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Do I have to 're take my licence because I was suspended for a few years
Its been more than 4 years that my licence was suspended in ny state
No. You just need to clear up the reasons for the suspension. If it was revoked then yes you would.
If I was suspended for a long time years will I maybe to 're take my licence its been years
I live in ny state by the way
I am not licensed in New York, but I must say, I just do not understand your question. Could you please rewrite it so...
Where should I go for an alcohol assessment?
I need an up to date alcohol assessment. I recently went to Conifer Park who suggested treatment even though i have been sober three years and my life is moving in a good direction. I am aloud a second opinion and i do not have time for treatment or need it. I would like to go to a place with people who care instead of people who just want my money.
The NYS OASAS site is a good place to start - it lists over a hundred certified providers by county. http://www.oasas....
I got a dwi the other night after leaving a party.. im not really sure what to do about a lawyer, this is my first ticket other
i got 3 tickets one for dwi, one for driving w/ .08 of 1% or more of alc or more (.13) and one for failed to keep right. what are my chances of getting this reduced and what should i do
You should consult with an experienced vehicle and traffic lawyer attorney. This is a serious charge which can...
Multiple DUI's in CT prior to 2005, and just got a ticket yesterday for open container and no license? What should I do?
for the DUI's in CT - served time in jail. Was not documented as a repeat offender for first 3. I want to get a license in NY but I'm afraid I can't. Do I just try? Is there anything else I can do? Not the first time for operation w/out a license- a ticket in Maine for that 2 yrs ago roughly.
New York DMV will certainly see your DWI history from CT if you apply for a license. You can robably resolve the...
My undocumented boyfriend was detained after dwi arrest, is he eligible for bond?
Can we request a bond hearing? He is in jail and doesn't even know when his immigration hearing will be held. How can we find information. Thanks
It may be possible. I suggest you speak with and retain an immigration attorney. My firm is experienced in bond...
Out of State revocation/suspension, now reside in NY for work--how to get conditional license in NY?
I had an IL license when I was pulled over for a DUI in NY. I was convicted of DWaI here in NYS and I waited out NYS suspension and am now cleared in NY. Now my license is suspended for a minimum of 1 year in IL still. Because of the national hold by IL, the DMV here in NY is telling me they can't give me any kind of license. They can't give me a conditional because my NY issues/suspension have been cleared. All I can do is wait for IL to clear and then I can apply for a NY license...Problem is: I am going to lose my job if I can't drive and I can't afford that. I'm a recent college grad! I'm literally by myself up here so I don't know anyone out here who can help drive me or anything either. Is there some sort of conditional/hardship/restricted permit I could apply for in the meanwhile?
There are several courses and steps you can complete in New York which will allow you to obtain an IL conditional...