed on unsupervised probation by VA for the period of April 6, 2015 (my court date) - April 6, 2016. VA doesn't know of my DUI because I entered the deferral program. Therefore, am I at risk of violating my unsupervised probation? I am extremely nervous even though the date of my violation is January 2013
You are in no danger of violating Virginia's unsupervised probation because the DUI in West Virginia occurred before...
What happened if i install interlock late because my car broke down?
I got DWI in Virginia and I have ordered to put interlock for 6 months but my car have to change converters it take about couple weeks and it already pass 30 days after court. That i understand that i have to install in 30 days after court.
In order to have a restricted license, you must install an interlock device. No device, no restricted license, no...
I need help with a DWI. Experience with ignition interlock preferred.
-Document requirements for ignition interlock removal? -Specifically where to show up and at what time? -Any further details on the process would be helpful. -Your charge for representation on that day?
Unfortunately this site does not allow solicitations. You will need to reach out directly to attorneys who practice...